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  • The first order isn’t intimidating... what should we do? A. Build them up B. Make them menacing in IX C. Forget them and Bring back the empire

  • Palpatine actually managed to grab a rail as he fell, but he still shit himself in the process, and it fell straight out of his robes, into the reactor, creating the explosion you see.

  • Gosh sure is interesting watching this then watching his The Last Jedi reviews

  • My feeling, after watching the movie, wasn't that it was a dream or the Joker's imagination. No, it was a lie. It's basically what Heath Ledger's Joker does throughout The Dark Knight. This is a story that the Joker is telling you, he is leaning in and whispering in your ear, trying to convince you that this is the truth. He's taking events that did happen, like the Wayne murders, and he is incorporating them into his story. That's why Thomas Wayne is the bad guy, not because Thomas Wayne is a bad guy, but because it's how the Joker wants you to see him. And he's doing all of this to get into your head and make you sympathize for him. The Joker wants you to lower your guard so he can corrupt you, just as he did with Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight.

  • The movie was OK, not the worst movie of the year and definitely not the best of the year. It's barely in the top 30 films of the year

  • I hate this episode cause it’s a copy of S2 E17 of Clone Wars

  • this movie sucked

  • Dam its a year old

  • But now 3DS has tons of amazing games)

  • The prequels were cheesy, and the acting was anywhere from cringeworthy to passable... but they were still interesting and full of little bits of backstory that made them enjoyable. Even the disappointing parts had a limit, because you know that this all leads into the original trilogy, which ends on a high note. The sequel trilogy, by comparison, is FAR riskier. They could potentially undermine or undo everything the original trilogy accomplished... and that's what they IMMEDIATELY started doing. The Empire has fallen, but not really. It's now being run by a couple screaming manbabies that aren't intimidating or authoritative in any way... and they somehow have even more resources than before, to build an even bigger death star. All the disappointment of the prequels was okay, because of the original trilogy. But all the disappointment of the sequels just ruins the original trilogy due to chronology

  • This should have came out before Infinity War...

  • I keep falling asleep on this movie. I'll give it one more shot.

  • How does the line “not running from my past” work when she’s already dead? Marvel: Get it? No one: yeah...

  • Frank Grillo looks like Jeremys older tough brother lol

  • Everyone: Give us a BW movie! No one: Give us a Cpt. Marvel movie Everyone:

  • Not as good as Goodfellas but that's only because nothing is as good as Goodfellas.

  • Its no Casino or Goodfellas Shame falls short for me

  • American people say Ireland American:ieerrrland Irish and Europe:arland

  • Movie ends with her in the soul stone and being "revived/released" when cap does time shenangans. That'd be funny. But also I half expect it due to recent events in Disney they probably want her back as a character now. Also given comic events, seems likely. It'll end up being memories mashed to gether from her past as she's dying or something.

  • what to take out? the ending !! everything after they go to jail adds nothing

  • Wait how do we know its between civil/infinity war? (or well could be infinity war/end game i guess). Seems more like it'll be before Avengers or something I'm excited but the movie feels very out of place with no real stakes to it? like.. either this leads to her meeting Clint, or it leads to End Game or it leads to Infinity War. Like.. there are no stakes and no real functional changes to the charater? if its between IW and Endgame then it would explain some of her changes though, which would be a neat way of going about it. It would explain why she's taken on more responsbilities and why she's mellowed a bit. But also why she feels she didn't do enough, and then why she basically brawls Clint for sacrafice. Because she probably see's most if not all these people in the movie die, or tries to help and fails them. Which added more to her ledger (which was something they basically ignored between Avengers and End Game)

  • It's easy to complain about this movie coming too late, but its also easy to forget the massive scope and size of this franchise. Consider the trickle down effect of fitting this movie in at another point in time before the last 2 avengers films, either replacing other films we did get or pushing everything else back. Arguably this is the ideal time for this movie to exist, because while she's a popular character she simply wasn't as popular or central to events. Coming off the epic bombast of Endgame and starting the next phase they can focus on a non-powered character at the height of interest in her following her film death.

