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One man's ramblings through his collection and various other topics.


A Surprise Unboxing
A Surprise Unboxing7 bulan yang lalu
Book Haul and Update
Book Haul and Update10 bulan yang lalu
June Book Haul
June Book HaulTahun Yang lalu
A Quick Channel Update
A Quick Channel UpdateTahun Yang lalu
Bethany's Sin Book Review
Bethany's Sin Book Review2 tahun yang lalu
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Red Queen Book Review2 tahun yang lalu
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  • Great channel, love your informed and honest reviews, you had the best "IT" review I could find

  • Hi, great channel, have you seen the netflix show "stranger things", given that it's heavily inspired by the works of Stephen King, and it pays homage to him almost in every episode. would be great to have your thoughts on it.

  • Just wondering if you will be doing a review for the dark tower movie or making a video sharing your thoughts.

  • hile gunslinger! why don't you have a review of wizard & glass!?!?!?! please make one love u.

    • Hi, his review for the 4th book was copyright claimed and the original footage was corrupted.

  • Id love to see u do the Bachman books personally; the running man is probably sk's most underrated novels of all time (imo)

  • Great reviews on here! For one to be constantly waiting for the next review of a book I've already read speaks for itself. Thanks for the quality content.

  • Hey! I love Stephen King and Robert McCammon (and Steve Alten or Richard Laymon when hes at his peak ) you recommend any other author's such as these ones? ps - Make reviews of McCammon's Mine, Stinger and Swan Song, plz!

  • Hey thanks so much for subscribing! I really appreciate it.