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Chaos Walking Review
Chaos Walking Review2 hari yang lalu
Breathedge Review
Breathedge ReviewHari Yang lalu


  • 1:38 Michael B.Jordan Signature move .... (BURN BURN BURN THEM ALL) almost literally every film he cast as ..has to involve FIRE xD

  • Only one question "When?"

  • Rex found Pyra in final destinationnnnn

  • Spider-Man the home spoiler

  • Yeaaahh my nightmares as a child is back, and now is 3d

  • Demake is the word

  • Why they bother with a trailer when all they have to say is "We are releasing this".

  • Why do the graphics look like they're from 2003

  • Why it looks like mobile game?

  • So it's left for dead VR.

  • Spider-Man: Home Depot

  • Just bought this, and the game says his name literally 3 times in the first 30 minutes lol.

  • not sure it is Mortal Kombat or injustice. sub zero is not complete without fatality

  • My friend got her in 3 wishes how tf

  • First is the censoring, and now this? Is Sony trying to make themselves die off?

  • No, they will never be a reality, never.

  • More mobile crap

  • Can't wait for the Angry Review

  • For me its the game of the decade

  • This is what's missing from trackmania, utter nonsense and ridiculous cars. Can't wait

  • Coming soon

  • ExecuteOrder 66

  • I'd Go With Close To Home

  • JSRF 😭

  • The future is now my friends!

  • wow, Aliens Colonial Marines in third person view....

  • I've never played any of the metro series. My 6900XT is coming in soon so I'll wait for that to play 😁

  • The entire WiiU was ported to the Switch.

  • Finally a modern style game similar to ff7, 8 and 9

  • the african american john wick

  • just should have showed gameplay. this looks pretty bad. :/

  • J K Simmons is perfect for Omni- Man

  • Yes Need did

  • For me, game play like at 0:41 doesnt look that great and isn’t that fun to play. Cellphone games should stay on cellphones.Everything else looks pretty awesome

  • Joe TASLIM!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHH

  • WHAT

  • Is this real?

  • Where is wylan though

  • yall whos here in 2021

  • It honestly felt like one of the most average and unfun open world games I've played. Really overrated game.

  • PlayStation Five: *No Where Around* 😳😵😡🎮

  • Graphic from 2006-2008? The Unreal 3 had better quality graphics.

  • Hellish world after the first AI war.

  • well..... it's 2021... where is it please?????? * INSERT TAKE MY MONEY MEME *

  • Guess they must be tired of making Rick and Morty

  • Too bad Jaime's redemption arc amounted to absolutely nothing because of Season 8

  • Simply the best game ever

  • Generic

  • hahahahahahahaahah this is going to be such a gimmik

  • why didnt you booyah alpharad

  • People talking about Video games when this is clearly way deeper

  • My favorite game all time :D

  • Everyone is like "this would've been awesome" but when you think about it, it would be kinda boring and slow. I'm glad we got the game we got.

  • Anyone can tell me when fall guys coming on Android devices 😳

  • Didn't know T-Rex's could do the long jump..

  • Hoping mesh won't create a mess 😂

  • Why aren't we getting a "Rainbow Six" movie?!

  • Alles schön gut aber jetzt schon Werbung dafür machen....

  • Female Eivor is badass too bad the game has serious glitches

  • The comments were 666 when posting this.

  • The only interesting thing in this game are the backgrounds. the rest is a generic jrpg.

  • one of the reason most games ain't improving

  • This looks like one of those games you can just watch a play through.

  • is this an out of season April's fool joke?

  • Anyone remember Hot Wheels Crash and Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver?

  • Can't wait for Holobate and Holohub **Unzips**

  • I'm playing Death Stranding right now, and this is like wat?

  • This has vibes from Mass effect O_O


  • Another Predictive programming piece 🥱

  • oh, yes... they killed my (blank) now i'm angry. very original