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FHD Highlights Of The Best Soccer Matches Around The World


Awesome Goal
Awesome Goal3 hari yang lalu
#132 bulan yang lalu
#122 bulan yang lalu
#112 bulan yang lalu
#102 bulan yang lalu
#92 bulan yang lalu
#83 bulan yang lalu
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Full Penalties 4-5
Full Penalties 4-54 bulan yang lalu
#44 bulan yang lalu
#34 bulan yang lalu
#24 bulan yang lalu
#14 bulan yang lalu
Match Penalties 6/5
Match Penalties 6/54 bulan yang lalu
Awesome Goal
Awesome Goal4 bulan yang lalu


  • Messi

  • Messi no iva a jugar

  • Fake

  • Golaço do Suares

  • Ter Stengen salvou o Barça

  • Barca vem forte para vencer essa Champions. Mas o setor defensivo segue sendo um problema

  • Messi muito

  • Martinaz 👌👌

  • Martinaz 👌👌👌

  • thank u firmino_salah

  • you may worry before that salzborg may kick Liverpool out but after the last 2 matches of Liverpool with Borthmooth and Everton u can have no doubt that Liverpool going to win with a high score...

  • mother fuckin asshole thats not that match is holding tonight?....

  • what happened at 9:30


  • Today slazbg died

    • Salzburg for ever ❤

    • We win I say you it :)

    • We will see

  • This video is old video Fuck 😈😈😈

  • Messi demuestra que en realidad eres el mejor del mundo dándole la devido respeto al psrtido en Italia frente al milan no por estar calificados no vas a demostrar querés el mejor ganando todos los partidos que tenga tu equipo si juegas ante el ínter la verdad eres un mediocre que solo por que llagano dinero con tu carrera no sale a disputar partidos por que la señorita no quiere lesionarse y su entrenador lo guarda mucho hay gente que confía en que juegues y le van al barsa por que juegas tu dales a ganar algo por esa confianza que te tienen ya que lo que tienes y no olvides que sin la afision tu messi no eres nada si no juegas tus premios son nada y el único jugador que. Se pone la camiseta de la afición es cristiano por eso aganado con su selección y equipo por que el es el mejor del mundo y lo demuestra no defraudado asu seguidores , el balón de Oro sabemos que es de oro y tu messi de que estas echo muéstrate como muestras tu balón de oro que significa que eres el mejor pero demuéstralo partido a partido juaga ante el ínter y ganales

    • Lo mas estupido que he leido en mi vida

    • José Ibarra. El responsable de la alineación ES EL TÉCNICO...idiota...burro

  • Ter stegen n Suarez 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I will not subscribe. The way these highlights are cut is very erratic

  • video pm jgn di ungkit ,,basi tau

  • Messi King Hatrik

  • Best messi

  • Hola

  • Ks

  • Best player in the world 😍⚽#king#fifathebest#goat#superdad💯👑 Messi fans hit a like,👍💖

  • O Messi precisa mudar de clube e provar que é capaz de jogar em outros times também, assim como o CR7 que, jogou muito no Manchester, Real e agora Juventus. O Messi vai ficar a carreira inteira fazendo esses gols manjado no camp nou contra Getade, Mallorca etc...

  • I was so surprised watching this live 1:47

  • Messi strzelając hat - tricka pokazał, że zasłużył na złotą piłkę!!!

  • Legend in beast mode

  • 👍👍

  • It's one thing to score goals as a 100% attacking player who stands next to the opposing goalkeeper waiting to receive the ball (CR7), and its another to score goals while playing the role of a defensive midfielder, regular midfielder, right-wing forward, regular forward, and striker (messi). Messi is the goat because no attacking player starts their attacks in the middle of the field since they already struggle to score by playing with an attacking mindset.

  • Griezmann's hair tho😍❤

  • Which language. Is this?

  • Messi melhor do Mundo

  • messi en su version Bati (cuando patea al arco). aparte de esta faceta, habilita, hace jugar, marca, gambetea. una cosa fuera de serie pero ya a un nivel q se fue al carajo.

  • Holy Suarez?!??

  • Messi godd yes man of the match

  • LAN

  • Messi is just too good

  • Esfiha habib messiiii meeesssiiii meeessii

  • i love u lio❤

  • Jesus...With such a tv commentator you certainly cannot sleep during the match

  • Commentator : "say some word" Me : Amen

  • A hat trick is what you get when Messi celebrates his 6th ballon

  • bergabung

  • Suarez goal😮😦😦😧😧

  • Griezmann

  • 3:48 that's an obvious penalty...