  • I just don't care anymore.

  • Olaf was the only thing I found funny in this movie 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Fucking killed me with the member berry comment

  • Actually we *do* have good memory abilities.

  • Gosh as much as I love the MCU I feel Baron Von Strucker got Bobafetted

  • Desmond deserved better

  • are you sure?

  • Good game and gameplay that ending prevents it from being great

  • 3:22. How did you get that hidden footage?

  • Didn't know taskmaster was a Black Widow villain or enemy I only remember him or know him from the ultimate Spider-man cartoon and the spider-man 2018 game so I thought he is Spider-man villain

  • You gotta fucking hate those "funny" moments that Disney puts in every star wars film now its horrible baby yoda is a example and then that fucking "funny " stare

  • Yay news she was not a skull 🦜🐩🦡🚺

  • Movies are so bad these days that this overlong boring film seems like a bloody masterpiece...

  • Name another badass son of a female dog who can get a bitch while wearing a helmet other than The Mandalorian. *Master Chief walks in* “I’m here to finish this fight”

  • I wanna know what happened in Budapest with black widow and hawk eye

  • Tbh I feel like a lot of people won't see this movie because she's already dead so this can't really impact the MCU much. I'm just going to see the end credits

  • And David Harber becomes much more David Harber lol

  • nothing can top the original but this was just bad the plot was boring and cliche and the part that everyone loves aboutt he grinch.... the grinch wasnt even a grinch

  • Holly Molly whattt!!! 😮 I Just realized that the name *Arthur* is the *key* for D.C. to make incredibly successful, over 1 *billion* dollar grossing movies!!! coincidence?! I think not! 🤔

  • I like the character of Black Widow but can't stand David Harbour. Anyone who advocates at an awards ceremony punching people in the face who vote differently to you, is just a grade A tool.

  • In all fairness, pod racing was the shit on n64 as a kid. When you get that boost 🤯

  • "You can't just have god come out and start dick whipping everybody" Just wait for the Eternals trailer Jahns.

  • I really liked this movie, and not because I am 13, listens to the soundtrack on a daily basis, and watched it with some friends in the best theatre in my aria. I thought the characters went through some interesting growth, the songs were really good, and of course the animation was amazing! Solid 8/10, would watch again

  • "If you don't own the physical copy you're just renting it, folks." 1,000,000% truth!👏👏👏

  • It's gone be better then captain marvel I tell you that

  • I still haven't recovered from The Last Jedi. it was honestly traumatising to watch, that's how bad it was. Disney have killed Star Wars STONE DEAD. Disney ARE the Evil Empire. I will definitely not be watching the next film.

  • Its true, it be cool to see the troopers in the thousands invade a planet, actual space battles than boring bombings. Enough yelling at the camera. Damit disney yall ass patatos

  • At the very best it’s like a 6.8/10

  • Am I the only one who didn’t really like this films I thought it was just weird and and a bit confusing

  • Black Widow has never really been an interesting character, imo

  • Accurate asf I haaated the protest scene too, it was so much to pick apart in this movie. I did cry at the end tho.

  • Captain Communism

  • What’s wrong with your teeth? I spent the whole video watching them

  • starts out at a 100 mph and then a snail's pace for 2 hours...

  • This is what happened to hopper

  • Haven't watched the Irishmen yet because I've had tons of papers to do 😂 but as of now my favourite Scorsese movie is The Departed, followed then by Goodfellas, Raging Bull, Casino, and Taxi Driver

  • The movie sucks, whoever was braindead and gave these AARP members the runtime of 3 hours and 30 minutes is crazy. Along with the fact that this has good fellas written all over it. Oh and where is Ray Liotta. All these actors are past way past the prime and we they should have acted as the old guys they shouldn't have acted as the young guys. 140millon for a load like this, I had to watch this in segments. You studio Execs never get it.

  • The part of the movie you didn't get was because it wasn't for you. I'm not even gonna explain that either.

