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I'M TOTALLY ADDICTED TO MAKEUP and upload unbiased Product Reviews, Tips, Hauls and Tutorial videos on Drugstore & Luxury Beauty Products every Monday & Thursday! xo's ~ Tati


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  • Nobody "makes" you do anything. Just accept that you messed up and made false accusations which was yours to own. Much like the make up you wear, the things you choose to speak out about are only skin deep.

  • I just want to learn how to put on eyeliner-

  • Tati no❤️go pick up your kids ✨🧚🏻‍♀️

  • OMG THIS IS A TOP CLASS PALETTE! TATI REALLY KILLED IT! I hope she makes the exact same palette, but with more colors, like purples, greens, etc, but with the exact same layout. I used to be repulsed by the idea of eye shadow at first, but then I saw this palette, and my mind was blown and I bought it, and it was even better than I thought it would be!!!!

  • I love how shes flopping other products for efficiency but charging 50$ for gummies that are nothing different that Walmart biotin

  • honestly you can’t believe her or anyone. you will never know the real story & mind you that theres always two sides to the story or in this case, four.

  • 2020 couldn’t get any more ridiculous Tati: Hold my gummies

  • I NEED to know what every stitch of makeup is that she is wearing it is so gorgeous and youthful looking!

  • Lol you are a grown woman you made the choice to upload you were not "voiceless".

    • She just can’t be accountable 🙄

  • Full grown adults acting like children. This is what ID-tv has come to

  • Bless you Tati, I do understand, I've had manipulation happen to me too. I found this online and I kept it because I found it was so relevant. "The goal of the Dark Entity isn’t to turn a White Entity dark. They know that can’t be done. Their goal is to extinguish the White Entity’s light, since darkness can’t exist where light is present. They don’t necessarily try to destroy the White Entity physically. More often they’ll simply create as much emotional turbulence, self-doubt, guilt, and depression as possible in as many White Entities they have access to, so that the White Entities lose their self-confidence, strength, and power. • Dark Entities rarely enjoy each other’s company-with no light to extinguish, no flattering reflection to gaze into, and no control to be gained over someone with the same bag of tricks, there would be no point " <3

  • Six ads

  • Tati, people are dying.

    • Sis has her priorities 🤑🤑

  • Just keep turning on and off those tears 🙄

  • bruh such a good actress, never seen her in any movies tho... weird.

    • Because she wouldn’t be able to read off a script in movies 😌

  • Since we are bringing Higher Powers into this and as a weapon to manipulate ( typical ... Btw ) - Everything that is hidden will become clear. Every secret thing will be made known and everyone will see it. - Luke 8 : 17

  • BLM

  • Do you even see how incredibly privileged you are, Tati?

  • Not this girl again

  • Sorry but I think the most false person on the planet is just taking advantage of the moment

  • I honestly feel bad for her if you listen to her and how she talks about everything you can hear her hurt.

    • Did we watch the same video?🤔 I can only hear her blaming others 🤔

  • Stop trying to make men better. You can't, and it's not your responsibility.

  • JESUS Aren’t you a full-grown adult just take responsibility and stop bringing it up

  • ....what is this even about....

    • Gummies! It’s about freaking gummies!!

  • Pero que no todo el pleito fue porque no promocionó tus vitaminas???? HIPÓCRITA, eres igual o peor que Jeffrey, You are the same or worse that Jeffrey.

  • Grow up lol

  • Bruh you made the video. Whether or not they tried to make you do it 90% of the blame should be on you. Your not a little kid you shouldn't allow yourself to attack someone because of peer pressure. Stop trying to push the blame on someone else.

  • Not even ten minuets in and I think she needs to practice this more

  • Looks like this is a job for Dr. Phil and the ranch...

  • you say you’re a grown women, yet you’re acting like a high schooler you’re blaming other people for YOUR mistakes and u can’t even own up to it.

  • can someone summarize this 40 min video?

  • Yeaaaaaah, not buying it.

  • ❤❤

  • Like what is she even talking about??

  • This makeup looks good on you Tati. Please do a tutorial❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊

  • She was on one when she made this, but she’s a great poet I’ll give her that! 👏🏼🙌🏼

  • ЧТО ЗА БРЕД?!??!

