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Teens React To blink-182
Teens React To blink-18219 hari yang lalu
Kids React To Lizzo
Kids React To Lizzo29 hari yang lalu
Adults React To Hot Ones
Adults React To Hot Ones2 bulan yang lalu
Kids React To K-Pop
Kids React To K-Pop2 bulan yang lalu


  • I'm mad that they didn't put one of their triangles on one of the play buttons in the background. missed opportunity

  • Carson time

  • i see my man carson, i'm not dissapointed.

  • only reason i watched this was for carson..

  • I click because of pewdiepie

  • I thought that one guy was Grian.

  • I wish Shane Dawson would do these again maybe with ryland or something he was a GOD at these

  • GARRET yay

  • DREW!!! 🙌🏻😭 I’m actually sobbing

  • AY IT'S dangmattsmith!

  • i knew it was gonna be Shawn mendes

  • Pls reaction tessa violet - crush

  • Why dont you put in MOMO BANGS wins over IPHONE 3CAM 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣



  • Damn, you have Shane's whole crew, where's Shane? :D

  • that iphone is ugly af lmao

  • Carson made this video 10 times better

  • JOSH!!!

  • You guys reading should check out Marlhy's content on instagram. She is a bloody good drummer.

  • I don’t think fbe likes lil Tecca....

  • Man I’m broke mcchicken come in clutch


  • Illuminati=Apple


  • Literally have a project due tomorrow *LOW ON CYAN!*

  • Weird seeing Carson in HD

  • U know Max gets bullied

  • Where was DONT Call me ANGEL

  • Carson???

  • I love how Tool beat out Taylor Swift this week for their new album, & that's the one thing you don't cover 🙃 #1 celeb kiss??? are you serious???

  • wait carson is a real person and not just an anime character?

  • Waot James from deadmeat is here *nAnIdeSuKA*

  • Ive been with pewdiepie since i was 9 and now im 12

  • ok, but george is QUEEN! 👱🏻‍♂️👑👑

  • #1 .. I dont go out, .. Borderlands 3 came out!! .. HELL YEAH GAMERS

  • Billie Eilish should have been number one!! I love her so much!💕💞💕

  • “OMG it’s so angsty” “Their so angsty” “Definitely a Panic at the Disco vibe” man i HATE my generation

  • no truth hurt ? bruhhhhhhh

  • Carson what a baller we will eliminate the middle class

  • Ransom really wasn’t top 10?!?! What the

  • Where is Lil tecca- ransom ?????

  • Ayy! Mythical Chef Josh!

  • WTF is carson doing here

  • Yea I made mistakes on social media but it’s life and I relate some of the video but it doesn’t matter I love Melanie so much❤️ ppl make a big out of someone and it’s not right that’s not how I was raised.😰

  • Only came here for Carson, was not disappointed


  • No. Panic! At The Disco sounds Blink 182ish


  • I love how Phil is so not jumping into it. 😂😂😂

  • Put Carson on Elder's React. He'd fit right in.

  • 2:46 Ew dont call him that

    • 😂

    • Why she can't said that?? People often said that and it even his nickname 😕

  • Wait...is that mythical chef Josh??? :o

  • 3:29 damn that's so close

  • carson :O poggers

  • Whats the eye comtact one called


  • Carson doesn’t understand tik tok? *B* *O* *O* *M* *E* *R*

  • omg i didn't know james from deadmeat was on youtubers react!!


  • Absolutely NO ONE CARES about the sucky ass iphone

  • Carson King

  • Darius is the 🐐

  • *Carson comes out of nowhere* Everyone: WADAFAQ

  • Lmao 6:43 poor man didn't got his high five

  • It's harder when you hear the reactions of them😂😂😂

  • They need some 120 action🤣

  • Our cringelordcarson has arrived.


  • 5 points

  • CallMeCringe hahaahahhahahahaaaa P E S T I L E N C E

  • Eugenia cooney is still alive ?!

  • "You're good at Korean" "I am Korean" Made me chuckle.

  • Scott is the best 😭😭😭

  • Tyler my favorite !!!

  • "Woodfire pizza!?!? How's pizza gonna get a job now???"

  • carson????

  • 2:28 is just...😂

  • Where is no guidance

  • Joe:just a quesdilla Bart:1000000 different things

  • Where tf is ransom

    • Iverson Li ikr

  • E flat!?!

  • C C C C callmecarson

  • Omg I criedddd

  • Wait... Zac Efron has a ID-tv? BRB.

  • *CArson?!?!*

  • Who’s Jack Black? Only heard of Jablinski

  • Oof


  • Wow carson is a boomer now

  • What was the compilation one ? I didn't get it

  • Playboi carti


  • carson has become a boomer

  • of course it was X1 🙄😏