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Bikes and Beards is the vlog of SRK Cycles. The ups and downs of a few Christian guys who left the jobs they dreaded to enjoy work and love life. Trying to juggle the demands of work and family all while trying to change the motorcycle industry and the way people buy motorcycles.

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21:15I Built the Only Electric Stand UP Jet Ski Motorcycle
24:29Cheapest SUV vs Cheapest SXS Off-Road Challenge
22:55I Turned a Can am Ryker into a Off-Road Monster
I Turned a Can am Ryker into a Off-Road MonsterDitonton 831 rb2 bulan yang lalu
22:48Testing amazons illegal Motorcycle Accesories
Testing amazons illegal Motorcycle AccesoriesDitonton 1,2 jt2 bulan yang lalu
30:40I Bought a Brand New 1975 British Motorcycle(Rare)
30:43How much More HP will 3 Turbos Make on my Harley ?
22:24I Built a Split wheel Motorcycle, But will it work?
21:46Subscriber hand builds me an insane Motorcycle
Subscriber hand builds me an insane MotorcycleDitonton 2,2 jt4 bulan yang lalu
22:46Can you buy a Harley Davidson with only Gift Cards?
16:27$1,000 if you Can Start My Harley Davidson
$1,000 if you Can Start My Harley DavidsonDitonton 4,7 jt4 bulan yang lalu
18:37Trying to Steal Our UN-STEAL-able Motorcycle
Trying to Steal Our UN-STEAL-able MotorcycleDitonton 7 jt5 bulan yang lalu
22:08"Can You Believe This 250HP Turbo Harley?!"
"Can You Believe This 250HP Turbo Harley?!"Ditonton 580 rb6 bulan yang lalu
15:13I Bought the Cheapest USED Electric Bike(Only $5k)
17:55I Bought the Smallest Folding Motorcycles
I Bought the Smallest Folding MotorcyclesDitonton 959 rb7 bulan yang lalu
17:41I Bought a Brand New 40 year Yamaha Motorcycle
I Bought a Brand New 40 year Yamaha MotorcycleDitonton 4,1 jt7 bulan yang lalu
19:36Putting a Huge TURBO on my Harley Davidson
Putting a Huge TURBO on my Harley DavidsonDitonton 1,4 jt7 bulan yang lalu
20:11We Took Our Police Harleys Off-Roading !
We Took Our Police Harleys Off-Roading !Ditonton 520 rb8 bulan yang lalu
17:36I Bought the Cheapest Electric Dirt Bike at the Auction


  • My brother in law built one around a 500 gold wing engine and used a rear end from a gremlin and built off of that he ran it a few times and could not keep the front end on the ground with out adding about 300 pounds to it. He ran it a while like that hit just over 100 on it sold it for 800 to a friend of his who added a cage and moved every thing forward a foot or so which kept the front on the ground. He managed to get 128 mph out of it It looked like a cross between a rail buggy and a drag car

  • When a mechanic doesn’t want to fool with something, he will make it sound way more hopeless than it is. Trust me

  • I subscribed to Craig's channel. He needs lots more video's!

  • What you pay for it?

  • Now we’re talkin

  • Why didn't you just walk in?

  • The loudest sound you can create at normal pressure at sea level is 194dB. After that the sound waves have so much energy they create a vacuum between themselves and it's just a moving wall of air. Basically the concept of sounds fails at this energy.

  • Looks like fun! NOT!!!

  • I'd bought that same exact horn for my truck only lasted 1 year

  • Dang i have a odyssey with a honda 300 honda 4 wheeler engine i would sell for 1000.00 lol

  • Bet if you used a person of color you wouldn't have been able to film on the street. They would have been busted inside a minute! Good video though, I'm going to buy one of those products.

  • You used to do videos about buying and selling bikes. Your crazy builds are unsafe and don’t work for more that 15 miles.

  • I wish I could buy a bike from you =D

  • The cops comments had me dyin. Lol "you pull that out of Neptune's treasure chest?

  • You should have done this with no sound...minus the banter...very annoying.

  • Sorry dude, I’m out. It’s all about clicks now.

