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  • 1:51 “that’s dusgusting” 😂

  • how about you guys rotate each week, who is going to film and who Is going to upload. considering you guys have a film guy, that piece is taking care of.....2) I really do not see what the big deal is. If you do not post a video, then you do not post a video. Yes your fanbase is used to you guys posting once a week, but they will adjust......I also think you guys are looking at it from a negative view....Yes you guys started young and you guys are growing up...and that's exactly what your fans want to see....You should not have to adjust yourself on camera to fit what you THINK your fans will want to see....nobody gets to 10mil + subs w/o having loyal fans and fans that will love and support you whatever you put out and whenever you decide to post.....I think the issue guys do not know how to be your authentic selves, b/c maybe you yourselves are not happy w/your authentic selves......I think you guys need to first accept the fact that you are growing up and changing and go w/ it......Through your changes and you sharing those changes on camera w/ your fans will help someone , somewhere in the world who is going through the same thing.....I think you guys need to relax and keep doing what you been doing and do not stress out.......Film, the parts of growing up that you want to film and then tell us about it....The rest will work itself out....Don't stress over small stuff...

  • 3:21 👀 Nice

  • Shane is like Oprah

  • U know, my mom lost her dad before she got married. I never met him, but every time people tell stories about how much he would have loved that I wanted to be a vet, my heart is crushed and I haven’t even met him. My mom still struggles with the loss of my grandfather, but it has gotten better over time. It’s easier said then done type, but it does. I haven’t lost a parent yet, but grieving is part of loss and it’s ok to take a brake. Ur fans (me included lol) will continue to support u guys. Find yourselves again and understand what u want in ur life and what u need to be happy. Not what makes us happy!!! I hope that helps. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • This is how many times Jeffree said YESSSSSSS 👇

  • Bless you twins.


  • Shane is so pure ❤️❤️❤️ I love him so much

  • They argue over everything

  • Ethan. Yuh you're personality is cold... do u understand... be warm like grayson.

  • WHY IS GRAYSON SOOO FITTTTT😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😝😝😝😝😝🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • y'all saggitarius how could u live like this for so long dam

  • he said minus one when it should be negative one hahahahaha

  • So is no one gonna talk about the nasty text jeffree sent to James saying they’d be talking about how he molested them and touched them in their sleep and the video isn’t-

  • I want to give Ethan and Grayson a hug .

  • OMDS I LOVE SHANE HE IS SUCH A MOOD!!!!😍😍😍😍😍🤪🤪🤪🔥🔥🔥🔥😝😝😝😝🤘😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤

  • I’m also allergic to some foods

  • I'm sorry but this is sick there dad died and fans were being crazy and asking to come to the funeral...I mean I'm disgusted yes we love them but come on give them a break they cant even go to places without being rushed by fans and they be so sweet and nice about it and ask u nicely even though there going through a lot, like they had 2 ask you not to attend their dad funeral like bitch plz just fuck off.🤨

  • why they go so southern

  • Omds I cried so much....awe😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • They legit look 10 in this vid compared to now 😂

  • 1:36 💔Rip tuesdays forever in our hearts♥

  • Shane is the therapist of ID-tv

  • I want to give you two a hug so bad, you need to listen to Shane's advise. Live your lives, record parts you want to share. I hope you guys can get more help with this.

  • *just casually has a bag worth the entire cost of my education* "Not bad"

  • what vid is it when ethan was running in his underwear at a grocery store??

  • G-good looking R-role model A-attractive Y-young but somewhat wise S-smart O-ooooo damn he fine N- not one flaw ❤️❤️/Nicest smile 😃 E-Extra T-the worlds funniest brother H-He the turtle man A-Attractive N-Nothing wrong with him (or Grayson) ❤️❤️

  • I love you both!! I can’t believe y’all are just waiting until now to take care of yourselves!! Way to fucking much has happened in your lives!! You need this, take a step back, and work on you ❤️❤️ Gosh I wish I could just hug y’all! I hope one day I will be able to meet you both! Stay strong! You have no idea how amazing you both are!! Work on EVERYTHING you guys want to do!! I hope you both achieve every goal you set for yourselves and achieve every dream you both imagine you want for yourselves!! Ugh I wish I could hug you!! I am in tears 😭 💔💔💖

  • Don't forget homework is due October 69, Grayson is bigger than Ethan in every way (besides foot size), and blueberries are funny.

