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  • Everyone realised that it’s changing don’t they?

  • Poor animals and especially poor koalas


  • This is great, he's absolutely insane! So filled with hate, a perfect example of the left.

  • Yarry?

  • Why is he dressed like he's seventeen? Isn't he almost sixty? Edit: Oh he's forty-seven.

  • Quite frankly it doesn't matter one iota who becomes Labour leader as Labour has been destroyed all most single-handed by Corbyn. I have been a Labour voter all my life (I'm 83 now) and see no reason to vote Labour again. As long as Boris sticks to his word, I'm a Conservative voter probably for the rest of my life! Talking around, there are lots. lots more like me!!

  • Global warming

  • I love you Jeremy Corbyn, it’s sad to see you go grandpa😔

  • Orange man bad

  • You can see who runs this relationship and its not harry Controlling from the start

  • For me it went "yanny, yanny, laurel laurel, yanny yanny, laurel laurel" and so on

  • Welp, looks like 2012 finally came...

  • Labour cant even get the sound right and they want to run the uk?

  • Who cares what this washed up hollywood actor has to say. NOBODY CARES HUGHEY!!!

  • The sound is terrible

  • 🇮🇶❤️❤️

  • Remember to vote Trump in November, to make sure Robert lives another 4 years of misery

  • I love how even though the fires were burning he took a holiday and partied, you a disgrace you Mutt, resign!!! Like if you’d agree

  • did he /we kill himself?

  • This isn't newsworthy... but then again this is The Guardian, so... What is newsworthy is the fact that Anne Sacoolas is still in the US... she's as guilty as a puppy sitting next to a pile of poo and Trump should have put her straight back on a plane. It's just morally wrong, Mr President.

  • Watch David Cameron sing shotgun... you won’t be disappointed 😂

  • Красотища

  • Rubio the beta

  • Intermittent windmills only operate on average at 25% of nominal capacity. The other 75% must be provided by either fossil or nuclear standby sources. For solar panels, The ratio is even worse. In other words intermittent "green"energies are USELESS and it is an illusion that they contribute to the fight against pollution.

  • Great job keep it up!

  • Everybody can see this father is a guitare hero with absolute no connection to his daughter.

  • It would be nice to have news from other countries in the world.

  • No the tabloids never killed his mother, she got in a car with a drunk driver without a seat belt, she was carless and was known for leaking her own stories to the media.

  • Nadler is much uglier than i taught The "Democrat" are going to pay for this nonsense. Trump 2020!

  • That poor child has been MK Ultra' d up the wazoo. She's probably program to get triggered any time she hears his name or sees him.

  • If you defend tabloids you are worse then they are

  • Trump 2020 !

  • Then get off this question lmao

  • I think she was coked up.

  • Can i ask how badly brain damaged do you have to be to hold a dog like that?

  • Why is everyone removing the real full footage?

  • I hope any one of those ice golf balls landed right in where they should be for all the climate deniers with their heads stuck in the preverbial sand. Particularly Morrisson's, Turnbull's and Abbot's.

  • The USA is the biggest taker and exploiter of the world’s resources. It fights wars for oil, and kills mercilessly people who are in their own land fighting for a better life.

  • Only RLB and lisa nandy mentioned socialism

  • Not a single mention about "Asian groom gangs" and Labour are supposed to be for the working class?

  • And this is nothing out of the norm for this part of the world. Nothing to see here, folks.

  • Ok why is Australia stealling all our place names in the uk. There is wales and tamworth what else!? Lol


  • Someone please pray for my family were going to a trip to Disney Land and we might get sperated my sister told me someone pls pray 😣😣😣

  • I heard Yanny but turned on the captions and it said “Definetly Laurel. Laurel! Laurel!!!”

  • Alex Jones is a head case and not even a colourful one with something interesting to say.

  • so now he's just making up things to distract from the real problems? aw man this man... its called rain and I want it to rain brain please.

