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I play video games too much. I might not be the best, but I do have hot elbows.

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I Ruined Skeppy’s Video
I Ruined Skeppy’s Video3 bulan yang lalu
Skyblock: Potato War 2
Skyblock: Potato War 2Tahun Yang lalu


  • Guys you should do what it says here ^

  • what

  • Me : hits my little sibling Her : I sleep When mom is there : 2:16

  • Only two? *sees more diamonds* HaPpY TecHNo NoIsEs


  • 0:00 Deja Vu

  • Bro, it’s either they got really good, or I’m just a potato, but bedwars players actually are sentient now and can click with their fingers, and I somehow can’t seem to get good

  • Idk how many times I've watch this skyblock series but it's over 10 lmao

  • 19:40

  • Technoblade face reveal

  • I think I has the dumb I read 4 years are 4 day -_- idk how don't ask I have dumb

  • I just- BAHAAHAH the fact that when you went to the moon the package just flies to your head XD

  • More admin abuse plsssss (Bedwars lol)

  • Belated happy birthday!

  • technoblade isn’t a pig!?!?!? :0

  • Techno: swordsman is the biggest scam never use it *continues to use swordsman*

  • Okey but thanks yt for making me watch this Its amazing

  • 0:49 hah can’t fool me

  • This game is the minecraft you have at home

  • "I think it's a bit late in Minecraft's lifespan to completely change the combat" yeah... Right.

  • Being rich is playing minecraft

  • rn you've got 6.9 mil subs . NICE

  • wtf

  • Siked

  • 6.9M 🤣😏😏

  • We are almost 7M !

  • Love this thumbnail

  • Why was this in my recommended?

  • He sounds kind of sad honestly

  • Hello boys

  • should i do my homework

  • Compared to u dream sucks

  • Someone tell me please

  • I can’t stop laughing at the toca boca shirt

  • Hey Techno, what's your signature weapon? A. Sword B. Crossbow C. Trident D. Fishing Rod

  • We need another one

  • Hearing tecno sware is soo weird and cursed

  • DaDogLokGud

  • lol lol

  • Dog: gotta go fast Also dog: runs fast and accidentally bumps in something

  • 13:50 in chat "starting a petition to put down techno blade"

  • Captain Levi form attack on titan is just like technoblade like unkillable. And Eran is like Dream.

  • Ah, now I understand why they call that dog "Floof."

  • techno saying woof woof is adorable.

  • Everybody gangsta until the car starts mining the tree

  • Technocuss lol Techno prob had mic off tho noobs

  • dream sucks

  • Technoblade referencing Morrowind at 8:25?



  • Ey techno u ever see dis make vid wit u and the people u play bedwars with 1v1v1v1 ya know

  • Techno pls face reveal

  • faadcccce

  • SO THE DREAM WAS 10 MILLION SUB? what's the next DREAM??

  • Well this aged well

  • aggressively doing putting ingredients because your mom told you to cook

  • you need them to make the wither heart origin on origin smp.

  • Did anyone else skip back 10 seconds just to say Not even close with techno?

  • gordon ramsey watching this in pure terror

  • He's like Batman, guns don't work well with him.

  • Clickbait: it's 15 seconds long

  • i just watched a full movie by explained

  • It’s back in the loop

  • The secret map no one knew about

  • Dreams analysis only has 2 mil views

  • Woof woof

  • It's A Bird Techno

  • Techno try harder

  • Basically face reveal

  • who dislikes techno. I will find you and you will regret disliking him

  • ID-tvs done it again with this recommendation

  • Can't wait for the video where he kills the server lagging slime

  • this is funny

  • accept the face that technoblade is the real slenderman