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  • Danas reactionn😂😂😂

  • And the white referee saves the black lives matter man

  • The tackling from Saints for Nowell's try was embarrassing

  • 3 fights - only received 2 significant strikes in all of them...bonkers.

  • Doesn’t he have to self isolate from coming from Spain! Oh wait he is rich ain’t he an extempt!


  • *McGregor have left the chat room*

  • We all know its fake now..

  • Paulo Costa reminds me of Rex from Its always sunny in Philadelphia. The Beefcake

  • I sure Real Madrid is watching son now

  • Alhamdullilah

  • Try and win a trophy or two. Your at Tottenham now not Madrid lol

  • This is how I felt studying Shakespeare in class. I have no idea WTF the teacher says, but just went with the flow.

  • Lopes is so agile on the ball😳 he’s gonna he big

  • Hazmat 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • If he actually does still have his pace I reckon he is still world class

  • Normally they cut Buffers intros short, this time they nearly had to add his blood type to lengthen the highlights lool

  • Get woke get broke

  • When was the last time Woodley even won a single round ..

  • Democracy beats Marxism.

  • Classic stuff Neymar, has2 be involved

  • "I mean Yeah"

  • Woodley’s has been drinking that soy. 😂

  • For a second there, I mistook Covington for GSP :/ 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Yeah the fans love him but the stadiums are gonna be empty.

  • I was about to call Woodley old and washed up, then I remembered we're the same age💀

  • Dortmund shouldn’t have had that penalty, defender got a touch on the ball, then Dortmund should’ve conceded that penalty he tripped the striker, nothing given, shambles from the referee and VAR

  • That's how FIFA 20 bug in real life , EA please fix it .

  • Hey man I need tha $$$$

  • great play from everton but pickford is far too erratic and i think he needs to get better or get replaced

  • Mbappe is Mback

  • LewanDIVEski

  • Don't forget LeBron James is a spineless coward

  • What is the name of cricket stadium??

  • Ref handed the game to Everton, it was clear as day but we all know how that works. Everton is gonna get robbed in some other game against a bigger team.

  • disgraceful bt sport video quality as usual

  • Cant wait to see Justin And Khabib ☝🏻 my favorite fighters.

  • "Try and win a trophy if not 2" 🤣 steady on lad, your back at spurs now, not still at Madrid.

  • What a great edition to the UFC. The guy has everything and can even fight in two weight classes. What's even better is he wants to fight all the time and against anyone. Amazing!

  • Marching on together

  • Imagine conceding your eighth goal and hearing that clown music

  • Dana just dropped the Mike!!! Kaboom!!!! ((:

  • Ronny lopez looks sharp

  • Impressed with colbys corner, seems v expert

  • I stopped my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • this might be the most clinical team in history

  • Welcome back! It's like having CR7 back at United though that ain't happening 😭. This will be the toughest season it's been in a long time with teams upgrading their destructive power and promoted teams like Leeds bringing 7 goals thrillers! 😎

  • Actually even son speaks better english than harry kane🤣🤣

  • The league is the most homogeneous league ever. They literally steal all their rivals best players obviously weakening them in the process. Boring. What's the point.

  • After that first half, how we are down 2-1 and a red card. "Is beyond me". Well said lol.


  • Good always beats bad the Marxist didn’t have the heart time to go to your “rap” career

  • KLOPPI!!

  • If Khamzat becomes two division champ of the middleweight and welterweight division, that would actually be insane

  • Scariest part is, he didn't even load the punch up, it came straight from his chest. Jesus that's raw power and precision.

  • Aye wining trophies with spurs okay goodluck in the audi cup 🤣🤣😭

  • Still cannot believe hes our manager. What a fella

  • Khamzat vs Canelo exhibition boxing match