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  • 8:53 They jinxed this man 😂😂

  • This man was such a show of force for the Patriots. I was just a young kid growing up in NE and it was all these defensive greats that made me become a football fan. I love that he gave a shoutout to Ty Law (another HOF great of that era, shutdown CB)... I used to watch games specifically waiting to see Ty Law intercept the ball. Patriots really had the whole package back then. Awesome memories.

  • I remember this game Dallas had a ice storm that week lead up to the Super Bowl good thing cowboy stadium indoors.


  • He said josh gay jacobs ?

  • Put Mike Curtis in dam it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It's pretty sad when your opponent is so bad that you have keep yourself from running up the score in a pre-season game.

  • This will b a year where teams are even. Cap era.

  • About time. Respect

  • Falcons will get 1 or 2 more wins than 2 in my opinion. Our talent is a little better than what people give us credit for.

  • Chargers ⚡️

  • *RAIDERS ☠️*

  • rigged

  • Guy said colts didn’t replace Eric fisher or glow. Lol glow is solid but not game changer. Apparently they gonna 7-10. More like 11 wins are the floor

  • I didn’t have a opportunity to see this show when it happened. I’m so sorry I missed it. I’ve watched it over and over and it still gives me chills. What an amazing show. All the songs bring back so many amazing memories. ❤️

  • Santonio earned the MVP for this game. No question in my mind.

  • Unbelievable game…

  • Ayo what’s that mascot doing there 😏

  • 8.9375 is the average amount of wins a team has according to the middle of these floors and ceilings. So every team is slightly overrated, because the average should be 8.5

  • Wow

  • Ron Brown of the Rams out ran him on Monday night on the kick off in 87.

  • You lost me at week 3 cowboys… I’m a giants fant

  • Chicago Heights own!!! Congratulations!!!

  • What a great great show 😍😍😍

  • the patriots brought back butler.

  • Snoopy Doggy Dog death is like End Music is Reaching because lose him the greatest of this business has been dissappearing

  • It's literally a 4.4 40 for John Ross.

  • Miles bryant waving bye at the end lmaoo. Huge goof. MacKenzie killed him the next game lol

  • T O was the type he didn’t care who he was playing he had zero respect for the opponent. Look at when he planted the ball on the 50 yard line of the giant Dallas Cowboys star. The guy took not liking the other team to a whole new level.

  • Who dey nation !! Im telling you shiesty gonna take us to the promise land