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Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"19 hari yang lalu
Tom MacDonald - "My Fans"
Tom MacDonald - "My Fans"4 bulan yang lalu
Tom MacDonald - "Famous"
Tom MacDonald - "Famous"10 bulan yang lalu
Tom MacDonald - "Castles"
Tom MacDonald - "Castles"2 tahun yang lalu
Tom MacDonald - "Hangman"
Tom MacDonald - "Hangman"3 tahun yang lalu
Tom MacDonald - "Way Off"
Tom MacDonald - "Way Off"4 tahun yang lalu


  • What music video did u film there @tom

  • It's ok to be White.

  • Would love a piano tutorial

  • I’m a 55 year old millwright riding out to Tom MacDonald keep spitting the truth and I will keep spitting your name as word up JPT not Brittney

  • Contact me dude as I got awesome lyrics for you Brother for a new song! SERIOUS!😉 Night mate! Much respect to you & Nova!! 😃⚡

  • I love this artist

  • should have ended on people so stupid people so dumb now go get ya mum

  • “Mac Lethal? What’s Lethal about him? Old age, stroke face --“ That always gets me, and the way he says it makes it way better.

  • This is literally how every hate looks when you speak facts. They're so miserable. That they become more miserable when they can get to you. For you to feel the way feel. Once that happens they're happy and not look at what mood they put you in.

  • I love the message behind his music. If I had his album I would be listening to the entire CD. He is the only one who speaks the truth. There are others who do too. But not like this man.

  • My grand father has battled cancer 6 times and has pushed on and is still strong to this day, thanks for this song going to show him!

  • Epic! So true!

  • Why is she crying

  • .....

  • He told ya'll he was gonna sellout. He's a fake woke sellout big time. But he's Nova's bitch who writes most of his songs. Haha.

  • Man It's so good seeing someone talking about A bunch of truth over a bunch of lies. I've been sitting here for hour watching his videos, honestly have yet to come across a bad one, Keep doing you bro

  • That's because its all about money they truly don't care about no one ! Just dead presidents shit crazy

  • NEVER restrict your God given gift by signing the devils contract, stay real and free.

  • I'm drinking and I just texted all my ex's... Somebody help me

  • So there is bacteria on Mars but not a heartbeat on earth....faaaab

  • Dude I love your content you're a great rapper and let me tell anyone out here is commenting in bad stuff he doesn't care

  • I'm proud of u tomorrow MacDonald or songs are awesome ur so g helped a lot people fighting for what they thought they never had love and u also helped people that r fighting through a sickness called Cancer and I have family that r fighting for love to have love in their lives and also I have friends that died of cancer it was hard for all of us but now half of my other friends are also fighting to get rid of their Cancer and they did and I'm happy that they no longer have cancer