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Who is Clarinet Factory?
Imagine a music workshop or laboratory, to which a little clarinet, some classical music education, a little ethno, jazz and supposing also some minimalism is mixed in. You deliver a taste for improvisation, buy the most modern electronics and technology, invite interesting guests and then start doing research, creating, and mainly communicating with the audience.
A particular genre will emerge from the environment which you have thus created, a genre which can have various things in common with the established term crossover, but more appropriately should be expressed as „music without borders".
Members: Jindřich Pavliš - Luděk Boura - Vojtěch Nýdl - Petr Valášek
management/booking: Petra Burthey (


CLARINET FACTORY - Gore2 tahun yang lalu


  • O my god, such a precious, borderless music streams over to us, opening doors to this difficult instrument called clarinet. Clarinet Factory is no doubt a jewel among the stars up there in the sky, so full of sensitivity, so well handled and performed, and so wide open for the young voices of this girls choir! I can only say wow, I'd like to have this music over in Berlin here ... Thank you so much for sharing THIS! ❤️ 🙏🏽 👌🏽

    • Thank you for such beautiful words! We are to have a concert in Jazzclub Tonne in Dresden this Saturday (Oct 17th). I know it is not Berlin, but it is closer :). At what venue would you like to hear us in Berlin? Our manager might try to manage it. :)

  • Such a lovely piece of art. I happened to be passing by, but my ear got caught in it. Then a smile brightened up on face and I found my heart dressed in feathers. With this I accompany the girl on her flight. You are wonderful. Thank you for this gift! ❤️

  • So great!!

  • We must help you become world famous! So beautiful!

  • Wonderful! Even without the video, your music is so evocative. Bravo!!

  • Wow, you guys are the next generation ofKraftwerk! So great to see Eastern European artists on the cutting edge. Everyone, let's see that they get the promotion and recognition that they deserve. Bravo!

  • I would love to know the English translation! I just heard this on the radio program, "Higher Ground" on Wisconsin Public Radio. This sounds so similar to Carl Orff's "Street Songs." How great this would sound for a choir of 100 children from all over the world singing together. The melody is so contagious and happy-sounding. I trust that the lyrics are too. Bravo! The world needs to hear more of your music!

    • @Tomáš Jakl ❤️

    • Dear Michael, the part in the middle is definitely children chorus part played backwards. And there's a sentence in Polish language repeated twice as well.

    • @Mike Mitchell You're welcome. I love this piece of art a lot.

    • @Tomáš Jakl Thank you Tomas for this kind gesture. Namaste.

    • But in the middle there is a part I cannot understand.

  • tak tohle se neokouká, super klip

  • nádhera!!!

  • Naprosto souzním! Je to skvělý! Bravo!

  • mega

  • With deepness of sound, layers on layers, a very natural beauty : a soundscape. Thank you for sharing, love it.

  • 💗 nádherná a snová muzika a animace

  • subtle beautiful

  • where did you film that?

    • And by Kanazawa (the sea shots)

    • Nagoya...found it 😊

  • Очень трогательный и милый мультик, музыка гармонично вписалась.

  • Awesome!

  • excellent track and video

  • Zem stříbrná...děkuju...

  • A Slavic language. Ich weiss nicht. I don't know this . Clarinet factory?

    • Its Czech

  • Naprosto geniální hudba i klip

  • nádhera. :)

  • Dnes celý den poslochám Steva Reicha a spřízněné odkazy mne dovedli až k Vám. A ono je to úplně logické, jen jsem si toho nikdy nevšiml...

    • jsme rádi, že technologie někdy funguje i v náš prospěch. :) Zavítejte také někdy na koncert. ;-)

  • Bravo! Wonderful performance!

  • Just love this performance! Wonderful! :-) Best regards from Sweden!

    • We are happy to read that! Thanx :) Regards from Prague!

  • Nádhera

  • What a cool group!

  • Úžasný klip :)

  • Jsem nadšenej,tohle mě fakt bere .

  • <3

    • Hodně dobrý,poslechnu si jednou za čas a vždycky mě to dostane😉

  • Paráda !!!

  • Jsem ohromen. Slova puvabna, hudba se chveje jako hladina po ktere pluji kdyz vasi pisen posloucham.

  • I was in you concert in eilat ''red sea jazz fesitval'' , your amazing I hope you'll come again to Eilat . I remember you played a japanese song, how was it called ?

    • Hikari. We even have a new 360°video for this song. See our ID-tv profile. ;-)

  • Překrásná a povznášející hudba. Úplně mě odnáší do klidu do duchovních sfér.. Úžasný...

  • *

  • Nádherná práce!

  • Nádherná záležitost, díky.

  • tesiiim! tesiiis! tesiiime!

  • Krásná Měsíční zem