  • Anyone else feel like she’s fullll of it?!

  • Literally those videos were so long ago, why you bringing it up again? Just to blame other people to make yourself look better?

  • I already see the memes coming

  • uh anyways thousands of native american women are going missing in Canada and the USA

  • ...anyways i’m gonna go watch trixie mattel use a easy bake oven now. 🙄

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Again???

  • You’d gain much more respect if you just come out and say you admit you were wrong and nobody else is to blame for your actions or words. Time to be an adult, not a child tattling at school.

  • sis i do not feel sorry for you, you’re like 36. pick yourself up and carry on

  • Ok but like why did she put 7 ads in? 🙄

    • Sis thirsty 🤑🤑

  • anyways, cookie dough 😼

  • +

  • Why are you still on ID-tv ? Wtf. You use people to get their money, and no ma’am you are not a woman of god and no YOU need healing. How does a grown woman do this ?

  • why does she smack her mouth so much like after every couple sentences she 👄👅👄💦

  • If you want your life back try and take the silent impartial approach and save yourself this humiliation. It’s really that simple!!!

  • I almost believed you if you hadn't filled the video with ads. Haha great fails

  • hold crap she sounds like a kindergartener

  • What a bad actor this woman is... That's terrible

  • stfu ❤️

  • Rewatching your videos...missing your vibe/content. Hope you’re headed towards the path you desire & getting healthy💕

  • I tried some of her products and they caused all kinds of negative reactions!!!! I tried her hair vitamins and the next day got fired from my job! Then I tried some of her creme’s and that night got food poisoning! I’m telling you, her products cause major problems!

  • Wait what happened now? Can someone explain/update me before I watch this whole video?

  • I have one thing to say, You're an adult, act like one

  • I mean like what was the point of this video ?

  • They all need to go on dr phill and sort this out 😂

  • What

  • Tati, where are you girl?

  • Lmaooooooooogofuckyourselfooooooooo

  • Take responsibility

  • Love the 7 adds😬

  • Been here when you had 10.6 mil, now you have 9.34 mil👏👏

  • You should've kept your promise not to cry. I'm so sorry, this is just uncomfortable and down right embarrassing...

  • You definitely have lost a follower. So sad. Will never watch another video.

    • May thousands of other people follow you 😎

  • I'm sorry for asking but I want to know what she did?💕

  • The timing of this video is very interesting to me. It’s really easy to shift the blame on people who are facing a lot of terrible allegations and a lot of heat right now. The whole crowd will follow suit. Interesting.

  • These makeup tutorials have been getting a little weird lately

  • 🙄🙄

  • Your the Karen of the beauty community congrats 🎉

  • the number of lip smacking noises in this video gives me anxiety

  • Woman, there's people dying...

  • You missed making videos? Keep missing

  • ugh this woman makes me so upset that I wasted my money on her dumb vitamins. TATI NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????

  • Tati is ID-tvs Karen.

  • Who is liking this video?

  • who’s here from the hellen keller tiktok?

  • I bet Tati really enjoys the smell of her own farts 🙊

  • Damn only if you could’ve put this effort into something that actually matteredddd get over yourself

  • Even Chase or Nessa can give a better apology

  • Quit youtube. Bring back jenna

  • Quit youtube

  • Quit ID-tv

  • You can cry on video


  • 🤡

    • Whole circus!

  • It's time for you to quit you messed and everyone can see your true colours now no amount of makeup can make you look good.

  • What is going on hunn

  • If y’all don’t want to watch it basically it’s not an apology its a this person did this and nothing is my fault video

  • Take some accountability!! Pushing the blame on everyone else 🙄🙄

  • Okaaay Laura Lee 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ How many “breaking the silence” videos will we see lol

  • You waste NO TIME in getting those "Tears," Out, huh? Which disappear immediately, once you begin to talk again.

  • 60k more dislikes to cross the number of likes lol. Why have people even liked the video? This video makes no sense. Next.

  • Guilty people always feel the need to explain themselves

  • Ay wacala con su toxicidad .