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I'M TOTALLY ADDICTED TO MAKEUP and upload unbiased Product Reviews, Tips, Hauls and Tutorial videos on Drugstore & Luxury Beauty Products three days per week! xo's ~ Tati


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I'm Back ...
I'm Back ...6 bulan yang lalu


  • You are the absolute best!!!!!

  • Tati: does a full-on, versatile, 30-minute long holiday gift guide Me: tHe CoMfY!!!!

  • Was it just me or was her eyebrows wonky

  • Always do what's new at Walmart for makeup

  • You are lookong gorgeuos in this tutirial.

  • Tati i really like you from pakistan

  • I love how Tati is so nice and calm

  • I see it has a hair blower which gives your hair a bit of volume, not bouncy curls that last for hours.

  • No blue please. Unless want to look like a dead person: not cool

  • Wonder if she still likes this

  • Can’t you understand that we like the whole tuna, the big kahuna, a slippery vagina!

  • Oh my gosh, your family is all just the best. I'd watch your channel just for everyone's personalities (yours included!) even if the makeup wasn't on point ;)

  • I love watching your videos everyday!!

  • Wow. I wish send them to me. So i can use it.

  • Your true authentic self is what keeps me coming back to watch!! Xoxo 💋 I love your honesty.

  • Lol she’s so good at lining her lips it looks like she has lip fillers

  • New drinking game: take a shot every time Tati gets wildly off topic 🤣

  • Not pole 😂

  • I cannot sleep with product in my hair. I don’t want it on my pillow or my face because it will cause breakouts.

  • I just watched that video! It is terrible. I mean the issue is terrible not the video.

  • Your mom is really sweet.....please get more often on your channel😍😍❤️


  • Guys she’s right the L’Oréal blush is sooo underrated idk why it hasn’t blown up it soo good y’all need to get it!!!

  • Drugstores, you can get your MONEY BACK!!?. Why, after all these years tati? Would you put down the drugstores??. Wow, my Opinion is you really hurt me. And then, it just doesn't make this better. Coconut, it's ok... .!. My daughter is expecting a great product. Noi!.

  • What about people who have hyper-pigmentation? Barely using foundation wouldn't give a whole lot of coverage. I'd still be extremely red.

  • What are those neon bottels in the back ? Anyone know?

  • That Marc Jacobs innocent palette is my everyday look. I could stick that baby in my purse and be good to go lol 😂 in fact, all those palettes are my go to colors lmao!

  • I am so upset with you tati. After Over and Over Asking for you to reach back to me. ?? Nothing???. I recieved my pallet stuffed in my mailbox. I should have ups deliver the pallet. And then!!,, to find out no REFUNDS??, I'm done!!

  • The smell of the Loreal lipsticks is grape seed oil.

  • I know tati is dealing with a lot of stuff and I know she definitely needs a uploading schedule that fits her better. But I miss Tati and I am waiting and waiting and waiting for another upload every single day. 😭 I'm having withdrawal symptoms

  • Hi Tati and Erika I'm a RN working long hrs .I started watching your chanel -tutorials for few months . Im not scared any more getting ready for work or night out make up. The comment " less is more " and looking "SNATCHED " daily . Thank you XOX JLS RN.

  • I decided to take a chance on ordering a Beis bag online even though I had never seen one in real life and I LOVE my Work Tote! It has so many pockets for organization. The brand seems to be really thoughtful about their designs. The tote is HUGE which makes it kinda heavy when it's loaded up, but it fits a ton and feels really well-made and sturdy. I think it would be a great gift for young professionals 😊

  • I can't put the palette down. I love your Palette!!

  • What nail color do you have on?

  • I have suuuuch sensitive skin that any peel off mask is painful to me 😖😂

  • “I hope you behave better next time and have more anxiety and get in line” lmao! I’m dead! Tati is a freakin’ Queen! Her sarcasm is life! ❤️❤️👏👏

  • Drew is so so gorgeous

  • “..still chasing the woman I want to be”. What a strong, unbelievably great anthem!! I’m going to adopt this in every aspect of my life!! I respect you so much, for who you are and what a great mentor/role model you are!!! You are one of the very few ID-tvrs out there that I will encourage my daughters to follow. That’s really the highest compliment I can give you... your 100% daughter safe... lol. ❤️ you!!

  • would you ever do a hair care video? im jelly af your hair is so pretty

  • 14:16😂😂

  • Love your earrings! What brand or where can we buy those?

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • There are lots of legitimate sellers on eBay that buy items that are LE or discontinued and they are real products. Just b/c some are fakes from China doesn't mean they all are--some are moms in Indiana who just stock up on popular items as a side hustle b/c they need the money. There are better ways to solve this, like holograms can prevent fakes, you don't have to make people afraid of all resellers.

    • when we bought the mascara we noticed it was so dried out and it became a repetitive thing. clearly it’s expired, but it’s not advertised at all. honestly should that be legal??

  • "Voting with your wallet" means people who have more money get more votes. That's exactly how we got into this mess in the first place, because people with money can stop regulations or attempts to meet more peoples needs. Yeah we have more Whole Foods...and there are "food deserts" all over America, where nutritious food just can't be found. Making nutrition a luxury product did not make America healthier.

