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  • Why do you want to be stinky in that beautiful new bus? Why don’t you plan on staying in a hotel every 2-3 days? It sounds like you’re punishing yourselves the other way.

  • Comeeee to Méxicooooooooooo🇲🇽 i’ m from Cancún 🥵


  • 23:26 Ethan: alright well I guess someone’s ready for bed. Grayson: alRIght WeLL I gueSS SOMeONes ReadY FOr BeD. *in mocking tone* 😂

  • 9:08 grayson’s random outburst had me dying

  • *Drives to Kansas* “Guys it’s so windy” 😂😂 that’s our daily LOL

  • I enjoyed so much I would love to come back and watch them film there way back home!❤️❤️❤️


  • Did anyone else notice that Ethan grabbed his crutch

  • Did James really just say “a JAPANESE eating show” scuse me what 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • The fact the police officer only patted down Ethan and then searched the whole van 😂

  • You forgot the Kangaroo jerkey

  • Whatcha gotta do with vegemite is have it on crackers with a ratio of vegemite to butter of 1:2

  • guys i'm so shocked... Ethan woke up before Grayson 0-0! oMg Im ShOoKiTh To ThE cOrE!

  • I can’t stand when Emma says “where’s mine?” It’s hella annoying .-.

  • Dude the way Grayson looked at Laurie was soo cute

  • We said: we’re gonna make a tiny home video Mother Nature: F*** nO yOu AiNt

  • You can always park at a Walmart!

  • That end part was really them

  • I also been through the same experience while crossing the U.S !!😛🤚🏼

  • Them : complaining about the cold 🥶 Me living in Minnesota.......

  • How much money did you guys spend on gas?😟🤔

  • Is it me or is Nolan like Harry Potter and Dolan twins are the step mom and dad

  • Anyone else doing a Dolan marathon?

  • I feel bad for Ethan lol

  • grayson kinda looks like harry styles, in a good way

  • Why did Ethan hump the wall when Grayson sent a message to there dad

  • Ethan just really wants to cuddle, and when Grayson says no he sounds so disappointed

  • ahhhhhhhh hydro flask sksksksksksks and i oop- #savetheturtles


  • Go gray

  • Hey when you got pulled over were you the only van in sight i mean its not like anyone of you look like drug dealer or traffickers maybe next time you need to take Fluffy with you

  • What is that song called the video we’re Ethan dropped the phone to Grayson

  • Glad you made it may i suggest looking into solar showers with options projecting movies on side van might be a cool way to get more good vibes people might ask to visit with you...

  • This is tremendously heartbreaking for their fans AND ESPECIALLY FOR THEM. I’m very glad that they’re coming to Shane now instead of faking it on camera and having them suffer off camera. I may not know what their going through, but it’s THEIR real life. it’s upsetting. Ethan’s eyes were about to cry😰 that’s when I started to cry! Nobody should feel guilty about doing something they love just because somebody they love isn’t there anymore.😔

  • I hear laural

  • Does the hypnosis guy look like Fred armison or is it just me

  • My VEGAN apple All apples are vegan

  • 17:06 grayson has a hydroflask lol

  • thee fact they got pulled over in Kansas for the passing law, and called it the middle of nowhere, and called us out on our drug problem kinda triggered me but im from Oklahoma so whatever

  • why is no one talking about “chilling on the ‘EaST siDe’”

  • The cutest part of this vid was when Ethan jumped on grays bed to wake him up and Grayson (being half asleep) was like “watch ur head, watch ur head!!!” Cos of the projector on the roof🥺💗

  • I think it would be interesting and fun to travel a whole country in a rv :)

  • Please bring Nolan together tho 😯

  • Why did this start as a alien conspiracy video??

    • Like love it but also high and truly believed yall that you saw that shit 😂

  • Favorite parts, 0:07, 17:18, 36:35

  • I live in Colorado,you guys shouldce cane to Denver,Colorado

  • I live in Kansas and I can indeed say that our cops are the WORST.

