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  • Every twin ever ?

  • Stop making videos about money!!! It’s almost every ID-tvr now! It’s disturbing and not entertainment.

  • 'we were having a conversation in bed the other day an....🤣' I died😂🤣

  • Everybody talking abt the way that ethan was rude to grayson but you need to understand that they are twins and they love each other’s (prove in the video they said that they each other’s favorite because they’re brothers) and they also read the comments so don’t be like that it can make them feel bad

  • I only came her 4 one comment of why didnt they make duct tape

  • Am I the only one who can always tell who’s who. Ethan has less of a tan, they have moles in different areas , their voice is different, their jawlines are different , I just know x

  • If Nolan was in this video he’d end up with $150,000.

  • 6:15 so that’s why yous are so buff

  • 5:18

  • Now their real brothers arguing

  • Can I be ur friend

  • The way he shaved his head without hesitation in the first and last clip, smashed my heart into pieces, fix, and break it again.

  • why do I feel like he could have just asked to change????

  • What are you toing with your girlfriend in the future hahahaha

  • This was literally right before coronavirus too

  • nick kinda cute tho

  • 7:34 _aweshishaie_

  • 4:32 Scared the shit out of me

  • Ethan seriously makes shoes of everything 🤣 see the way I grew up I used to do these challenges in the woods behind my house and never once went back into my yard and never once tried to make shoes outa anything the only thing I ever brought with me was a Bowie knife and a cross bow I used to do it regularly not to mention I was like 10 and there where no adults just me and a couple of friends I've been bitten by 4 different snakes and 3 different spiders it isn't easy to deal with tho they should really get a Pat on the back

  • omg look at ethan's finger at 11:33

  • lol. who wants to argue with me?! because I will get paid 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Pause the vid then click on this 1:02:08 What the is that jeffee or is Gray not single AHHGG

  • 11:38 They were kylie and kendal before kylie and kendal were kylie and kendal

  • Wow I live in hawaii in Oahu

  • grayson looked like a 4 year old on christmas smiling in the shed LMAO 13:52

  • They are acting like 89 degrees is hot... Bruh I live in Alabama that is normal here 😂 loved when they decided to split the shoe thing lol

  • 12:07 I could feel him staring right into my soul

  • ik E was joking but in the intro when he was shouting at gray i was like 😭😢😭😢😭😭😢💓💓

  • 5:59 don’t mind my replay button okay? Haha 9:09 another replay button hehehehheeee

  • i wonder if they still have there gifts 🤔

  • Good ol autocorrect, making sure they don't say folan twins every time lol

  • i like how grayson is just explaining every problem that girls have with long hair lol XD

  • A MukBang is, Mukbang or meokbang; is an online audiovisual broadcast in which a host consumes large quantities of food while interacting with the audience. It became popular in South Korea in 2010, and since then it has become a worldwide trend. Varieties of foods, ranging from pizza to noodles, are consumed in front of a camera.

  • Can we acknowledge ethan’s missing shoe?

  • Ethans mood went 🤪🤩🥳🥰😈🤬🤯🥶😎🤓😃☹️😵🤠🤧😴😝🤮🥱🤐😇🥴🤑 all in a 12 minute video

  • ily

  • I did have a twin but my twin died...

  • 13:24

  • the outro hehe


  • the fact that a 2 year old can pick better outfits than me says a lot

  • addison is such a carful teacher also 10:06

  • Grayson getting water out of his ear* TWERKING

  • wow thank you so much for sharing it! love you guys! glad you both figured out that you shouldn’t never pretend to be any different than you are at the moment!

  • So this is the starting of there golden era with this golden outro ? ...I mean ...this is the very first vedio with this outro that they made ?

  • The title should be 45 minutes of cheesy grinning down at your device's screen