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24 year old kid in Hollywood making crazy daily Vlogs!
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The Return Of Maverick
The Return Of Maverick12 hari yang lalu
Meeting Lana’s Baby...
Meeting Lana’s Baby...21 hari yang lalu
We Saved His Life...
We Saved His Life...28 hari yang lalu
Dear Carole Baskin...
Dear Carole Baskin...Bulan Yang lalu
The Day I Almost Died
The Day I Almost DiedBulan Yang lalu
MY FIRST TIME!Bulan Yang lalu
She Dumped Him.
She Dumped Him.Bulan Yang lalu
My New Bird!
My New Bird!Bulan Yang lalu
I Had An Accident.
I Had An Accident.Bulan Yang lalu
I Hate Jake Paul.
I Hate Jake Paul.Bulan Yang lalu
I Hate My Birthday.
I Hate My Birthday.2 bulan yang lalu
Punishing Jake Paul...
Punishing Jake Paul...2 bulan yang lalu
We Have A Problem.
We Have A Problem.2 bulan yang lalu
SHE’S MOVING IN...2 bulan yang lalu
Mike Got Sick.
Mike Got Sick.2 bulan yang lalu
Goodbye Logan Paul
Goodbye Logan Paul3 bulan yang lalu
THEY ALMOST KILLED ME!4 bulan yang lalu
congrats ksi
congrats ksi5 bulan yang lalu
i lost
i lost6 bulan yang lalu
My Final Message to KSI
My Final Message to KSI6 bulan yang lalu
KSI STOLE MY DOG7 bulan yang lalu
KSI MADE ME CRY8 bulan yang lalu
A Love Story.
A Love Story.9 bulan yang lalu
I'm out.
I'm out.10 bulan yang lalu
rip maverick
rip maverick10 bulan yang lalu
Another one...
Another one...11 bulan yang lalu
I fell in love.
I fell in love.Tahun Yang lalu
replacing kong...
replacing kong...Tahun Yang lalu
i miss you kong
i miss you kongTahun Yang lalu


  • Some piece of shit named “Nat Z” is basically spamming a ton of comments/replies and he doesn’t even spell things in his comment correctly lmao

  • logan its me im your long lost best friends kid and we are all praying for him and just get his diamond leg and where it that was the day we met he had it when he attacked me he was awesome and i know that its hard after i had met u i painted a pic of you and mavrick to symbolise the bond you hand and like so that bond can be all of us together the logang and mavrick used to talk to me when i wanted to go home when i was living with u guys for 2 years i was going to but mavrick pulled me through it and just remember im with u on this we had so much fun together like if your sad and if you see where i'm coming from and my advenchres

  • Logan I love u and ur bad ass fuck yeah go logan

  • I like how Mike calls his friend a bltch for being colorblind

  • I wanna see a flat earther go to space

  • Imagine having a brother who is looting and rioting

  • Yes but I can't tell you how to get the

  • This aged... well.

  • *Lana Rhoades is a walking Herpe*

  • The sad thing is, I still know all the lyrics

  • Logan pool is gay

  • It sucks he wasn't with any of the animals that died mine died in my hands

  • When even got mad I was dead

  • I never knew I needed more. This shit is so entertaining bruh


  • it makes me tired watching him

  • Logan should’ve won but he had an off day on the day of the fight. It rly sucks

  • faaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeee

  • RIP, We Lost A Legend!

  • Who came here after hearing about Jake Paul looting?

  • Ummmmmmmmmmm ok

  • Didn’t he like.. laugh at the dead body?

  • I can't believe I waited three years to watch this movie.

  • lol the panties

  • It’s funny cuz while he’s there, jakes currently stealing king/wong

  • Oh, to live in the summer of 2017 again.

  • Where the fucks the Monday vlogs pogan log?

  • That girl goes to my school lol

  • dem tits

  • Jake vs logan

  • Where’s the Monday fucking vlog man 🦦

  • she is pornstar lolololololololo

  • I love fire

  • Someone tell me whats its the song of the end?? Pls

  • damn did yall remember how it used to be like that on 15:24

  • Apology accepted

  • muster loogan ball do u are have aids??? please answer this is serious question

  • VIDEO???

  • It looked like someone cummed in the pool😂

  • Man got his boy a girlfriend... Mike got him a crab...

  • I miss this old type of beef

  • *CRINGE*

    • You piece of shit, you don’t know how to spell the word “Realize”

  • Anyone else watching in 2020 cuz you miss old logan

  • you are crazy have many products of maveric

  • Lol

  • yo this shit really did slap tho

  • My mom does the mayo deal it’s actually healthy for your hair lol 😂

  • why would u have her in ur vids when ur fanbase is 9

  • chupen el pico cabros XD

  • Jesus that kid has matured

  • All ur 5 year old fans are now gonna search up lana rhoades. Great job

  • Logang

  • play this vid with the 216.mp3, it will make it funny


    • Nat Z I hope one day you learn to spell

    • I hope one day you see the bigger picture.

  • Where the vlog

  • You stole the intro.

  • At first I thought he was David Beckman

  • You is gaaaaaay

  • This is literally the “old” logan paul

  • there was a roast in almost every line of the song lmao

    • Nat Z realize*

    • i'd have to agree

    • I hope you one day get a job and realise how stupid you were as a child.

  • Bruh I have the same name as that dog. And its not a weiner dog its a dachshund.

  • This is literally the “old” logan paul

  • Where is the new vid

  • This is literally the “old” logan paul

  • Omg Evan got mi cracking tf up bro 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he's so stupid man

  • Where’s the vlog LOGAN!?

  • its kinda funny how u can't miss recent comments on all videos uploaded way back

    • Nat Z realize*

    • I hope you one day get a job and realise how stupid you were as a child.

  • Its Everyday Bro Is Doing Better Than This Video

  • Throw back😂

    • Nat Z realize*

    • Nat Z I hope I can get a legendary from a golden chest like you🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • I hope you one day get a job and realise how stupid you were as a child.

  • need another party video asap

  • Why are my subitles suddenly abric

  • Logan the handsome protector 😍

  • Shave the beard

  • Ik unpopular opinion but I don’t find Josie that attractive

  • I searched this

  • No one should shut the door at our Queen 👑 Piper rockelle 🥺😐

  • I’m happy one of the brothers changed and learned from his mistakes. But the stupider brother is making his life even worse by looting and ruining lives instead of helping people in need

  • U didnt know that before

  • I know this is old but what neck?

  • Nothings more epic than the AT:LA intro

  • No vlog for today?

  • It’s not a big deal!

  • Im a solid logang so I watched again the old vlogs cause their much interesting than the new one

  • We miss maverick

  • 3 years

  • Tbh this is his only good song

  • Logan gives him a house to stay in porn stars everything and in return he gets a shrimps

  • Dang, I miss this series..

  • I taught you gonna call seekek

  • In a video

  • Get High!!!!

  • this is the most hypocritical song ive ever heard

  • Teddy on the loose

  • This is how much people want Logan to cut his beard ⬇️

  • 💓😅😅🤣😂❤️💓

  • 😢😭

  • she hot

    • Nat Z realize*

    • I hope you one day get a job and realise how stupid you were as a child.

  • I from Turkey ❤❤❤

  • Dear future generation I'm sorry you missed this battle😢

    • Nat Z realize*

    • I hope you one day get a job and realise how stupid you were as a child.

  • Anyone here becouse y'all bored in quarantine No just me ok