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  • Mo kudos C

  • Best player since payet ⚒️

  • Kudus-synthesis❤❤❤😅😅😅😅

  • Kudus is different class!! Let’s hope he does his magic tonight and destroys spuds

  • There is only one word to describe him. Magic

  • Hes really strong, he is a baller buh hes strong

  • Mo the star boy

  • This is a beautiful piece of poetry.

  • His hunger for the ball alone❤.

  • This man is amazing to think he couldn’t get any better from last season

  • Absolute baller, I'm running out of words to say about this man! Running out of superlatives, he's just amazing to watch and the sort of player we've been crying out for for years Love him 😁

  • Honestly, I really don't understand! Most of these comments are negative, Moyes out comments but I don't understand why! Yes okay the football we're playing isn't exactly pretty but IT IS GETTING RESULTS!!!! Unbeaten in our last 3 Premier League games, only lost 1 of our last 7 games in all competitions! We've just won our first trophy in over 40 years! We've been playing European football now for THREE straight seasons! The man has taken us from staring down the barrel of relegation to 2 consecutive top 7 finishes, a European Semi-Final, a European trophy and wins over the likes of Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea multiple times, Spurs, Sevilla, Lyon and he's FINALLY ended the Brighton curse!!! What more do you fucking idiots want?! Be careful what you wish for lads, that's what I'll say! Nobody in this comment section is giving David Moyes an inch of the respect and appreciation that he deserves for what he's done for us these last few years and I've had enough of it! Fucking ungrateful twats! Okay, let's just say that you get your wish and Moyes gets the sack or he doesn't get his contract renewed at the end of the season, right? THEN WHAT?! Who is realistically gonna come in and do a better job that Moyes has these last few years?! HUH?! WHO?! TELL ME!!!! CUZ I WOULD LOVE TO FUCKING KNOW!!!! Graham Potter?! Frank Lampard?! Brendan Rodgers?! Steven Gerrard?! Will Still?! Michael Carrick?! Oh grow up, none of those are fit to even lace David's shoes! The only people who could do better than Moyes are the REALLY big names who would NEVER come to us! Your Emerys, Ancellotis, Zidanes, Poch, Mourinho, Mancini etc etc!! Seriously I mean it, be careful what you wish for because if you get your wish and Moyes is replaced by let's say Michael Carrick for example, you watch us slide down the table and how much worse we become!!! I admit that David's style of play isn't exactly attractive but if it gets results, I'll take it and atm it is! The best example was our win at Brighton back in August/September, that was the best counter attacking performance I have seen from any club for a loooong time!!!! So all you fucking Moyes out moanalots, just remember what he's done for us and stop being silly! He's been our best manager since Harry Redknapp probably and our most successful since Lyall!!! Don't worry David, us real West Ham fans have your back! Good luck tonight and for crying out loud, make those glory hunting twats SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! If you want to see a team playing beautiful football and win every week, go support Manchester City or sth! You've gotta remember who we are! We're West Ham ffs, traditionally we're not a top 6 club remember! We're traditionally a mid table club at best! Moyes is trying to transform us INTO a top 6 club yes but that shit takes time, it's not gonna happen overnight especially with so many other teams improving rapidly now too! Apart from the "big 6", we've now also got Aston Villa, Newcastle and Brighton to contend with too, that's A LOT of clubs to try and overtake but Moyes is doing his best!!! So please if you're a real West Ham fan and you've genuinely got the club's best interests at heart, BACK THE MANAGER AND SUPPORT THE TEAM!!! Stop the hate, that's not gonna help anybody 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ #MOYESIN #InMoyesWeTrust #TrustTheProcess #Moyesiah #COYI ⚒️⚒️⚒️

  • "Nathan A-Guard" is back!! 🤣🤣

  • Many reasons to love the author 🍓

  • Let your dreams come true💋

  • Valuable information😻

  • Only Moyes could take a positive from drawing against palace …palace lost to Bournemouth yesterday …bloke is a joker

  • Bicycle by kudus

  • Bowen🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • After a year he deserved every trust we have putted on him, fantastic player i feel sorry that we may lose him to Liverpool

  • Bottle of red and a new putter for mr winner..

  • Thanks David. I feel better now.

  • Great point for Palace ✨✨

  • Let's be honest, if we are so weak in ball possession, how do you expect us to be competitive and hard to beat?

  • As a united fan I said we need to sign jwp... And everyone said he brings nothing ... I'd give west ham rashford and 75 million and I'm sure they would want 100. Million and for us to keep rashford

  • “We need to be better” he says - what about YOU being better David Moyes! MOYES OUT ✊🏼⚒🦘

  • I must admit it was good header. ~LFC fan

  • there is no way we’re placing top 10 this season

  • Big Moyes going nowhere, the moyes-out brigade can cry

  • Moyes In !

  • If you bought Mullins and Langstaff from league 2, you could have a couple of English strikers CHEAP!! to spearhead this team of midfielders. YOU WOULD BE A CONSISTANT FORCE. Can you not see you are missing the unpredictable factor that strikers brings to the table?


  • Nathan Agard.....Still?! 🤦🏾

  • Moyes is clueless!! Tactics and in game management is a joke, get him out ASAP!! He should have gone a long time ago, and with the quality players we have we should be a top 6/7 team, playing attacking entertaining football. Come on Tim sack him

    • Tim can't sack him, he's not the chairman or the owner, he's just the sporting director 🤦‍♀️

  • Hard to beat and competetive 😂😂😂. Absolute 🤡. God i can't wait until this arrogant, egotistic, narcicistic outdated pr**k leaves this club!

  • Zzzzzz

  • DM body language says I'm a multi-millionaire premiership manager and you journalists are peasants😂😂😂

  • "We want to challenge the best teams in the league?" Can someone explain to Dave that you need to attack and take shots to do that!!!!!

  • I hope we aren't going to play like crab's again but I bet it will be the usual negative dross

  • Get him out of this club please.