  • DOLAN TWINS AND Shane Dawson, anyone involved. Please complete discard, and ignore anything bad said about this video, or what's going on in general stay positive and do what you guys feel you need to do. I am so proud of all of you for even coming forwards with these things, and just know no matter what comes next . Most of us will still love you and we will probably enjoy what comes next even more then things posted in the past. I am praying for you guys. Much love to you. I do have to say this video hit home for me... I lost my father at the age of 4 and it has affected my life greatly even losing him that young. I cried for you guys watching this..

  • I hope I'm typing this right because my eyes are really watery

  • Who else is here at the end of 2k19 when they quit🤧✊

  • Is no one going to acknowledge that they r on opposite sides of the couch in the beginning

  • Wow I can’t believe this is happening... I love you so much both of you it’s unbelievable, you have both helped me so much and as you continue to grow me and I’m sure all the fandom will be right behind you supporting you unconditionally! I love you both and thank you for everything you have done and you will do ! I know it will take me a while ( and the fandom ) to get used to this big change that’s going to happen but it will be the best for all of us ! And I think Shane is so right by saying that you guys need to process what’s happening and what’s happened with your life so far ! We don’t want you feeling down or upset because that makes it feel that !But when we see you happy then we know it’s not fake !! I’m very excited to see what the future brings for all of us and all the new exciting videos ... don’t worry I’ll be waiting😉

  • Lol. How df did I got to this while watching a German ID-tv video

  • We are all animals 😂💞💞💞💞💞xoxo

  • Who else has watched these survival videos like 100 times?

  • with the dress on you look like a roblox character

  • Who else thought this was going to be tea about James or something regarding drama 😂

  • Okay so you are telling me that 11k people disliked this?! *Damn that's too many heartless and emotionless shrecks*

  • When he said “pay yourself in memories” I was like! “Already on it!” Because I am going on a vacation with my parents instead of getting presents for my birthday!! PLEASE FOLLOW HIS ADVICE!

  • Yes i definitely think so... This happens with me and my sister too, we are not twins but we are 6 years apart. We love singing and out of no where, we sometimes end up humming the same song at the same section of the lyrics at the same time. It literally happens out of nowhere.... Now we are living in two different countries and recently we have texted our aunt a text that is exact to the emojis we have used.. and then my aunt sends me a screen shot of that... lol

  • 7:26 Ethan reads the comment Grayson they took a line from a nursery rhyme and they made it dirty Ps Grayson that is not a nursery rhyme it’s from a dirty song 😂😂😘

  • Who's watching this crying after the Shane Dawson vid

  • I actually would luv to see Ethan with a monobrow in my nightmare

  • Y’all messed up immediately by not driving each other’s cars 😂 I was DYING watching Grayson do Zumba!!

  • This is how many people love and support the Dolan twins❤️ 👇

  • i’ve never really watched y’all, but i watched this whole thing and literally i’m so invested in what you’ll do going forward

  • 20:42 tbh at first I thought they were out of sync but then I realized they were doing it on purpose hahaha

  • Hi, I subscribed for more videos like thie and haven't seen another one..? Let's get a part 2 to this for all your masochistic fans. 😄

  • "2019 is gonna be a good year for us..." imnotcryingimnotcrying

  • When Ethan said let’s do crazy shit because we can, not little things because we have to... that hit me. Glad Shane gave them good advise and they can start to feel like themselves again

  • I just want to say I love you guys and you will never see me disappear from watching you guys! My boyfriend and I love your videos! I have experienced losing my father who I was closest to. Everyone’s grieving experience is different but from what I hear it doesn’t sound like you guys have grieved properly yet and grief will wait years to be dealt with so I hope now you’re both able to feel the way you feel now and feel better. I had a lot of guilt after my dad passed guilt for things I couldn’t even control guilt is natural. Just know that our dads live through us now and he’s looking down from heaven and he’s proud! Much love ❤️

  • I’m really excited and happy for you moving forward. I related so much to this video, it made me see that I’m not alone and now I feel motivated and thank you. You deserve to enjoy your life as fully as you can. I can’t wait to see what is coming for you guys, greetings from N.L, Mexico.