  • Solla atmak kolay yiyorsa sağla at 🤣

  • Who loves the way Messi finesses the ball. He is the GOAT

  • Suarez Goal will be nominated for Puskas

    • @OGslade YT and Son's solo goal

    • Maybe but that De Bruyne's Volley 🥵🥵

  • Nice! :)

  • the goal keeper must change

  • O Messi é incrível, esse cara é inexplicável jogar em altíssimo nível por tantos anos, vai levar o 7° prêmio de melhor do mundo pelo visto e até com certa facilidade, um gênio

  • ballon 7 is loading...

  • this is one of thousand examples of why messi is the best player in history

  • kayaknya itu goal suarez yang terbaik deh wkkwkw

  • Messi Magic

  • Ballon d'or(Forget about the 6th the 7th is coming home) The GOAT Messi.

  • Messi🔥

  • 4:36 thats definitely a smile from messi

  • That commentary though... greatest ever!!!!!

  • Love you boss

  • Who is Ronaldo ???

  • Czemu po arabsku

  • Once I had seen Suarez's goal, I really was speechless. One of the most beautiful and surprising goals ever scored!

  • The Greatest Of All Time. 🐐

  • Rumors said that an ophthalmologist has checked the back of Suarez’s head.

    • @Rajeev Kunapareddy ya it's about the backheal as people are saying that he has eyes on that back of his head lol.

    • i am lyric I’m one of them, please explain. Is is about the backheal

    • lmao

    • lol. not many pple will get the joke

  • Messi is something, no one can get past him👑🐐👑

  • ☝🏾in case anyone ask why messi got balon d’or again

  • They chose wisely. Messi individually is the best now that C Ronaldo is on the wane

  • This commentator sounds like his pants are on fire

    • robochimp143 That’s what you call commentating with passion for the sport

  • Ter stegen assist 🔥🔥🔥

  • What Ter Stegen was doing during both goals Does he get tired 💤 ?

  • Suarez goal ummmmm

  • Bancilonte

  • Suarèz keeps on surprising haters 😂😂😂

  • 02:00 holy shit

  • Messi duduk La Liga je la..keluar la kalau berani mcm C.Ronaldo...

    • @Darren Seow messi katak bawah tempurung

    • kenyataan bodoh. Awak ingat kalau Messi masuk Man City, Liverpool, Juventus, PSG, dia akan kalah? Ronaldo kalau berani jangan join Juventus, Real Madrid , join pasukan rendah baru dapat menunjuk kehebatan benar.

  • Suarez alla alla alla

  • in 10 matches , 12 goals and 5 assists . does cristiano ronaldo can beat that???

  • Boss Messi

  • Visça barça

  • I have been watching him with my necked eyes ,thank GOD been on this generation ( coz I know there will be so many questions from my children about him

  • With Barcelona figuring things out (ie with Griezman) and Iniesta back (ie De Jong) they are again a force to upset the balance of power to one side with complete domination. With the only thing standing in the way (ie Ronaldo) of course....

  • Messi the GOAT

  • The goals from the ballon dor is beautiful but Suarez goal is made from heaven

  • Messi is the best

  • The World Best♥ Messi♥

  • if like this eveytime valverde tactis attack and attack will sure barcelona will win in uefa champion

  • ميسي

  • M10.tuyet cu meo

  • Messi - like CR7 - comenta

    • hhh someone said who is CR7 lol ask messi

  • #Messi😘😘 Best for a reason 🥰🥰

  • Narração irritante do cacete.

  • Barca still looked vulnerable in ariel challenges. In Mallorca's second goal at 8.28, Barca No. 20 should have challenged the ball when Pique missed intercepting the cross - the defender should be in front of the ball and not allow the attacker to be in front of you to get a header. Similarly, the first goal from Mallorca was a result of not able to intercept the ball timely before the shot was unleashed. Need to work on interception of the ball. I am a Barca fan and do hope to see them improve on the defence.

    • We got no problem in attacking, but our defending is just so poor bruh

  • Suarez never stop scoring amazing goals!

  • Felicitaciones Lionel Messi 👍

  • no good words to describe Lionel anymore.