  • 8:05 Mmmh maybe I’m over thinking it .. but Grayson be exposing Ethma like crazy 🤣 ethma might be done now but he said “probably has coffee breath”.. we all know Emma has like a million cups of coffee a day 🤔🤔😂 I rlly think they were dating in the past but not any more sadly :( but idk lol

  • Omfg I have mesophobia and i legit just died

  • "anchov" 7:31 That had me dead!

  • All the comments: I want a Dolan sandwich

  • "we made it.... kinda"-E

  • you can tell they are so much happier in these episodes and i like them a lot more too. win win situation. they are literally so cute too omh

  • Rain drop Drop top Do that lip thing that makes my heart stop...2:55 look at ethan and grayson, what a snack!

  • 20.36 anyone else think there windscreen looks like iPhone X

  • Lmao I live in Kansas and it's wack

  • Can we talk about how Ethan is measure the size of the van by laying down to see if two beds fits!!?? 😂


  • Ok, I just watched the first 20 seconds of the video like 10 times... Grayson is soooo cute lol... "GOOD WAY TO BE BORING" 😂😂😂

  • awww grayson wants to go to nashville and i live in memphis:(

  • 33:49 felt that 😂 Love this content! yeah more trips!

  • As a resident of Kansas sorry you had to learn how shitty our state is

  • The only reason I can tell them apart is their head shape

  • im just tryna help the community gray -ethan 2019

  • Snows is better than tornadoes

  • 7:20- 7:22 I swear Emma opened her eyes like if you say that too 👇🏻 (1st like)

  • That traffic in Arizona is what I have to deal with every time I want to go to Saint George Utah, it’s the worst.

  • Some of the things that they did, that were active like peddling the boat were NOT all the way thought through 😂 That was a good try tho. Honestly.👌🏼

  • This series is dope keep making more just be safe

  • 9:34 omg I literally couldn't tell if that was E or Gray for a sec 🤣

  • Grayson: hey Siri. MY SIRI: go ahead Like the fuck? 😂

  • This was so pleasing to watch

  • im not crying, you are.

  • Kentucky has more than fried chicken 😂

  • But try living in the cold all of winter 😂 Minnesota proud

  • you are rich af what is dis

  • ”I always loved taking the bus to school. As weird as it sounds. Like I always loved fucking on the b-” 8:53

  • What ab a bathroom

  • geeeeeeeez i never new the Dolan twins were 19!

  • Her : I can’t see shapes Also her : I can see three circles

  • I’m so glad you guys stopped weekly videos and gave us this series. The cinematography is amazing and your guy’s passion and effort shows !!! ♥️♥️

  • just now watching the series because college and im dying laughing. I usually do not find your videos that funny, but I saw the shane video before this and am just loving the new content. keep going strong. yall are doing amazing

  • honestly, them not knowing what to do in midwest weather conditions, is hilarious

  • I love fruits and vegetables but I became allergic to and from eating too much it's the citrus and fruit and I don't know what it is with the vegetables

  • "I'm in the building community now" I DIED

  • Ethan: 😎 voice Gray: 🐸 voice Lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nothing like brotherly love 🥰

  • Literally Ethan is bullying Grayson

  • I live in Tennessee and I love Nashville

  • Me watching back at this video: awe they are so cute

  • Anybody else think they're just like Zack and Cody

  • wow no one ever wants to come to nashville lmao

  • Ewww when gray did the creepy pop corn it was disgusting

  • That time Ethan and Nolan could both get into Grayson's phone.

  • I forgot about mosquito bites

  • Wtf😂🤣

  • the one time it snows in nashville

  • I LOVE how genuinely happy you both seem to be...especially at the end of the video. Sooooo much more enjoyable to watch knowing that you guys are doing what makes you happy and not just forcing yourselves to make videos for content. What an awesome improvement you guys have made to your channel. Keep up the good "work" boys! :)

  • Where is sister squad

    • well i mean the Emma, the Dolan twins unfollowed James so its kinda over. Emma, Ethan, and Grayson all hung out at Coachella without James.