  • 13:56 Gray looks like the guy from 10 Things I Hate About You

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • the content we subscribed for is not video machine ethan and grayson, who are lost and hurt and living their lives for us. we subscribed to watch you grow, and be human, and take time off to grieve and be the son's your mother needs. if your subscribers now are the type of people to leave and not care about you or your mental health just because you take time off, you don't want those types of people watching you anyways. your real, genuine fans are always here for you, just in the way you're here for us. take your time and live your lives. you're too young to have the pressure of letting people down just because you're taking time for yourself on your shoulders. be nineteen for as long as you can. and stay strong. we all love and support you no matter what. ❤️

  • I didn't follow you guys at all but I am also excited now for your future :)

  • Guys.. I think it would be fun if y’all did a follow us around our hometown type video. So if y’all are home making memories with your family, you can still work a little too. I think it’ll be nice to watch y’all transition into more adult rolls. Shane, bunny and Jenna are great examples. They have large audiences of all ages. You can too 😁


  • Now I hope I have a twin 😅.

  • Any one else notice the duck tape body thing from like 3 years ago

  • 4:14 *feed him he likes apple sauce*

  • Really love this video.♥️

  • first world white problems

  • When ethan was in the field and grayson said there he is, i mentally and physically died of laughter Also, “ what are you even eating??😂”

  • So I don’t really watch them. Are they quitting ID-tv or just making separate Channels?

  • Continue to take care of yourselves.

  • I still don't get the concept of this video

  • ❤️

  • We really appreciate you guys always thinking about us😭😢❤️

  • The Dolan Twins : hahaha no more high-five Few seconds later : *Proceed to high five*

  • i can completely relate i lost my uncle and dad within 10-5 years radius and it’s completely hard to understand why it had to happen but i love that you all are trying to focus on you’re selves first now 🥺

  • in your life there's no one more important than yourself. Take your time guys, stay strong 💪❤️

  • Who’s hear after the announced their not gonna be making videos anymore ? And is having a marathon because they miss them ?

  • the twins : “this is our last intro on this purple couch, with all the lights” me : *jaw drops and soup pours out of me mouth*

  • This is so cute oh my goodness

  • , last year when I was 18, barely turned 18, on October 6th, my dad was killed in a hit and run right on October 27th infront of our house on his dirtbike. During this time we weren't talking and my whole family was fighting with him. He wasnt the nicest person at all which sucked because he died in a bad place in his life. Going through the holidays without him was the hardest thing for all of us to do. Today I still have dreams that hes there and I wake up and hes gone. I just turned 19 and I fully understand what losing a parent feels like. Even tho my father and I weren't close at all, losing a parent still hurts. So I understand.

  • your laugh makes me happy guys!

  • The twins keep talking about having a younger demographic but they should know they have a wide range of people that are genuinely rooting for them cuz they’re so sweet and wonderful 💕

  • I was just watching this video peacefully and then I suddenly realised- its an hour...its Shane OF COURSE IT HAS TO BE A DAMN HOUR

  • no wonder this world is so shitty. no one in the comment section cares about the dolan twins. just trying to comment funny shit for likes

  • Ethan calls Grayson dramatic but actually Ethan's more dramatic then Grayson

  • Why do they look different cus Grayson is wearing black and Ethan is wearing white...

  • Omg! I laughed so hard!!!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭 Garyson!!!!

  • ethan is such an annoying bitchy PMS girl !!! love to grayson though.

  • Rumple still skin who😭😭

  • so precious, and so proud of you guys. truly deserve it all

  • Okay can we talk about how horrible the bosses were😂 they just left them in the dust 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • “We’re going to have a great year next year!” Tati: I’m going to ruin this man’s whole career”

  • why didn’t ethan use grayson’s phone to call his phone instead of his mum ?

  • whu is the outro music gone?

  • Now go and explore the world and spend time with family ♥️

  • I love Grayson's santa hat. Very Important Elf.

  • I’ve been considering subscribing for a long time, this video finally made me decide to do it. Take however long you need to process losing your dad, I lost my stepmom who sad been around basically my whole life when I was 18 and it was awful, but healing is important to figure out.

  • Shane is a huge clickbait for me. Lmao

  • who else misses the sister squad

  • Lol, who else is just watching old Dolan twin videos after they quit? 😂

  • Twins is y'all coming to sc Greenville