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E! is the ultimate destination for Red Carpet coverage. And for the first time ever we’re taking you from the E!’s People’s Choice Awards directly into the show as E! is the new home of the People’s Choice Awards. From the Academy Awards to the Emmys, we give you an insider's view of the arrivals, exclusive interviews and of course, cover every stitch of the fabulous fashion. "Live From the Red Carpet" along with E!’s entire awards team of fashion and entertainment experts, have the most comprehensive LIVE coverage of the biggest premieres and events.

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  • Love them ❤❤❤ A husband and a wife holding hands forever 👏👏👏 This's what I called a success in life.....🌹🥂🍾👍


  • Isn’t this Bieber’s ex girlfriend? In Hollywood they really just be trading folks🥴

  • Makeup artist- she is my bf 💕 Nina - I just met her

  • I hate idiots like this interviewer over here, only their world view exists and that's the truth, if someone says something different just, start getting passive aggressive, think of them as crazy. Wasn't that what they did to Copernicus when he said that the earth revolves the sun? And people say we've made progress. If you guys want to understand what Jim is talking about here in depth, read Alan Watts. Sure, Jim is could be a bit more tactful and considerate, but still.

  • I don't care what anyone says,she's not beautiful,she's attractive to ordinary but definitely not beautiful

  • New James Bond

  • Where is billie elish 😐

  • She’d make a brilliant singer.

  • They really look alike

  • The characters are comedian in real life aswell...this is what happens when you continue to do 11 seasons ...you become the part of the character..❤

  • Hey people helping YOUR people especially those struggling is the best investment that keeps going forever nothing comes close to the idea of brotherhood. The best investment is People please remember that.

  • Cette femme est une Reine 👑 elle est sublime 🇫🇷✅

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏽🤵🏽👌🏽

  • She looks amazing

  • Love him

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  • LOL she's nuts

  • Smart

  • I admire Sofia so very much, she’s so gracious. God bless her & her family ✝️🙏

  • they live next doar 💖💖💖

  • 💝💝💝

  • We all love her personality 😍😍

  • That tap on the shoulder...10 years later it’s going to cause a lawsuit...sexual harassment.

  • Gorgeous couple ❣

  • Nasoamor

  • Foca anoraba

  • Praniro

  • The blond person behind her looks horrible. That wig looks so ghetto.

  • Not the Reggie black sweater🖐

  • Don’t ask me the color of anything

  • Can someone please tell me why this girl is famous again? Despite being someone girlfriend?....smh

  • Touch DNA find out who killed her find out go back to everything back to the table to go back slowly and just sit there a table and just look at the evidence and find out who killed this poor girl and put her to rest because it needs to put the rest every day is still out there already in jail or die!!!!

  • This video's 4 years old and it's now 2021 and Gigi and Bella Hadid are still just as famous in modelling and both have social media and they have many followers also. Love Yolanda Hadid though,she was behind her girls careers and helped them immensely and both girls have great parents who cared and encouraged them

  • *Sad Tom noises*

  • It's 2021 sep and I'm still missing him 😭

  • Her body goals is almost unrealistic! Beautiful black woman handling things!

  • Im here looking for rose haha

  • Chalamet would have been great choice for Peter Parker

  • Her top looks uncomfortable

  • And now her second marriage ended as well. It seems Kaley can't stay with one guy. Famous people seem to file for divorce much more often than 'normal' people. Kaley seems like a woman who can't handle the fame. Or het guys can't handle the fame. Anyhow, she will never be really happy and will probably die alone.

  • Theyre merging into each other

  • That was a great call, henry! Your dad really brought Aragorn to life!


  • *I had that same thought as well as Jennifer Aniston does not like me. And I got all offended and now, I wished one day I could tell someone how I feel. not her; because I'm actually shy and quite intimidated by her.*

  • Since this show I look at myself differently in the mirror. I feel like "chubby" is normal and even beautiful. It is soooo encouraging. Thank you all beautiful and talented actresses and creators of the series!

  • This is any homeless guy in a densely populated city. Drugs have burnt this guys brain out.

  • She likes the J names

  • JOE MAMA!!!! Hilarious 😂 😃!!!!!

  • Both people are stupid. I must admit, she made a good point about Jim dressing up for the occasion. He can't even understand his own philosophy