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NCT 127 BKLYN BOYS #42 bulan yang lalu
NCT 127 BKLYN BOYS #32 bulan yang lalu
NCT 127 BKLYN BOYS #22 bulan yang lalu
NCT 127 BKLYN BOYS #12 bulan yang lalu


  • 0:36 mark being mark

  • Me in spelling quiz: *A S A P*

  • Watching this at 4 AM. But I feel so bad for him. I was watching Haechan’s Relay and saw how he had to wake the poor man up.

  • 4:04 'what should i do now ?' A BIG MOOOD

  • YUTA😂😂😂😂

  • kayak ngajarin anak TK

  • I just can't wait for other members to upload their relay cam

  • I don't know what r they doing filming sleeping and in a sleepy mode can smnt tell me what r they doing this relay cam?!

  • 정우 내놔 개스엠

  • wait do they still live in the same dorm or- help im confused

  • 3:39 omg so cute

  • Jungwoo how are you?? I miss you 😭

  • Kalau jam segitu ya sholat atuh mas. Aku belum ada imam nih, mau ngimamin aku ga mas doy? 😆

  • Gemessss

  • JAEMINNNN WHY YOU SO CUTE😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Another day of missing jungwoo

  • I felt sleepy while watching lol

  • Gue orang Indonesia ga ngerti mereka ngomong apa:( sub Indo please:v

  • if he slept for the whole video then i'd still be thankful

  • Sweetie, you should've slept the whole time and we'd still watch. He looks so tired :(

  • He is truthfully, the least member to be quite advance when it comes to tech, at least for me. I mean, its doyoung, he looks oh so classy and only does coloring book but projector? Fancy as hell, my doyoung is😍

  • "Stir it gently" Johnny: *blender mode activated*

  • 😶I'm totally ok w/ DY doing random nothingness bcause this is *excactly* what his VLives are like most days. He is an expert @ just staring into the camera w/ those beautiful eyes while making random observations (& scolding us for stuff 2! hahaha). It wouldn't b Doyoung otherwise..🤭

  • 4:10 Passionate??? 6:10 Enthusiastic??? No, more like "kesurupan" lmao 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Barbar banget sih wkwkwk

  • The projector thing is such a good idea

  • I was expecting a whole vid of him sleeping! I feel bad for this baby. So sorry Doyoung!

  • wtf i have been watched this video 100 timesss like funny as hell HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Haechan: passing time naturally Doyoung: passing time forcefully 😂

  • Doy mah bangun tidur juga ganteng,lah gue?bangun tidur rambut acak acakan,iler dimana mana:v

  • Hehe damn cute 🥺❤️🙉🔥

  • Poor Doyoung. I feel sorry for him having to wake up that early.

  • hilariously nct 127 let alone haechan he pretended to cry crying learning saman dance was really hard i had never met jaemin nct dream i asked for autographs with nct dream group

  • i loooove doyoung's hair uwu

  • i looove his hair uwu

  • 5:03 Yuta: “she cry” Me: “you’re too adorable how can i not?” 😭

  • 잠만 미방 제노 너무 잘생겻어 헉

  • Mark : why am i talking in english ? **speaks korean** 2 sec later : **talks in english again** I-

  • This is the best remedy for insomia 💜

  • Pengen bilang yarhamukalloh pas dia bersin

  • Few minutes ago, my friend paused Doyoung singing part in SM Station's Unicef song and asked me who he is Hahahahahahaha kau telah terjebak pesona doyoung


  • other fandoms: Nctzen's get sooo much content Doyoung: *so this is my bed, this is where I sleep* G̶o̶o̶d̶n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶

  • Yeshhhhh abis tu teyonggggg yuhuuuu

  • Imagine all the coffee shop au's that are going to be born after this

  • I think Doyoung oppa has a cold. I can hear him wheezing slightly.

  • Petition for jungwoo's second self cam!!! We need more of this content!! 🤧🤧🤧

  • i lost it, i lost it when mark started singing "can we just talk" and yuta humming along with it. i'm not okay.


  • 9:57 Wa'alikumsalam calon mantu emak dan bapakqu

  • When he was talking about how the fan lights made his anxiety lessen I thought that was really sweet. It showed my that as fans we can actually support our idols and make a difference for them 🥰


  • I love you.


  • Poor babes. He really could’ve just gone back to sleep....I would’ve still watched.

  • Johnny : When you think of alien you think of Taeil sounds like good idea bro

  • That penguine is the cutest thing ever, well except from sleepy Doyoung ♥

  • this is the video that made me fall in love with nct dream. its only been a few months but feels like i have known them for so long

  • 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jaehyun ku I'm Nctzen From Indonesiaa🙌🙋💚

  • Doyoung why you don't sleep? you look so tired:(( You just sleep an I still watch you beb

  • Thank you for working on this video Doyoung!

  • How do I get myself a Mark Lee

  • Boyfriend material in every way 😔❤️

  • This feels like LDR

  • 도영이의 2시간 ASMR같다 힘들었을텐데 고마워

  • doyoung is me when im bored

  • Is it just me who scream to the phone asking doyoung to go back to sleep at 6:00 cuz boi looks so sleepy but still thinking wat to do with his vid.

  • 😓빙수🍧

  • Where do they get the beds from?? they look so nice

  • jaehyun where did you put all your clothes

  • 6:04 He was like "Why the fuck did I agreed to do this shit?"

  • Yall really dont want to talk about how this bunny man got icebear and penguin plushies on his bed that he cuddle n hug every night while sleep? U cant spell "nation Soft Boy" without doyoung.

  • *watches Doyoung watch netflix at 4am at 4am* living the (nct) dream

  • Jawa subtitle :)))))) :))


  • his room is so PRETTYYY

  • we've been blessed by barefaced doyoung🤩

  • Johnny's smile right after he finished at 8:32 is so damn cute. That's the smile of satisfaction

  • Aesthatic room👍😬

  • Why does he need to look so good at 4 am for?

  • Ngakak gw lihat nya, parah kocak nya 😆

  • What was the song they were listening to at 0:40 ?

  • I can just watch you sleep and I'll still be happy

  • Love how the video went immediately from formal Johnny talking about being cultured to Haechan in a T-shirt running around shoving cookies into everyone's mouth.

  • who does doyoung room with??

  • 진짜 김두영... 너무 귀엽다 당신... 하...

  • Imut banget sih doyoung abis bangun tidur 😭💚

  • He looked so happy when it was finally 6a.m. XD

  • maybe if doyoung have his own youtube channel, the content will be `a day in my life`

  • kalo baristanya kek jaehyun, bakal tiap hari nongkrong di coffeeshop 😂

  • The real netflix and chill

  • Baby~ Jung jaehyun 2k19


  • Even his breath make my heart flutter

  • Was that his nose whistling throughout the video? He literally got the worst frickin' relay time! How do they decide when each member does it?

  • Your love for plants and animals is adorable. Btw, i like the aesthetics of your room. Since am kinda OCD, your tidiness is 👍. Haha! Luv u Doyoung. 💚🤗💚

  • He really struggled with this hehe. I feel kinda bad. Just let the boy sleep!

  • Taeil legs beautiful

  • i still remember haechan came to his room