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BTS - южнокорейский бойбенд, сформированный в 2013 году компанией Big Hit Entertainment. Коллектив состоит из семи участников: RM, Чина, Сюги, Джей-Хоупа, Чимина, Ви и Джонгука. В июле 2017 года группа сменила официальный логотип и расшифровку их названия на английском языке, в результате чего они стали Beyond The Scene.
BTS получили мировое признание после выпуска второго студийного альбома Wings, который считался самым успешным в их карьере до января 2018 года. Он позволил группе выиграть номинацию «Артист Года» на престижной музыкальной премии Mnet Asian Music Awards. В 2017 году BTS стали одной из ведущих корейских групп на мировой музыкальной арене: они одержали победу в номинации «Лучший артист социальных сетей» на Billboard Music Awards, их мини-альбом Love Yourself: Her достиг 7 места в американском альбомном чарте Billboard 200, что стало наивысшим результатом среди всех корейских артистов, когда-либо попадавших в этот чарт. Синглы «DNA» и «MIC Drop» удостоились золотых сертификаций от RIAA, что также сделало BTS первым корейским артистом в истории, имеющим подобную сертификацию.


DynamiteBulan Yang lalu
Dynamite (Retro Remix)
Dynamite (Retro Remix)Bulan Yang lalu
AwakeBulan Yang lalu
Am I Wrong
Am I WrongBulan Yang lalu
Outro : Wings
Outro : WingsBulan Yang lalu
2! 3!
2! 3!Bulan Yang lalu
21st Century Girl
21st Century GirlBulan Yang lalu
Blood Sweat & Tears
Blood Sweat & TearsBulan Yang lalu
MAMABulan Yang lalu
Intro : Boy Meets Evil
Intro : Boy Meets EvilBulan Yang lalu
First Love
First LoveBulan Yang lalu
StigmaBulan Yang lalu
LostBulan Yang lalu
Spring Day
Spring DayBulan Yang lalu
BTS Cypher 4
BTS Cypher 4Bulan Yang lalu
Not Today
Not TodayBulan Yang lalu
LieBulan Yang lalu
BeginBulan Yang lalu
ReflectionBulan Yang lalu
Dynamite (Poolside Remix)
Dynamite (Poolside Remix)2 bulan yang lalu
Dynamite (Tropical Remix)
Dynamite (Tropical Remix)2 bulan yang lalu
Dynamite (Acoustic Remix)
Dynamite (Acoustic Remix)2 bulan yang lalu
Dynamite (EDM Remix)
Dynamite (EDM Remix)2 bulan yang lalu
Dynamite (Instrumental)
Dynamite (Instrumental)2 bulan yang lalu
Dynamite2 bulan yang lalu
ON (Japanese Version)
ON (Japanese Version)3 bulan yang lalu
OUTRO : The Journey
OUTRO : The Journey3 bulan yang lalu
INTRO : Calling
INTRO : Calling3 bulan yang lalu
Your eyes tell
Your eyes tell3 bulan yang lalu
Stay Gold
Stay Gold3 bulan yang lalu
Lights3 bulan yang lalu
IDOL (Japanese Version)
IDOL (Japanese Version)3 bulan yang lalu
Stay Gold
Stay Gold4 bulan yang lalu
I Need U
I Need U8 bulan yang lalu
Moving On
Moving On8 bulan yang lalu
Outro: Propose
Outro: Propose8 bulan yang lalu
We On
We On8 bulan yang lalu
Intro: Skool Luv Affair
Intro: Skool Luv Affair8 bulan yang lalu
Rain8 bulan yang lalu
24/7=Heaven8 bulan yang lalu
War of Hormone
War of Hormone8 bulan yang lalu
Let Me Know
Let Me Know8 bulan yang lalu
Where You From
Where You From8 bulan yang lalu
Hold Me Tight
Hold Me Tight8 bulan yang lalu
Skit: Expectation!
Skit: Expectation!8 bulan yang lalu
Converse High
Converse High8 bulan yang lalu
Spine Breaker
Spine Breaker8 bulan yang lalu
Attack on Bangtan
Attack on Bangtan8 bulan yang lalu
Coffee8 bulan yang lalu
Paldo Gangsan
Paldo Gangsan8 bulan yang lalu
Boyz With Fun
Boyz With Fun8 bulan yang lalu
Boy In Luv
Boy In Luv8 bulan yang lalu
Skit: R U Happy Now?
Skit: R U Happy Now?8 bulan yang lalu
Look Here
Look Here8 bulan yang lalu
So 4 more
So 4 more8 bulan yang lalu
Just One Day
Just One Day8 bulan yang lalu
Skit : Circle Room Talk
Skit : Circle Room Talk8 bulan yang lalu
BTS Cypher, Pt. 1
BTS Cypher, Pt. 18 bulan yang lalu
Danger8 bulan yang lalu
Intro: What Am I to You
Intro: What Am I to You8 bulan yang lalu
Embarrassed8 bulan yang lalu
Like8 bulan yang lalu
Interlude8 bulan yang lalu
Intro : 2 COOL 4 SKOOL
Intro : 2 COOL 4 SKOOL8 bulan yang lalu
BTS Cypher, Pt. 3: Killer
BTS Cypher, Pt. 3: Killer8 bulan yang lalu
We Are Bulletproof, Pt. 2
We Are Bulletproof, Pt. 28 bulan yang lalu
Tomorrow8 bulan yang lalu
If I Ruled the World
If I Ruled the World8 bulan yang lalu
Hip Hop Phile
Hip Hop Phile8 bulan yang lalu
Jump8 bulan yang lalu
Dope8 bulan yang lalu
Outro: Love Is Not Over
Outro: Love Is Not Over8 bulan yang lalu
N.O8 bulan yang lalu
Skit: Soulmate
Skit: Soulmate8 bulan yang lalu
No More Dream
No More Dream8 bulan yang lalu
Intro: O!RUL8,2?
Intro: O!RUL8,2?8 bulan yang lalu
Outro: Luv In Skool
Outro: Luv In Skool8 bulan yang lalu
Just One Day
Just One Day8 bulan yang lalu
Epilogue : Young Forever
Epilogue : Young Forever8 bulan yang lalu
Run8 bulan yang lalu
Fire8 bulan yang lalu
I Need U
I Need U8 bulan yang lalu