  • Its tricky, when a customer keeps stating what they want, as a salesman its your job to help them find they want. Its a fine line between trying to educate someone and not totally crushing someone’s dreams. Seems like the first guy just couldn’t feel out a deal and gauge your interest, he tried to to turn you towards a smaller bike, but when you were adamant about wanting a liter bike he kinda just folded. Sales is so tough, i know some guys rip people off and everyone gates them, but until you’ve done the job before you don’t realize how excruciating it can be. Im glad im not selling anymore but this is a salesmans worst nightmare, someone coming in just to push their buttons and see how they react. I think they handled it well for what it was.

  • The train horn was epic lol❤

  • "These big ones are different sizes than the small ones" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 hell you say 🤣😂

  • Shawn il ride it!!!! Iv done sketchier things!😂

  • Sebastian was a crab not a lobster.

  • review the honda xr150l please! its ony 3k

  • I can fit that in My honda element hahahha

  • I love that the cops reaction was "i have no clue what this would be defeined as😂

  • Bumpy would be a great name

  • you should get hold of carsandcameras to help you organise that wacky mf

  • This channel is _Bikes and Beards_ because op never tried Linux

  • You guys are the best God Bless giving him he’s bike back

  • Is Dan the Camera guy is wearing "Guy Liner"?

  • The views alone will pay 10X what you paid! Right on bro.

  • When asked about helmet. Should have said i go a floating vest

  • I've got a spare ducati 1200 l-twin out of a multistrada you could pop in it, give you about 100hp more 😂

  • so bird scooter requires MC license in va?

  • What i learned from this video is as long as you have a cameraman you can get away with anything

  • My first bike Yamaha DT 100 then a MX 250 then an MX 500 my friend bought it brand New he couldn’t handle it too much horsepower he got hurt every time he started it! It would take off front wheel in the air.after breaking his leg and then his wrists left and right. His dad made me a deal on it! Then I switched to street bikes First was a two stroke Suzuki 250 that came in 2 boxes and a rolling chassis then a Yamaha RD 70’s version of todays crotch rocket. Got away from bikes for years had a kid. Then I bought my first Harley it was a rocket built by Mikuni all one off performance parts Rims everything it had branch flowed heads factory tuned I could smoke the tires in any gear fastest Harley I ever had then I got a Harley FXD which had been bored n stroked. Loved that bike. Next a Yamaha Warrior 1750cc’s it was extremely fast it was an 08. Next was a Yamaha TW 200 fun bike then a full size Harley customized all bells n whistles. Sold my last one because of a disease calciphalaxis it ate my legs up now I can’t ride a bicycle. But I’m looking at a reverse trike so I can lean into the corners on the dragon in mountains of nc my home state!

  • You paid like 1250 too much dudes.

  • Btw if you didn't know that you can convert any giftcards into cripto

  • My first bike was a 1990 Katana 750. Ran the same way. Carbs were probably wayyyy off. Hardly idled but ran great above a certain RPM

  • I kinda get why they would think it "could be" seen as a scam. Hard to trust ANYONE nowadays from friends to loved ones.

  • You need a Trunk Monkey!!!!

  • Holy crap, it tops out at 45mph and has less than 40 mile range?! That is such junk. The x-pro dirt bike one was way better for about $2k

  • Amen❤

  • Socar mufla Suena como que no tuviera conectado el escape

  • What's the thing called you shoot at? "The store you don't shop at" lol

  • No offense bro, more like constructive critic. Of course no one would say anything if you got an obvious "GoPro" on the van + a huge tv camera next to the person doing something. Also if you try the same stuff on the same place over and over just with different Theft-prevention tools, ofc some people, that might live there won't complain. All in all a good and informative video, but make it less obv, that it's just staged theft. (A guy bringing an generator to a motorcycle, taking the bike and leaving the gen back??) Also the guy with the broken bike? Like what if my bike was destroyed i would be hell mad bruv. So he defo was in...

  • I thought 1300 was cheap, but now I think it might not even be worth that 😅

  • The reason it did not take off was because bikers said it had training wheels.

  • 18:30 what is that green bike called there in the back

  • Russia is no longer Communist. Most of the engine internal components are now Swiss and German made.

  • "Hey Craig, I've got an idea!" "Is it a bad idea?" "Yeah." "Sweet." 😂 The most laughs I've had in a while! This is such a cool project. I'd have a blast on something like that. Even with no rear fender. 🤣