  • This makeup is amazing and it’s because he’s talented. I want him to do mine!

  • Why exactly is carmine "gross"? People have been using it in natural dyes for thousands of years.

  • Hi Tati, hope everything is going well. I am worried about my order and the shipping because i am traveling on the 18th and i wanted to show it to my mom. I havent gotten any shipping information, just my order confirmation. You said we would get it before the 15th and it is barely the 8th so there is still hope. Please tell me good news on when we are getting the palette. Thanks!

  • Not trying to scare you, but don't leave Pooka outside alone or without your watch is there's a hawk out there.

  • I could buy that for $7 at Ulta💀

  • I'm getting the TATI Pallette for a Christmas gift !! A girlfriend got one, and I used it to put her make-up on, and I was so impressed with it, she ordered me my own !!! I can't wait to get it !! Tati, Your Husband has such good skin !! You two look so cute together !! Have a Happy Holiday Season !! Luv Ya !!

  • love you Tati

  • Hello tati im beginning my ID-tv Channel. I have seen you for years and have inspired me. I would love if you could give me any advice or even subscribe to my channel .. your amazinggggg☺️

  • Does anyone know why she is going to only 2 videos a week instead of 3

  • Bruh I thought this was after the scand

  • I'm waiting for my REAL palette !! It will be here before Christmas !! I can't wait !! Don't by counterfeit products !! Period !! You will gamble with health problems, such as eye infections, skin problems, etc. Just don't do it !! Tati, I listen to You, and hope others do also !!! Luv Ya !!

  • can u make one for tooth?





  • YES ... everyone should watch that Netflix BROKEN ... !! It is brilliant!

  • You look like you got attacked by an intergalatic tiger

  • Please do a round two of this, redemption.

  • 😍

  • I would love to see some further in depth reviews/tutorials with eyeshadow palettes specifically. I do love the reviews but I feel like doing just one look for the whole product review isn't quite enough. maybe a challenge to create 3 different looks from each palette? each using a completely different shadow family?? just to show the range and the diversity in looks from the palette.

  • Hawks will snatched up small dogs and cats

  • You are so beautiful. ❤️

  • Hey tati! Quit being a waster

  • Honestly can't wait to get a hold of the palette 😍

  • Uhm her cheekbones are to DIE FORR

  • Mia is adorable when she gets shy buT c'mOn xD SpAnIsH? That's not Spanish!! That's Portuguese

  • Your husband dancing on the background is me dancing in the club on the background of my friends Snapchats😂

  • anyone else watching this in 2019 ?

  • I think the clavicle bone is soo sexy!

  • Happy December

  • If you wanna be cheap at least support drug store or Indy brands. There’s no need to risk your health by buying counterfeit cosmetics!

  • Textbook first world problem.

  • You explained Shay Mitchell in the perfect way. I would not be able to put that into words!

  • My go to for a more natural quick look is using my contour, bronzer and highlighter powders as eye shadow. Less stuff to open and put away :)

  • I cannot wait for your restock! Xoxo

  • Secret box video, please!!

  • I have done my best to get away from social media, I am not on Instagram, Snapchat etc. I understand you need to back off but I am going to miss your videos

  • But for anyone with the softer thinner hair it would probably be a really great, easy and quick hair curler!! 💙

  • Seems like the only flaw is people who have thicker hair and thicker individual pieces of hair are going to take a bit longer lol... considering it worked better getting smaller bundles of hair to do... most of the women in the videos for the creators have that supper soft thin hair... that you can do anything with haha... so it’s a no for me

  • I genuinely don’t know anyone who has bought any counterfeit makeup so while I fully agree that people shouldn’t buy it and that cutting these companies off from making bank would make a difference, I don’t know what to do??? Like there’s no one in my life who would ever purchase that kind of thing so how can people like me & my friends/family make an impact?

  • Makeup for the girls who wanna only take a tiny clutch ! Lol XoxoX

  • Honey it' Cheekmate not mat 🙄🙄🙄

  • “Are you a good girl or a bad girl... both”!” a 2019 mood

  • You need to stop

  • As expert, I think Fopobiacne Secrets can be great way to break free from your acne. Why not give it a shot? maybe it is going to work for you too.

  • Not gonna lie, he made tati look like a clown with the blush, there’s a line on the right side from the blush

  • Is she still relevant?😂

  • If you’re looking for a minimal makeup look, Tati’s channel is not for you. It’s as simple as that.

  • I would love a video about home decorations like candles, cute bathroom essentials, body products 😍😍

  • I would prefer quality over quantity. You do you girl and relax, you are our Marc Jacobs of tutorials, you can do no wrong

  • Can you make a tutorial on your eye look in this video?

  • God this is so much make up, this is stage / drag make up and beyond

  • Who names a child tati

  • I think the Fenty product is actually meant to be a highlighter for dark skinned people, so it's more creamy and blends into the skin. Also for underrated, people really need to try Ben Nye eyeshadow

  • I think the lashes looked good on u