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  • Your voice so sweet my king jongdae...i love u

  • Chen I love you

  • 特别好听

  • Remember that you have the most Beautiful smile

    • @Kai Xin hwaiting eri!

    • oh i just saw you under Suho’s video!! we are enjoying EXO together haha

  • Take care of yourself uri chen cheni

  • Can't wait to see you on the stage

  • Miss you so much

  • Always smile like this Beautifully

  • Thank you for your beautiful gift

  • I really missed your voice

  • Miss you ㅠㅠ

  • I'll have a sweet dreams thanks to you Jongdae oppa! Saranghae! Sweet dreams everyone!

  • 🎧🤎

  • So nice chen! Your amazing vice:)))

  • This song helps me a lot <3<3


  • It is summer already Jongdae pls give us new music

  • 1M views coming!

  • Just come to hear it again~♡ Have a good day chen Eat well and stay healthy

  • ♥️♥️♥️

  • 2:31 the most replayed part of this song Ofcorse chen's high notes are chef's kiss

  • Friend mag-busking ka naman sa Luneta o, pa birthday mo na sa akin thanks

  • when we will see you live? huhu

  • 901.625

  • J'aime beaucoup

  • Chen next cover lagu nya teh rossa gih....

  • i miss u so much :'(

  • welcome back our lovely boy 💟

  • 충성