  • I think ultimately we have to accept it's just going to be different. Doesn't mean it will be bad, just different. I personally hated force awakens (more than episode 1) but enjoyed last Jedi for what it was. But I now know why neither of the 2 trilogy movies released so far felt like a Lucas star wars. Other than the opening credits, they aren't. Not a surprising move from Disney at all.

  • Honestly, I shit things scarier than the first order

  • 2:20. This is what people want to see

  • I'm gonna have to rewatch Solo at some point, but for my money, Force Awakens and Rogue One are the best Disney Star Wars movies. But it's not because Disney's made two original Star Wars movies of their own; Force Awakens ripped off A New Hope, and Rogue One is set within the Original Trilogy, there's nothing original whatsoever. I like Poe, Finn and Maz Kanata, and the Knights of Ren are a fun idea, but everything else is just meh, i get nothing else from it. I could say the planets are interesting but those probably exist in the Original Expanded Universe anyway so. To think, we've finally found a trilogy that's worse than the prequels; at least with the prequels, even though they're poorly written films, they paved the way to an entire universe of planets, societies and fanfictions we can all enjoy, even several TV shows that are GREAT.

  • Bro you sound like Mark Dice

  • He reminds me of someone who ended a relationship really badly, he leaves home in his robe with a mug full of brandy knocking on his ex wifes door shouting out ''Fuck you anyway!''

  • I love your reviews and this movie looks Soo dumb I was hoping you could motivate me to go see it, still not exited. See you next review :)

  • This movie was SUpEr realistic omg is this what hollywood thinks all black people go through wow it's so hard out there

  • Review Uncut Gems!!

  • "Between the wars there's a widow" best thing I've heard all day 😆

  • Yeah I'm all game for this one!!! may get some red room back story which sounds exciting!! always sounded mysterious!!! looks like a winter soldier type film but black widow version, and im not complaining

  • A Thin Red Line was one awesome movie it still haunts me thinking about it.

  • I think all of this public feuding from the studio regarding internal disagreements is contributing to public apathy towards the brand. They need to shut up and manage their egos or just shelve this license which no one seems to know what to do with anyway.

  • I really hope this film is good to prove that people weren't hating on the captain marvel film because a woman was the lead it was because captain marvel was just a meh film

  • Well have flashbacks within a flashback. This whole movoe is a flashback, because she is dead.

  • The Mandalorian couldn’t have a clearer “shot” at the village woman if they literally had a lit up runway leading to her bedroom with her splayed out in front of him.

  • It disappoints me that this movie already made more money than How to Train You Dragon 3

  • I thought it looked awesome, brought to mind the Russo's Captain America Films, which were some of my favorite Marvel entries.

  • Wat een geleuter.....!

  • Death Stranding review? :(

  • “I’ve gotta get one of those.”

  • Completely agrer with every word said

  • My guess is that at the end of the movie she’s going to be brought back somehow in the ending credit scene or something

  • Oh thankyou so much..... It would kill me if you said it was bad xoxo

  • story mode serious? hahaha

  • "Between the Wars, there is the Widow." Marvel may buy you out so they can use that tag-line for the movie.

  • Here in south america the movie is called “contra lo imposible”, which translate to “against the impossible”

  • I like Heroes season 2.

  • i wanted fast & the furious but i dint get that . oh boo hoo

  • Hellboy + red guardian Hell guardian ? Or Redboy

  • I remember heroes season 2.... I feel old ...

  • I think it was said somewhere that this story takes place before winter soldier

  • I appreciated the world build because I wanted to live in the world” Kind of sounds like something the Russo Brothers would do but what do I know about “film”? <shrugs like Deniro>

  • I think it's better than goodfellas

  • hate captain marvel \ love❣️ black widow

  • Every one with that haircut should get punch and spit on

  • 'Black Widow'= 'Black Woke'

  • I'm the same with Jeremy, I wasn't planning on watching this in one sitting but I did anyway because the acting was so engaging. Everyone was great but I think Joe Pesci stole the show.

  • Favourite scorccese film is Goodfellas

  • How can anyone care about what this douchebag thinks about anything?