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Hi, I'm Danny Duncan.. I post videos that make me laugh. Hope you enjoy.. Love you guys!
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Football in Hotel!
Football in Hotel!Hari Yang lalu
Not My Best Idea...
Not My Best Idea...19 hari yang lalu
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Chase Your Dreams!3 bulan yang lalu
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Crashing Golf Carts!3 bulan yang lalu
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He Wanted To Fight!4 bulan yang lalu
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I Love My Job!5 bulan yang lalu
Burying My Friend Alive!
Burying My Friend Alive!6 bulan yang lalu
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Airsoft Battle Royale!7 bulan yang lalu
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My Car Caught On Fire!8 bulan yang lalu
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Broken Sunglasses Prank!8 bulan yang lalu
I Didn’t Make It!
I Didn’t Make It!9 bulan yang lalu
Can You Open This?
Can You Open This?10 bulan yang lalu
Hitting Dingers Off Girls!
Hitting Dingers Off Girls!10 bulan yang lalu
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My Favorite Thing To Do!11 bulan yang lalu
Mowing a Cemetery!
Mowing a Cemetery!Tahun Yang lalu
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I Finally Got it!Tahun Yang lalu
Boxing in Public!
Boxing in Public!Tahun Yang lalu
Being an Asshole!
Being an Asshole!Tahun Yang lalu
Meet My New Puppy!
Meet My New Puppy!Tahun Yang lalu
Kissing moms in Idaho!
Kissing moms in Idaho!Tahun Yang lalu
We Crashed The Car!
We Crashed The Car!Tahun Yang lalu
DUHHHHHHHRR!Tahun Yang lalu
Feeding People Corn!
Feeding People Corn!Tahun Yang lalu
She's Always On Top!
She's Always On Top!Tahun Yang lalu
Cops Were Pissed!
Cops Were Pissed!Tahun Yang lalu
Making Kids Cry!
Making Kids Cry!Tahun Yang lalu
My Mom Flipped Her Car
My Mom Flipped Her CarTahun Yang lalu
Crashing My New Car!
Crashing My New Car!Tahun Yang lalu


  • An inspiration to us all.

  • Yes

  • imagine not vlogging the san antonio tour 😔

  • I kinda miss the old Danny:(

  • So no AZ footage?

  • 1:38 my midget really brought a vacuum

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  • Love you bro so funny makes me happy

  • That news clip tho. Haha. Poor kid.

  • I luv u so much. I wanna meet u. Please reply to me Danny

  • This channel has turned into a house demolition channel

  • Love the vids DD

  • Fuck yahhh

  • Why do you break other people’s stuff

  • watching this on a school night

  • Your videos aren’t funny anymore. For the most time you are just being a straight up douchebag. Have som respect! 😶

  • Danny u should put the clip of the two ppl beside that said donde eats la leche

  • If you dislike this video fuck you

  • Like this video so he can get the better house

  • 00:32 rip that dudes iphone 11

  • Hi

  • That house was kian and jc’s old house

  • He was touring Kian & JC’s old house. But damn I did not know they were paying $15k a month to live there

  • Good luck with the house 👍

  • 98% of the comments- “who else👇🏼” 1%- quotes from the vid 1%- other

  • Hot wings sound good as fuck

  • 1 I'm the morning, whatever

  • I like how you can see some person loose their phone at 0:34😂

  • Danny Duncan your condoms work great I have bought like 51

  • I'll take the room under the stairs

  • Anyone else see the flying iPhone at 0:33 , wonder if they got it back haha

  • No One: Danny Duncan: what are the chances i make this shot bro?

  • Y Danny posting so late?

  • Damn bad ass man I live in Carlsbad nm! Like 1 hour away from Roswell!

  • 0:33 someone really lost they phone😂😭

  • Susan stay off the meth

  • danny i love you man

  • how can you not like dannys vids 🤦🏾‍♂️

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  • Sup may boii

  • I want to live like Danny

  • Your the best ily❤️🤧

  • I was literally at the alien museum in Roswell

  • Danny is actuallly such a dick to others

  • its 3 am

  • Who else wishes they were living with Danny Duncan 👇🏽

  • 0:33 someones phones flew

  • That house looking like a GTA V house bro crazy

  • Danny Duncan: starts of video with a fight Me: why?

  • hes getting a tad ignorant

  • 3 am grind

  • Hi

  • Virginity Rocks! Merch@DannyDuncan69

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  • Oh no... views going down

  • @dannyduncan won't reply to this

  • Congrats on 3 mil

  • RiP to the iPhone that flew 00:32, Well now you have an excuse to buy the New iPhone 11 Max Pro LMFAO

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  • Love your videos and you inspired me to do more things

  • I live in roswell nm

  • Any one else see a iPhone go flying at 00:33

  • Danny how was Albuquerque??

  • that kid should sue the school district. first amendment violation

  • was goodie danny

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  • I wore the fet’s luck t shirt to school and told my principal it’s the name of a video game

  • Man this dudes phone dropped on start of the video where u jumped from ceiling

  • Oh, This Kid has got his Mum stooged well and proper, ''he believes in abstinence'' and has never heard of DD.

  • Not a single soul: Danny: Could I get herpes from aliens

  • Hello from Australia

  • horseman

  • I LOVE YOU DADDY DUNCAN !!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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  • Someone lost an iphone x 0:33

  • 0:33 When she says lemme see your phone. If you don’t get it it’s cus one of the phones went flying when Danny fell💀

  • David dobrik also did a vlog in there

  • Downtown LA skate sesh soon ???


  • This fucking shit has me CRYING DUDE LMFAOO

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  • Blessed to come out in it

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