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Filucupi adalah sebuah cerita animasi yang menceritakan tentang kehidupan sehari - hari Ucup, Dodo, dan Sam yang penuh dengan keseruan dan kelucuan dar ketiga sahabat ini,
dari mulai si Ucup yang ramah tapi aneh, Sam yang adalah saudara dari ucup berpenampilan keren tapi bodoh juga, dan sahabat mereka yaitu Dodo yang selalu memberi kata kata mutiara tapi kadang agak nyleneh.
Filucupi is an animated story that tells about the daily life of Ucup, Dodo, and Sam which is full of excitement and humor from these three friends,
from the friendly but strange Ucup, Sam, who is a brother fromucup, looks cool but is stupid too, and their best friend, Dodo, who always gives aphorisms, but sometimes rather silly.



  • brother please tell me how did you upload those anime episodes i always got copyright strikes brother please help me how did you do please tell me i will be very thankful to you. and yes your music tones are very awesome i love them

    • ask dark room channel, now he's the king. Thank You btw, I am kinda music producer myself. but no one cares about my music. you guys just care about anime. one day i'll make my own anime!! start with this 2d anime!

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  • are you still gonna upload tokyo ghoul episodes?

  • Hi Man I Want To Know If It's Okay To Share The Link of Tokyo Ghoul Episode In My Video Description (Top 5 Tokyo Ghoul Moments) Because Poepol asking Me Where's The First Episode ?? Let me Know !

    • go ahead, i'll accept your comment..usually I don't accept any links, but it's ok today

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    • comme tout le monde ou vous pouvez simplement supposer que nous l'avons fait RAW

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