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It's actually TJ


Tom Nook owns the libs
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  • Kids don't bully me in school I go to red apple elementary school the top number one school in downtown Racine

  • Why is the PE teacher so fat 😂😂😂

    • @SahilGoesLegit Toadroasted what ever but you shouldn’t make fun of others ever they’re fat or skinny

    • No it’s not

    • That’s kind of racist

  • The bully that bully me 100% wont bother me bc he scare as heck of me bc I beat him

  • My real name is Xia'o I've been bullied

  • Yes bully that kid turn to the darkside

  • The dislikers are probably bullies

  • WoHoo

  • My marriage was already stable but now it's 4 dimensional

  • Divorce rates have dropped by 100%.

  • The moral of the story?

  • Mad lad

  • All of those kicks we're fake

  • What happened to the epic bike unboxing

  • What

  • how is he gonna get his books in his locker now?

  • Hvhgvjbcvmjhhh my song like if you agrry

  • This is actually funny cuz it looks fake as hell 😂😂

  • Shall I bully an anti bullying video

  • I don’t bully. I cry because of what they do to me.

  • I don't bully I help people

    • @luke 17 Now I really think you need to calm down.

    • Good for you stfu

  • don't be a bully stand up for them don't I wanna be treated how other people wanna Be treated like if I agree

  • That bullying was faker than all my friends

  • ....

  • If someone sees bullying that person should tell an adult

  • high quality

  • This comment will probably get hate, but if you are aged 15+ and you are getting bullied it is 100% your fault. The reason people get bullied is because they are physically and mentally weaker than others, but you don’t have to get bullied for being that way, just have a personality that everyone likes and be a cool person and nobody will fuck with you.

  • Just what I’ve been looking for

  • Why do people let their children use ID-tv It's hilarious but so fucking retarded

  • It's all so inconveniently quiet and the there's the recorder parts

  • I aLrEaDy GaVe YoU uLtImAtE

  • Please read this! The girl that you called fat, she is starving herself everyday. The one you make fun of for crying, there mother is dying. The weird kid you punched in the hallway, just committed suicide. The kid who you call stupid, has a learning disability and studies 6 hours a day. You see? You may think you know everything about somebody, well you don’t! I know 99% probably won’t repost this, but if you have a heart, I know at least 1% of you would.

  • If anyone is having trouble with bulling come sub to my channel and I show self-defense and Martial arts

  • that is so mean and please stop bullying him

  • I approve of this

  • Fan hecking tastic

  • What are you talking about I use the Pythagorean theorem to tie my shoes everyday lol

  • Some bullies are just nice people who get jealous of others and that's why they think that bullying might help them against others but in the end,they know they did'nt really mean it. That's why we think they're mean and does all those stuff but we don't know what the bully has been through,to be honest. We don't know if they're abused by their parents. We don't know if they have a complicated life. We don't know if they're actually nice persons who changed their behaviour due to family members being dead or something like that. And that's the point. They think they bullying will solve their problem but in reality,it hurts others.


  • Noice

  • Why do you boly

    • Why do you spell horribly

  • The perfect moment in history Hey, you, take your headphones off Toss your phone cause the beat is on Dancing's better when you're with someone But I guess you wouldn't know it if you're home alone Kero Kero Bonito in the place Bonito on the mic, Kero's on the bass Hitting you with the international 楽しい sound That will make the world get down 誰でも楽しめる Come on everybody say "kero kero" From the countryside to the concrete ghetto 音楽が嫌いでも Come on everybody say "kero kero" 日本語で? オッス おはよう こんにちは これから始まるみんなでパーティー 抹茶 紅茶 飲み物ごちゃごちゃ 世界の果てまで飛んでいけ ケロケロ?ってカエルは鳴くけど 僕たち三人だけだけど この出会い 歴史に残るぜ 誰でも楽しめる Come on everybody say "kero kero" From the Mariana Trench to Mount Everest 音楽が嫌いでも Come on everybody say "kero kero" 行こう let's go! 誰でも楽しめる Come on everybody say "kero kero" From the world wide web to the thoughts in your head 音楽が嫌いでも Come on everybody say "kero kero" もう1回! 誰でも楽しめる Come on everybody say "kero kero" From the milky way to outer space 音楽が嫌いでも Come on everybody say "kero kero" Turn up the bass on your speakers, because For the next twenty-five minutes or so You're gonna be jackin' to Bonito

  • It doesn't even say cover

    • Well the band told me this was the definitive version and will be playing the song like this for now on.

  • Cringe af

    • @AJISAJ Official NI🅱🅱A why did you copy my rules and answer me xD


  • I'm so mean Happy estr🐇🐰

  • 1:08 look at this ugly gurl in the background the girl with the phone in her hand. This girl has NO EDGES tsk tsk tsk

    • @t Smith no i was talking about the bully's bff

    • Thats not nice and you know it

  • Beans

  • Yeah cause that’s Cuba

  • I'm gonna show this to my family

  • This cured my chlamydia.

  • I had no part in this

    • Well of course not Yung Gravy was playing the harmonica

  • 1 like = 1 less buly

  • Like this comment if you think that all bullies should burn in hell.

    • Belive me,is a zone for them where the soap is very slippy(prison)

  • A work of art. brought a tear to my eye

  • This is tickling my earholes

  • Yup. That seems about right.

  • I love how the title isn't even the song

  • Hooooooooooooes

  • Hmm

  • Nope.

  • Trespasser

  • Ha gayyyyyyyyy

  • Cheesus crust

  • Jesus Christ

  • Broke my ears oh no you did it

  • Epic

  • Oh yes.

  • What if I want you to eat me

  • This is still my favorite

  • If you don’t like furries go away

  • The cringe is real

  • Wanna sprite cranberry

  • Where’d my comment go

  • Broke my ears, Oh no you did it!

  • Thanks for the tingles dad

  • Yes aj

  • Hail Satan

  • 😩😩😩💯💯👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Sonic 2 is the only low tier character here

    • Well he’s more like lower mid to be quite honest

  • This honestly my new favorite video.

  • Now this is it

  • The title needs to be in all caps and say not clickbait lol

    • Spooked4u lol stop stating an opinion

    • @AJISAJ Official I don't have any body fat I'm a skeleton

    • Spooked4u did I ask for your body fat?

  • I could hear megalovania so much better than the brawl theme for some reason

    • Spooked4u I mean Sans has a lot of raw sexual energy so that could explain it

  • ah your dumb

  • U reALlY LeFT ME oN tHIS HiKeeeeeeEEE

  • No Aj

  • Good golly

  • Moskau

  • I did bad

  • New timeline- Aj as a bully

    • That's stupid that's not nice let me think that you are the one that is bully

  • Man the Allen cameo was on fleek

  • RIP bahnfire5 1 liek = 1 paryer

  • Beautiful

  • Send tongue pics

  • Why must you be this way

  • Could have put in some music...

    • Bilobo Baggins naw man that would be for ID-tvrs who are actually good

  • Beautiful collection

  • What kind of disgusting foot fetich do you have

  • You need to STOP with the toes aj

  • F

  • 11/10 filming skills random kid