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After years spent not knowing what to do with our lives, we have finally decided to chase what makes us happy. Inspired by our past road trips, the hippies of the seventies, and the alien, Elon Musk, we are choosing to risk everything. We are selling our traditional home, quitting our current jobs, and moving from Florida to Texas where we will build our dream debt-free net zero shipping container home.


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  • 🙏Everything is looking amazing and mama is looking more beautiful then ever your babies are super adorable Spencer you also a amazing husband and a father love you guys take care 💞💖🌹💝💯👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️🍷🍷🍷🍷🙏

  • Just wondering! Is it safe I mean like when you do the electric wire throughout container house plus how about the noise????

  • Thanks for the beautiful episode. Yep, more maintenance and preventive maintenance to avert bigger problems. Life is so prescious, its the little things that mean so much. BTW: those baked cookies look so yummy, thank you mummy.

  • I love seeing Spencer working on other stuff too! Can't get enough of this channel!

  • Love that bike Spencer!

  • We miss you guys on ID-tv

  • I wish you had shown more video of Spencer modifying the door... what exactly what he was doing. More construction video less beauty shots, sorry McKenzie. You do a fantastic job of editing, using nat sound, music, audio levels.

  • I’m new to your channel, i haven’t been able to do anything else all day! Of course I nailed the subscribe and like tabs, but i just HAD to send my compliments! You’ve learned so much from your followers but when I saw the inside compound miter in this episode, Bravo!!!

  • What state is this where it is green year round and theres no cold weather?

  • But, it's really obvious they don't live there..

  • I pray for y'all's continued happiness, may y'all be very successful and prosperous, in Jesus Christ mighty name I pray amen

  • Power and communication need to be separated by at least12"

  • let me tell you guys a a little known trick for the kiddos make as much noise as possible when they are babies and sleeping so you dont ever have to tip toe around.

  • Tip for next time / paint al l the trim first then all you have to do is touch it up / Nice build GOOD JOB !!

  • Do they ever feel scared being out there I see no neighbors close by.

  • It dawned on me just a few minutes ago. Maybe I missed it in a previous video but you have an outside shower but where do you go to relieve yourselves (bathroom/toilet) before the inside bathroom? 🤔

  • I've really enjoyed watching y'all build your beautiful home. Everything is really looking good.

  • Are you going to continue sharing post? I have gotten so much fun watching you and now your two little ones. Hard work and fun the best combination! Please keep posting!

  • I want that

  • Nice to see you

  • Amazing video dear. Thank you for sharing

  • I’ve design and built for 40 years. Never have liked sliding doors of any style. Pocket doors are awful.

    • Love this guys they grow up on me and my daughter Rona is growing alone with them she's now 12

  • Why is everybody putting windows in the shower stalls. don’t you all know you are going to have trouble out of the windows it’s going to be a rotten mess later, just give it time.

  • 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Talent and beauty,how can you miss?.❤️❤️

  • Hi from South Australia, as a new subscriber I've decided to go back to the start, looking forward to catching up. Love the format & recycling of the shipping containers. Congratulations on a great informative and entertaining post ❤️

  • Hi from Australia, as a new subscriber I've decided to go back to the beginning & really like what you're doing, great format .Looking forward to catching up. Thought your roof would never be finished. Congratulations on a great build

  • CONTROL DE CALIDAD‼️In Spanish👍😜‼️

  • Fred A is a pure pos.

  • You guys are well loved in my world and we are proud of all yor work BOTH OF YOU