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6:25Audacy's Riptide Music Festival: Weathers
4:22Audacy's Riptide Music Festival: The Moss
8:35Audacy's Riptide Music Festival: Jelly Roll
4:27Audacy's Riptide Music Festival: AWOLNATION
7:53Audacy's Riptide Music Festival: The Beaches
6:35Audacy's Riptide Music Festival: Lovejoy
Audacy's Riptide Music Festival: LovejoyDitonton 4,2 rbHari Yang lalu
3:51Audacy's Riptide Music Festival: Jack Kays
12:02ATEEZ at Hard Rock Hotel New York
ATEEZ at Hard Rock Hotel New YorkDitonton 39 rbHari Yang lalu
DAWNDitonton 375Hari Yang lalu
9:07Audacy Check In: Sean Paul
Audacy Check In: Sean PaulDitonton 30714 hari yang lalu
17:41Audacy Check In: Dolly Parton
Audacy Check In: Dolly PartonDitonton 1,1 rb14 hari yang lalu
2:07Dua Lipa Faith!
Dua Lipa Faith!Ditonton 6 rb14 hari yang lalu
8:17Audacy Check In: Dua Lipa
Audacy Check In: Dua LipaDitonton 12 rb21 hari yang lalu
8:42Audacy Check In: Cold War Kids
Audacy Check In: Cold War KidsDitonton 48421 hari yang lalu
14:11Audacy Live: Jung Kook
Audacy Live: Jung KookDitonton 2,5 jt21 hari yang lalu
7:55Audacy Check In: AJR
Audacy Check In: AJRDitonton 9 rb21 hari yang lalu
8:06Audacy Check In: Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach)
Audacy Check In: Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach)Ditonton 2,6 rbBulan Yang lalu
3:53Stars and Strings 2023: Ashley McBryde
Stars and Strings 2023: Ashley McBrydeDitonton 659Bulan Yang lalu


  • Too weird to live was their last listenable album Only a good song or two on every album since Sick of his Glee pop bullshit Miss when his band sounded like a BAND Doesn’t mean sound can’t change but the songs got worse after that drop

  • Aww he looks so sweet like in the year 2007 only a little bit older 🤭Awww 😍

  • It's so cool to listen to their recording and writing process. I had no idea the vocal line sang the entire song to find which parts were best for who. I can truly see how much thought they put into each album they put out <3 Hongjoong: Some of our members spoiled a lot to our fans San: Sorry 😂😂😂

  • Jungkook, thank you very much for the Golden album. I never listen to BTS, but I listen to your album every day. I’m glad that no one interrupted your voice. This is so cool. I couldn’t watch the joint release with BTS on December 6, because I don’t like the age hierarchy in Korea. Your hyungs are ill-mannered, they interrupt and shout all the time. I really wanted to listen to you. Jungkook, please come and do your live broadcast in front of the army without a group. Your fans miss you.

  • 정국이를 사랑한게 내인생 최고의 선물

  • Gracias por la entrevista ❤ es interesnte saber cosas nuevas con cada entrevista. Gracias por permitirles hablar en coreano. Se los vio comodos a los chicos asi que se ve que si disfrutaron esa entrevista 😊

  • New discovery for me. They have good music that is all.

  • When Niall pointed out the mic in the first minute you know he does not deal with BS he is like nope not today -Not doing This to me any more!!!

  • Closer may be my favorite from this album. So sultry!😊

  • The host kind of looks like Carrie Anne Moss (Trinity in The Matrix)

  • I started listening to them about 2 years ago and I fell in love with this band

  • Maln Pop Boy Jung Kook

  • 마스터피스구나

  • 受話器📞の少し間を開けての123カッコ良すぎるその後のダンスも!❤

  • SO COOL!! Love HER!!!!!

  • 2 of my most fav bands.

  • Szép érzelmes szám Jungkook szeretlek 🇭🇺📞🇰🇷

  • San's action 🔥

  • I randomly discovered them 3 years ago

  • Siempre vuelvo aquí, buscando esa paz que me da tyler con su voz ✨

  • I love Ateez for always doing their best even when uncomfortable. They did so well trying to explain in english. Thank you guys 😊 atiny4eva❤

  • 💜💜💜💜💜

  • He ate and left no crumbs

  • The fact that the interviewer was equally hyped about them, really radiated a warm atmosphere throughout the interview. Thank you

  • Every content and performance jungkook has released has been top notch. Not to be that person but compare his MV quality, performance quality to others. The recording films, concepts everything has been top notch. Always on point. That is why I have always loved jungkook. He has always wanted to release solo music and when he got the opportunity he made sure to work hard. It wasn't like a vacation for him. Take care and come back safely. We will all be waiting.

  • I just wanna know the editing tool he used . Has anyone asked him that on TikTok. If so pls let me know cz it’s banned in my country 🥲🥲

  • This is a really great interview ❤

  • 정국 무대영상 순회중

  • San my bias ❤

  • BWHAHAHAH Sannie with his "sorry" cracked me up SO HARD

  • Joe: offended by the term ‘grippers’ Mark: the casual one Ash: PLEASE NO MORE MASHED POTATO Will:

  • 💜💜

  • Goated

  • Hahah, I read the title as ‘audacity check’ with Greta Van Fleet, and it felt so right

  • Goshhh!!! Jungkook is just amazing 👑❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Increíble!!! Genio, amo si canto si baile. 💜

  • 정국의 춤사위는 선이 참 이쁘다!!!

  • ハードスケジュールだったでしょうね。 兵役行ってもゆっくりできないだろうし。 グクなら大丈夫?

  • i loveee this great interviewer

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • i always check to see whos interveiw gets the most reveiws, Lovejoy wins lol (BRO WILBUR MUST BE INSANE WITH WHAT HE WAS WEARING LMAO)

  • I hope ateez is doing well I am so proud of you guys i love you guys so much 💖💖💖

  • I love ATEEZ so much! They are true performance KINGS! Their love & appreciation for ATINY is so heartwarming & genuine! Thank you for having ATEEZ!!! ❤

  • big yippee

  • ash eating potataos Joe with the dogs out mark wearing all black sweating wilber in the void somewhere This is Lovejoy

  • I loved seeing you in Kansas!🙌

  • Some famous bands dying: Depetch mode: I’m still standing!

  • The design team still working for Army. He looks fantastic💜


  • Adorei !!! Um otemo novo amigo para o Suga, ja que Nangil foi a inspiração para Jin virar ator, acredito que o julgamento do Jin esteja correto, e pela entrevista ele realmente é uma pessoa muito honesta e gentl.