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Beyond the Bell 06/30/22
Beyond the Bell 06/30/2215 jam yang lalu


  • Depression incoming

  • Hey Mayor, given the choice between riding in a subway car marked "No Gun Zone" and one marked for "Legal Carry Gun Zone" I'm going in the car with the gun owners. Mr. Mayor, which one do you feel would be safer?

  • it looks like it will take until November, at which time the Dems will loose all the elections in the House and the Senate and Biden will be in a nursing home.

  • She is trashy, but the new one is worse

  • 81 million votes means mental health is our biggest issue

  • Love that poster with his eyes closed. Lol

  • If Joe Biden is not serious Trump is coming to take the job again

  • These people are wack 6.5 inflation best in class energy and food well fool most people spend most of there money on food, energy and housing please don't let idiots have a platform

  • Thank you Joe biden for the great job you are doing for the price of oil, from your friends in big oil.

  • This borderline treason from Bloomberg propping up a CCP puppet - should speak volumes to anyone who has illusions about the loyalty of legacy media.

  • It is Putin and Jinping who made imperialism their political goal and the object of their rule. Both talk in terms of threats based on reviving dead history and past glories.

  • Perhaps Boris should show a photo of his tackle to impress Putin that has been shown around and well used to procreate.

  • He’s increasing our oil prices to fund the war. Yip!!

  • The USA, dems and GOP, will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. This is just putting money into the pockets of the US Military industrial complex. The only bipartisan thing these idiots do.

  • She never know what she started in 2019 could went out of control, gradually Beijing lost confidence to her. Maybe because she still got some bottom lines which she is not willing to cross.

  • I guess everything that happened with Amber Heard has been a little embarrassing for White America. Now they need a saving grace e.g. Cassidy Hutchinson to try and come in to look like a young white woman who is credible and trustworthy.

  • Fannie and Freddie loans are sold by national appraisers and home and debt brokers that lead post 2008 CMBS issuance - the sector is rife with systemic conflicts of interest

  • Imagine thinking the stock market is real. Amazing.

  • Whatever Fauci's future is, I hope it so bad that I feel sorry for him.

  • A good interview. I respect Carrie Lam’s leadership she is strong and capable and didn’t wince in the face of turmoil.

  • Time to leave

  • She will go down in history as the woman that destroyed Hong Kong's free and open society.

  • It's dropped a little but 1/2 ply sheathing is still over $42 a sheet. Ridiculous.

  • Hilton no way. I think someone youger and no ties to nither party and is in a position that can get thing done

  • The US FED will keep on raising interest rates to the point the economy reaches stagflation at which point it will stop the hikes. Reason is US FED wants to raise the interest as high as possible so it can get rid of the NINE TRILLION DOLLARS from its balance sheet via the domestic and foreign investors. This process will take at least a decade. All fiat currency created BUBBLES such as the stock, housing, corporations, etc will go BUST. This will be the longest RESET and RECESSION in USA history.

  • This man is in the same category as witless and Vallance in the U.K. and it’s not a good one

  • How does it feel to be a Republican in America

  • First Kharkiv now snake island. They keep losing all the important spots

  • turkey being played by nato and us...turkey will receive F16s meanwhile greece with f35..which side NATO support priority?

  • Communist regime very cruel, no freedom of speech, no democracy, no voice, people have no rights to pubilcly critise govt policy, media under govt control , everything worst for public, if they are slaves of communist regime then ok for them