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  • "Hold Me Tight" please hold me tight:)<3

  • When I heard this I started learning even the smallest things on the moon-

  • love u army

  • When my children here this song their gonna understand why and how they were born

  • Como que hobi también canta en filter y yo apenas me di cuenta?

  • Jin has more lines in their Japanese songs...

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  • The lyrics and their voice is a complete oppisite [Sorry for my bad spelling]

  • Thanlyou jungkook for this beautiful masterpiece.whenever i listen to this song with eyes closed i feel like i am in another world.Thankyou bts for making me feeling this way.

  • Luvv this song so much

  • Seni seviyorum :))

  • A soul warriors path to healing-Innerchild therapy.

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  • This song makes makes me so nostalgic when I listen to it now, and it also reminds me of how different their songs are now. I wish this era had never ended.

  • why does the lyric video of this song have more views than this-

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  • When jungkook said " I still want you " it hits hard 💜😢

  • 4:20? nice

  • This song made me cry because i lost my grandma at a very young age and this remind me of her

  • It's the best what i listen ever

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  • this is sooooo goodd!!!!

  • *im crying*

  • BTS por siempre hasta el final

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  • Cheer up everyone<3

  • 0:00 “can’t take big 🍆 but I suck on it” I am disappointed that THAT was the first song(?) I thought of😔

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  • please stop sexualizing this song, its lyrics don't say anything perverted, sorry for my bad english :c

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  • Я не устану переслушивать

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  • This song make me cry😭


  • jungkook's fresh and lively vocals always make me smile, he slays the song and i love this so much. this is my favorite track ever

  • this song always make me cry :(

  • not over

  • inner child deserves more

  • Knowing that this song is based on little prince's moral 'you become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed' gives it even more special meaning. whyyyyyy Jinnnnn😭.Even some of the lyrics relates with the story " suddenly I wonder you are watching me too- in the story the little prince says whenever you miss me you can look at the 500 million stars and see it laughing just like his laugh" "star that flower blooms- in little prince at the end (*spoiler alert*) he dies for the flower he loved the most so that he can remember the love for his flower forever, the flower tamed him " since this song is for armys and bts we tamed him and he tamed us *sigh* PS sorry for making ya'll cry 😅

  • I like it

  • 1:00 That's it , that's the comment. ...

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