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WHATS GOING ON GUYS AND WELCOME TO OUR CHANNEL! Our names are Landon and Shyla but we go by This is L&S. We are a young couple from Los Angeles that are always on a crazy adventure. We WILL entertain you.. you can bet on that! Make sure to subscribe to keep up with all our weekly madness. We hope to keep a smile on your face. Welcome to the family! #L&Sgang


HER DREAM CAR IS RUINED!!4 bulan yang lalu
SHE LEFT ME....4 bulan yang lalu
SAYING GOODBYE...5 bulan yang lalu
WE'RE PREGNANT!9 bulan yang lalu


  • You guys crack me up. You both are so cute together 💜🤟

  • What a cute baby 👶 girl you have Shyla lots of blessings for all your family

  • Hi guys, love ur guys chanel. Just gentle correction, do the eyecream 1st before applying face cream for preventing over lap for face cream under eye. Because our eye skin area is diff texture then our face. Fyi, u can google more detail routine of how to apply skin care. Love love love

  • TBH I like watching this channel cause of Soul and Shyla but idk why I can’t stand Landon’s face and vibe.

  • OMG LANDON PLZ PLZ PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ PROPOSE TO SHYLA btw I’m in 2020 where shyla had her baby Souline BUT PLZ AKE HER UR WIFE LANDON !!!!!!!!!

  • D-Landon you gon get it

  • New subscriber 🥰❤️

  • Please let a sleeping baby sleep! I hate when people talk to sleeping baby’s ..

  • That's a dopeass McLaren 720s, you deserve it brother

  • I loved the lil clip at the end 😂😂😂

  • “Do you like the color?” Literally almost every mclaren is that color 💀💀

  • Austin broke his ankles so bad 😁😂😂😂🤣

  • I love u guys have another bby soul is adorable u guys are amazing parents

  • Looks like big animal 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • "We dont do a lot together these days" MAKE SURE YOU ARE STILL MAKING TIME FOR EACH OTHER. That is so important. Even in the littest ways. Dont forget to show love to each other.

  • I can learn a thing or two from this night routine lol

  • Whats the galaxy light and ocean sound products called?

  • Does she got blue eyes

  • hahahaha shyla pore-sucking landon’s face is so funny and so couple like!!😂💗

  • wow! you’re guy’s bedroom is so beautiful!! i love the ceiling lights!!😁💗😻

  • Please tell us what pore sucker thing you use! I need one but I don't want a cheap one that doesn't work! I love you guys !!!

  • She’s growing fast 😭😭

  • Did

  • Stop standing up that baby idiots even dancing

  • It's so crazy to hear my name but famous ppl

  • You and Austin should do a race or photo shoot or something with the cars

  • Try the purple tatcha cream one the purple. It’s better.

  • She soo cuteee😻❤️

  • Me and all my kids gotta sleep with the TV on all night lol

  • 💖🌺🥀SHE LOVES IT !!🌺🥀💖


  • Landon buy her sexy dresses , take her on dates GO SHOW OFF YOUR BEAUTIFUL WOMANNN💕💕 she needs it

  • Shyla you look so beautiful no need to be uncomfortable or insecure of your new body I felt it through the screen how uncomfortable you were grabbing your lil tummy all of the time & you need to go shopping again !!! Stop hiding your beautiful body in those baggy clothes & in leggings , spoil yourself find your new style ❤️

  • Shout out to Shy for her honesty about the products you guys use and if they are worth the price or if they are sponsored. Hate watching these vlogs that end up feeling like commercials.

  • I need to put I’m for adoption 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I love you guys the baby is so cute she look like her mom

  • Shyla hella beautiful bro no capppppp

  • Wait a sec, u look rly like the British singer Rita Ora!!!!!

  • 17:08 A SNACK NEEDS A SNACK 😋 mooooodddd

  • 9:09 Landon : YOU DON’T Shyla : no Let’s just admire how Shayla always looks beautiful

  • I love how real you are !!!! LIKE YESSSSS GURLLLLL 🥰

  • Congrats!! first time seeing your videos n I just hit subscribe👍💙

  • are we just going to ignore how Shyla is always I mean always stunning. she bounced back so quick and that’s amazing😻❤️

  • Landon is fugly

  • Shyla , "I'll kiss my baby if I want to"

  • samme.vibyow

  • She’s starting to look like her daddy ❤️

  • Can someone tell me why this is their "night time " routine when you can clearly tell by the bright window light that its daytime morning or something but not night time lmaoo wow these youtubers are going to far with their fake ass videos and lies😂😂 has all of you dummies fooled 💯

  • It's so cute how happy Shyla gets when she says she's a mom now

  • You guys are so cute and I love how authentic you both are.Great job for pumping and bf. It isn’t easy but once you hit the milestone you’ve hoped for , it is an effort you will be proud for life.

