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  • Out of all the odyssey hide and seek videos across all channels I think this is my favourite line up of people for it.

  • First vid since the mod got released let’s goooo!

  • Watching this after techno news made me feel a bit happier thanks.

  • SNORE!

  • Austins owned by a level 5 starter. Uninstall the game bro.

  • R.I.P technoblade

  • Was I the only one who misread the thumbnail? “Dang, it took him 2000 hours? How good of a speedrunner can he really be…”

  • Isnt arkoos available in these games Or was that added later

  • i love how the remake of the pokemon game with the most interessting glitch ever (void) gets a remake in which you can still kinda get into the void

  • rip technoblade fly on

  • Amazing game idea: Mario split into different personalities and now each streamer is one of those personalities, or the outfit decides the personality.


  • Am I the only one who gets Jason from misfits vibes from CJ ?

  • It was funny and wild enough watching crafty run around with you but when they started running around in the cutscenes i was gone. Especially the wedding one, that had me in tears. Crafty doesnt just have amazing modding abilities, theyve got brilliant comedic timing too

  • was I hearing a megalovania remix in this video? I swear I'm not going crazy right?

  • I'm scared of the ocean but that game didn't trigger any anxiety for me

  • First things first, you could've went to Hateno and gotten free stamina from the divine beast hearts; Secondly, the "clutch" rain is always there in the second arrow section of time onwards in the beast ganon fight

  • GPB!! Man been a long time since I seen that mug!!

  • .... I watched the vod of this

  • bro, you and fir are literally in each other's heads all the time.

  • where is ludwig! seems like the guy to get clout from the mogul moves shirt lmao

  • Got me…

  • 43:47 why does rival’s gyarados have hydro pump at level 22?

  • Why hammer when bombs Edit: 7:10, I’ll shut up and sit down

  • How does smallant create the lockout board

  • Good lord SmallAnt is crazy at these. It's tragic he still loss, but damn he can clutch out some crazy stuff.

  • no i want to see the suffering

  • > Rubik's cube under 15 I thought that was _minutes_, not seconds, dayum! Sounds like a lot of practice and even Smant got it in 10 minutes, which is mind-boggling for me.

  • 29:26 we have interrupted Mario odyssey to bring you Microsoft PowerPoint

  • This is how being 5’11” and playing hide and seek is like