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The Magikarp Song
The Magikarp Song4 tahun yang lalu


  • so freaking cool..

  • They still make n64 games 😍

  • Yo! This is so neat! You can even rotate while the video is paused, to really get a good look at everything!

  • Uuuh, this looks rough in terms of graphics. As in Playstation 2/3 rough, or Unity indie dev rough.

  • Omg Pokemon duel is in this

  • ok the comment section is giving me an aneurysm

  • This has gotten me so hyped up. I know it probably won't be a thing, but I really hope there's an option to toggle first-person mode, because this actually made it feel like you were in the pkmn world


  • I feel ill

  • I'm trying to avoid all the leaks so it's nice that the pokemon company keeps on releasing cute stuff like this everyday. I loved it, the bidoof and the starly sounds also were si cute

  • I like that they are atleast trying to move away from the typical Pokémon formula but ngl this game looks mid

  • great vid babe

  • If we get mad at the Pokémon, can we kick them

  • Question why are they showing us legit decent graphics for this video for them to not be included in the actual games?? It says not actual gameplay footage which I feel like it's a slab on the face to once again let us know that despite Nintendo's capabilities they refuse to utilize their talents and technologies the fullest to make a true unbelievably breathtaking game

  • All hail god

  • this really set my expectations high. Hopefully theres abundant of puzzles instead of just plain areas with just a bunch of pokemons and some hidden lores about Hisui

  • Bidoof claps rimuru, anos, goku, shaggy, farmer with a shotgun, zeno, xeno goku, vegeta and farmer with a shotgun at the same time

  • I had been very unhappy with Pokémon these last two generations but this game might actually draw me back in! I’m pretty excited for it

  • Am I going crazy or was the Snorlax shiny?

  • who tf decided to localize the Survey Corps in pokemon as "Sirvehy Core"?

  • Cybertron commentating Wolfey's first World Championship win is peak VGC Pokémon

  • Wow lord bidoof

  • BROOOO my comment is the second to last comment on this official trailer lmao that's crazy lol

  • Spoiler alert Do you know there are hisuian starters new form

  • Its so nice

  • 5:21 *war flashbacks*

  • I remember first playing this in 2016 with my brother father and mother, such a good time to think of

  • Very nice way to showcase this game!