  • Ugly name for a GORGEOUS bby 😞😞😞

  • Okay if I had those beach waves, and that blue light, I'd fucking sleep like a rock.

  • Soul is literally so adorable!! ❤️❤️

  • I like hers

  • Was the condom on top of that book or w.e it is. On top of the dresser 😭

  • Who is her after soul is here

  • Hey this only a tip please your Baby should be lie Not sitting

  • You are a such a amazing and so beautiful i just love you a lot when i saw this video omg ...crying doesn't suits you keep smiling and be brave i love you❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • when shyla said she didn’t have makeup on and landon goes wait you don’t and she said no and he said she’s beautiful i was like omg couple goals 🥺🥺💞

  • Where is your dogs I haven’t seen them in your ID-tv videos

  • that's the trip i only seen y'all 😂

  • Do the we lose the boy prank

  • You both made such beautiful baby! She is a doll! God bless her and your family! :)

  • Austin on Twitter "I hate black women because they wear wigs"when his wife might not be black but wearing 1,000 wigs

  • She's crazy! You just had a baby just enjoy being with Soul and let your body heal then maybe have another. Me and my sisters are all two years apart and I think that's still close in age idk what that has to do with anything. If they're siblings they will still bond either way hopefully. Just enjoy it and don't rush through it all because once you're done having kids you're done.

  • Does anybody know where they got the noise machine ?

  • Soul Is Soooo Gorgeous💋

  • Landon: “don’t” Shyla: 👀 “I’ll kiss my baby if I want”.

  • I really got the feeling that they really care about the bond with the baby and that they don’t use Souline for clout you know❤️ like they really wanna be the best parents for her

  • Where did you guys get that galaxy light. What's the name of it. Ty

  • I want to hear Shyla speak in Spanish again lol, called Landon “cochino” 😂😂

  • Lmaoooooo

  • This is so cute! But dock a tots are not meant for sleeping! On the dock a tot website it says dock a tots should not be used for sleep. they’ve been linked to babies suffocating while asleep. They’re actually banned where I’m from (Canada) It’s just for awake time when soul is just lounging. Safest for her to sleep in a bare crib and not in the bed. Adult mattresses are too soft for babies which also poses a suffocation risk. I just want her safe as can be! :)

  • Makeup routine!!!

  • What is the product they use for the galaxy night sky?

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Hello guys!! I'm your INDIAN FAN So lots of love and blessings from India ❤️❤️ I admire both of you and ofcourse ACE Familiy. Soul, Elle, Alaia are love❤️ Already subscribed to my fav There's only one request please save water, don't let tap running for so long. ☹️ I hope u understand. LOVE YOU GUYS🤗💕.

    • I hope you read my comment 😊

  • I'm not trying to hate or anything like that im just saying that is it just me who thinks that souline looks like a boy. im sooo sorry


  • Make your own goddamn videos... why copy ace fam

  • She so beautiful 😍🥺

  • My rate for shyla is an A , good job Shyla

  • She looks like her daddy

  • Name it bella

  • they can never be Austin and Catherine no offence

  • Give a like if you love souline amor mcbroom

  • I can‘t wait so see Soul grow 🙈😍

  • Actually having music around your baby is better than having no music...and baby songs is a must so the baby can always hear it and always recall it in her or his mind and the day will come that they will try to say it and having a music can help the baby learn to talk very fast

    • Thats what my dad taught me because they found out that it works when i learned how to talk when i was 4or5 but some of the kids learn to talk at 6 yrsold

  • Where did y’all get that galaxy light from !! I’d love to buy one for my daughter

  • Hello Landon and Shyla first of all you are both so sweet and your baby girl is beautiful many blessings to you all may God continue to bless you all in everything you do, if I could just get a shout out would really make my day God bless

  • What essential oil brand do you use?

  • Hahahaha this is way too good 😂❤

  • Honestly I cannot, Landon saying he doesn’t shower every day🤮🤭 that is honestly so grosssssssss Shyla too agreeing like how do you live in LA in that hot weather sweating all day and don’t even shower daily... a guys shower takes no more then 10 min... that is honestly so gross. Regardless of weather you should be showering daily

  • THE PURPOS DEIVEN LIFE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS!! yay, continue to keep God first Shyla🤍

  • Shyla and landon are such good parents soul is so lucky to have good loving parents I'm soo happy for them I love you guys 💚

  • her attitude is why this channel doesn't get a lot of views

  • she always acts irritated. he says how'd it get here. why can't shyla just Answer normal instead of always acting irritated.

  • His reaction is so amazing

  • I tried the whole making sure my son isnt sleeping in a quiet room so he gets use to noise but it didnt work 🙄😔he wakes up from the littlest noise