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  • 1:46 XD

  • 25:07 - GOTY !!!

  • this is the best thing I've ever seen. More recruit videos please ubi!

  • Ubi Soft should seriously consider making a live or animated series by now. I would pay so much money to see it, especially if the story line and action has great quality.

  • elite for recruit please!

  • Looks dope as hell. May have to pick it up

  • We need a punisher game

  • Where is our game Ubisoft??!! People are waiting, and as always no news ... You should probably hire couple of Beyond Good and Evil fans (like me) and we will make and complete everything you missing, and finally get our favorite game done. Any thoughts?

  • Been playing Ubisoft games since Buck Bumble on the 64, and I think Beyond Good And Evil 2 very well might be the most fun game ever made, open world, co op, sandbox space pirates!

  • Go Buffs

  • NES64 ?? 😄

  • Great game

  • I think beyond good and evil 2 has cancelled

  • please show us gameplay !

  • I just finished this game like a week ago

  • I wana report a youtuber that cleary cheats at siege his name is ,,thaqil'' And he even talks about his aimbot in the videos i hope you will investigate

  • I need beyond good and evil 2. Please help me. Please.

  • Very very slow server after patch 1.2 ... Cant connect most of the times....

  • This game looks awesome i can't wait for playing it!!!

  • Great. Now all we need is for them to actually fix the hit reg, sound design, revert the reworks nobody asked for, and actually balance the ops instead of yeeting acog out of existence. Then we will have a good game

  • Give us a sequel already 😤😤😤

  • Literally nobody: Shay: I mAke mY oWn LuCk

  • The spirit of assassins creed is dead with origins, odyssey and valhalla