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  • Wish I could also give my mother something but I'm jobless and depressed and in pain😳

  • that cat bag gives me *claustrofobia*

  • The look on Ryland’s face when he thought Shane was serious when he said the Guccy slides were fake

  • I am having a rough day and this is making me feel so happy and better! Cheetoh looks like my cat JD. Orange cats are the best and I love how you and Shane take care of this guy.

  • Wait...Shane already has a green cat backpack where did that one go??

  • the legit That has worked in v7.57 my mind is at - *OPTIMUMVIEWS.* *COM*

  • Lmao I absolutely LOVE your editing 😂

  • okay shanes usually funny, but in this one he is like super, super funny in this one hahaha

  • This hits home for me. I used to work in the busiest, most well known and best loved fine dining restaurant in my city. My boss was gambling away our tips and wages so much so that he had to declare bankruptcy, and we had absolutely no notice when the restaurant closed. Thinking back, I should have realized something was about to go down a few days beforehand as my manager, the owners brother, kept getting drunk after shift and crying about how great of a restaurant it was and how amazing the 25 year legacy we had built was. I even showed up for my shift that day to find out the doors were locked and we were closed indefinitely. We had been working doubles at the time too, anywhere from 11-16 hour shifts with no breaks. None of us got paid and never will, and we were all owed anywhere from $5,000-30,000, possibly even more for some of the kitchen staff. Still one of the most financially devastating things to happen to me, and my brother and sister who worked there too, and we still experience the fallout of it all to this day.

  • It is weird to see people think ryland is a gold digger, lol. It is pretty obvious he isn't and genuinely cares about shane. Also, there is nothing shady there, we have seen his whole family. It is real strange to see those assumptions.

  • Mask drop alert at 3:27

  • Team cancer ♋️

  • this video makes me so happy because everyone is having a great time

  • Shane's ideas are so realistic!!!

  • If you don’t have a cheese grater you can use a blender also is anyone still watching in November 18 2019

  • Shane:* turns self into robot* 16:52 Meh:a thing only shane is brave enough to do

  • Were can I buy a garret!

  • Cheeto ran away because he went to eat them good good cheetos

  • does anyone know the name of the second hotel they stayed at?

  • these videos are so chaotic and i love it

  • Try antula

  • *

  • Um shane lost, his fricking mind but honestly me *wheeze*

  • Ahhh you guys need to come to Arizona lol

  • My otp is andrew and uno

  • I love him! Soo relatable if I had money.

  • Morgasmssssss

  • I love when they just are in their videos. One of my favorites.

  • Me: *passing by a house sees giant out door cat house* Me: found em 😳

  • No one: Not a single soul: Shane: I made a circus peanut Me:...ok then

  • I actually thought they would cook 👨‍🍳

  • I like cats it’s just I can’t have one because I have two birds so they will eat my birds but I did have one before


  • “Starting to think that being beautiful might not be worth it” 💀😂😂

  • At 8:58-9:04 me dealing with high school and all the idiots at school thinking to my self 1 more year then I’m out of the place the call school but I call hell

  • It’s a lifestyle. Yes.

  • Did anyone notice Andrew was saying hi cuz that was too cute

  • Andrew has the BEST laugh

  • He's super cute

  • but Ryland is so pretty 😂😂😍

  • Morgan 1st place Shane 2nd Ryland 3rd

  • If I'd have known about Andrew 5 years ago I'd make him fall in love with me.

  • shane is a mood when he’s drunk

  • Couldn't you take him for walks on the leash instead of in the back pack?

  • No body: Shane: 💄👄

  • 3 freaking hours😂😂ryland😭

  • How do men have kids


  • Petco didn't want you filming because they are a shit store that keeps their animals in disgusting conditions

  • OMG😂😂😂😂😂

  • I think these videos you do by yourself are fabulous.

  • Well said it's not worth it, and u look crazy

  • 21:07 Any other anime fan see the dude/dudette with the naruto sweater???🖤

  • 16:33 who is in the back seat??

  • My grandma has the same thing but it's purple and it don't say tea it says nothing

  • He's prettier than danielle

  • Should we season it? Throws salt on..

  • If you live on the coast, do NOT flush cat waste down the toilet, the parasites they carry kill off sea otters who keep the purple sea urchins in check. Sea urchins decimate the kelp forests and then the fish needing it get wiped out.

  • He is the same size as Jojo...I dont know what to say...

  • That dress is so pretty! Id wear it!

  • She’s mom is literally biggest fucking queen in the world. Change my goddamn mind.

  • thats not the nightmare before christmas

  • I am exactly like Shane Boogers- *gags* are SO gross like puke, ok, but as soon as someone mentions boogers I gag, no joke.....😖🤮🤮🤮🤢

  • U handled it so well. Not bad nudes either sorry i had to look

  • These people have too much money

  • No thanks I won’t follow this trend like EVER!

  • I'm mad that he looks better than me

  • Its so sad when cats aren't allowed outside

  • lol just gotta train shane from not pissing in a bottle what is empty then filled up by his piss RHYLAND STOP HIM DOING IT EWWW

  • If anyone wants to see Honey almost go face first into the pool it’s 22:01

  • And now I will just daydream about Andrew making me a sandwich until I die, don't mind me.

  • I think Andrew was shook with the lack of culinary skills😂

  • Was That a fucking guillotine in the bedroom?

  • Garretts laugh has me rolling!

  • Morgen 💯🥰🙈

  • 10:32 aww Shyland

  • Ryland lit 🔥😂🤣 “ Shane people are worried your to mean to me”... is everything

  • i’m upset they didn’t shotgun the diet coke 😂😂

  • HAHAHA WATCH HANNAHS ID-tv id-tv.org/ch/UCNWXG-qdu6Zoxoe_WyX2y0A

  • Gtfo here with this shit , this isn't natural you guys shouldn't be allowed to get married

  • Ryland: drinks old water Morgan: EWWWWW EEWWW Ewwww also Morgan: eh i would have done it

  • Omg i love this!

  • Gay

  • Scabies

  • Bride Of Frankenstein Costume Halloween Makeup Tutorial id-tv.org/tv/video-80-kYOGrG8M.html

  • "We need to season it" Adds salt...

  • This is literally just an outlet for ryland to feel like he's a better girl than Morgan and that's just kinda mean and sad

  • Ryland literally turning into Jeffree in that purple suit👌😂

  • I just love Trisha, how she knows she’s a mess immediately after the fact ! ME

  • 10:52

  • Morgan is a whole entire mood

  • I just recently started watching you and your sister. I absolutely love you guys!!!

  • Ryland's mom is SOOO cute

  • You and you sister are halarious I love when yall make videos together!😁

  • this is making me so claustrophobic ughhh

  • The scariest part of the video was 7:03 I had nightmares

  • Aww Shane was so worried 🥰

  • OMG I couldn't stop laughing & crying!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • We literally need a video montage of Ryland doing yoga😁😂

  • They should let Jeffree & Nate hotbox the panic room. If I had that room, that's def something I'd do.