  • 0:20 popes face and and 0:22 the funny guys laughing behind

  • Sound Delay (Gaurdian Footage) (span 0:09 - 0:21) = 12s (Video cut in the middle) Gaurdian Report of delay = 24s Time missile travelled 1/4 the distance from the edge of the shot (Gaurdian Footage) (span 0:00 - 0:02) = 2s Time to travel the full distance from edge of the shot = 8s Time to travel from ground to edge of the shot = 24s Total missile flight time = 32s Time when missile launch should have been heard = 24s (+/- 10s) (If launch site is same distance as airplane) (If further away time delay longer, if closer time delay less)< (appears to be further away) Time remaining in missile flight when missile launch should have been heard = 8s (same distance) 5s (further away and dog barks) Time of recorded flight = 2s Time to hear the missile launch and begin filming = 6s (same distance) 3s (further away when dog barks) Time required to spacially assess the location of the missile = minimum 12s, maximum 30s How did the camera man know preemptively that the missile was going to strike the airplane?

  • 😂 crazy feminists making themselves look silly once again

  • USA is the apple of discord between the world's nations

  • LOL

  • So brits get earraped every day at noon?

  • The only way to save the Earth, it's plants and it's animals from Man is with a mass reduction in the number of people. People are a greedy, selfish, violent organism that will destroy the Earth if left unchecked.

  • 🌈🌹I think that man is standing with the police, a simple problem. Directly he helped the policeman until they arrived ,,, then the energy released him that man for his ( fulfillment )🌈🌹

  • One important item: Snowmobiles go where cars cannot.

  • At the same time, austrilan government kills 10,000 Camels. Someone explain please.

  • SHAME! democrats.

  • Moses used to look after my best friends mum who was a blind lady, he would come round and cook for her and her twin sons, I had the privilege of being able to spend time around him as a child growing up in Lancaster west estate, when he would come to visit my friends mother he would make the best dumplings I’ve ever had, it was 15 years later that I saw Moses visiting a friend of his that was in a mental health hospital, I remember walking past the visiting room and recognising him immediately I walked up to him and said uncle Moses it’s me from barandon walk Layla’s house and he embraced me as if I was one of he’s own. I will always cherish those moments in his presence

  • Haha 😂🤣

  • A lot of people end up dead around the Clintons , except maybe Susan McDougal. Was she the smart one, that would not testify against bill in his impeachment ? Maybe she decided to go to prison for a few years, instead of committing suicide too.

  • I replaced my 2.5gpf toilet with a 1.6gpf one and now I have to flush twice most of the time.

  • Hey Scott Morrison tell Murdoch stop publishing Donald Trump lies . And don't do business with Donald Trump

  • 😇

  • There are no spent casings

  • "Criticising Israel" is how antisemities dogwhistle to other antisemites. And they all did it.

  • i hear yuri

  • He is absolutely right. Well said . I just listen to this part of speech , and I think he is speaking about how electricity , water , waste can affect climate change ...

  • Stared down?? 😂😂 All she did is look like a bratty child pouting in the corner!!

  • I love this guy. He will beat the dumbocrats easily.

  • Best wishes to you both.....

  • Trump 2020!

  • "Oi, Antisemitic Corbyn!!!"

  • if you're a high earner.. you're obviously skilled at impressing potential employers.

  • This man is disgusting.

  • How dary you 😭😭

  • **Pull him in!!**

  • Is this Ron wisley from harry porter

  • Arab women agree

  • I think humans should stop ... Right here right now 😁 and go back ... like , Fatboy slim reverse 😁😁😁😁😁

  • breath. RIP 😥

  • If FB took down all lies, there wouldn't be much left to post.

  • I hear green needle when i try to hear brainstorm i hear brain needle

  • 😱 🇬🇧 So true Hugh 👍👍👍 ✅ The Toxic British right wing press” has hounded this lovely couple from day one ☝️ And are now acting surprised 😮 that they’ve stepped down. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Gets caught walking home 0:35

  • Who else is here here after Eminem’s darkness video?

  • Chris and people like him should have had their Jack boots and all throw out of Labour years ago.

  • The Day after Tomorrow

  • I heard yanny when it had yanny on the screen and laurel when it had laurel on screen

  • Australia sells unprecedented coal to Asia ...... Asia creates unprecedented pollution...... what can possibly go wrong?

  • Same Happened In Kerala

  • I can hear both if I pay attention

  • Yanny

  • EVERYWHERE on the PLANET? Who would have guessed? No , there are those that knew this was going to happen! It's been long awaited!

  • Barack Obama is the best president and Martin Luther king would be too

  • I think the subtitles like laurel

  • That stage must have had a combined IQ of 30

  • What western media wants u to see:*polizei attacki protestierz* | What the truth is:I’m lazy to do an explanation so just go to CGTN for some facts

  • Warren, the bell tolls for thee.