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Why Jakarta is sinking
Why Jakarta is sinking7 hari yang lalu
2020, in 7 minutes
2020, in 7 minutes2 bulan yang lalu


  • Hey theives and looters, how about returning them back?

  • Ya pero eres o no eres ?

  • Honestly, after 2 impeachment processes in which Trump wasn't convincted although strong evidences were presented against him I think that the USA impeachment risks to become like the excommunication in the Middle Age :after a while kings became so powerful and indipendent from the religious power that they could continue to do whatever they wanted, even if excommunicated. When this became apparent, the excommunication lost any threat .

  • When putin walks the ground moves for him

  • why not look at the cars used? why always blame government when you can commute with motorcycles when it's much less tedious

  • Why is this so scary and like nostalgic

  • The morse letters are not correct. "C" is not "..." but "_._." and "O" is not ".." but "...".

  • Russia is so broken

  • Everybody needs to calm down. It's just one or few such incidents happened. People are talking like if entire country is like that

  • Uhh havagi ?

  • Hey I live there!

  • This is greed. However, if you are in the corporation's shoes, wouldn't you have done the same? You can say no now because you have not been tested yet.

  • Hey VOX, nice vid of totalitarian regime in Russia! Will u expose Bill Gates as well?Or his global monarchy?Or his $154 mil Mega Mansion that could provide a small country in Africa with electricity?Or how about 'cancel culture'? System in Russia isn't different than in America. Or why opposition of Left Wing is demonized and silenced? Watch over your own country first

  • Y’all sound sad telling a story about black people winning

  • That video aged well...

  • “Illegal settlements” 🇵🇸

  • In Kerala, even Hindus eat beef and no one cares. Kerala is also the most literate state. I'm seeing some connection

  • If Putin really wanted Navalny dead, he would've been dead long time ago.

  • Navalny is a Putin agend

  • Racist

  • "Look this is my new art of the Coronavirus" "Where" "*Coughs on painting*" "Ehem, There"

  • Body aches, fever? I'll pass.

  • Actually, the green new deal is around 50-90 trillion dollars, this would cost the average American 300-400k impacting low-income families or people who are unemployed.

  • Jesus it’s like Ancient Rome.

  • If anyone's wondering the dope track in the beginning and end is Ghosts by Clint Gomez

  • Juan Guaido for president of Russia 🇻🇪🙏👍👌

  • This man's integrity is nothing but admirable.

  • The moaning interviewer unexpectedly unite because sleet alternatively hum as a grotesque park. few fierce, various zoo

  • This guy has just one fundamental flaw,- cosying up with the west. That's exactly what Tsar Vlad doesn't want. Russia has trusted the west twice- and I hope they don't have a third

  • Navalny my boy

  • Dang he is genius🚀🚀

  • 2021: 658

  • Hasan Minahj Is the best comedian.

  • I'm not an American but I can sing this since I know how to belt but this is still hard because belting an octave is really hard and almost impossible to people who cannot sing and don't know basic singing.

  • imagine being so gullible that you believe vox on russian politics

    • @First name Last name the capitol ''riot'' was a terrorist attack lol. and they tried to take down demoracy cuz trump lost

    • I love how they support riots in Russia, but condemn Capitol assault.

  • In the map at the start France doesn’t exist

  • Martwią się o przysłość kraju zabijając dzieci głupie

  • Sources????

  • If Putin wanted Navalny dead, he would already be dead.

  • religion is a scourge

  • and that is what is on display, what about the all the other stuff? what are you teaching here, British museum? if you are powerful enough, its okay to steal other people stuff? Maybe you shoud rename the place. Museum of Stolen Stuff.. because there are not British..

  • Jesus loves you all please repent of your sins God blesss

  • This dude is brave. Down with corrupt authoritarian regimes!

  • I watched this video and i think harry potter i less fantasy then this film

  • Sounds like the morocan old makhzen regime.

  • I wanna know if there are, or have been any studies about lysine.

  • A fish does not hear with ears and a face is not recognized by the mask of a fish . This is the essence of the replication of a man with a fish mask thinking what sounds make none sense somewhat manageable without a reason . It remains occult as a consequence of this and was doomed to be understood as genius by those lacking understanding .

  • Putin walk

  • Why the other medias doesn't call Fox Bullshirt? Why they don't point out the obvious biases? Why do they legitimize them?

  • Wednesday of The Addams Family, well the whole family would have played with this

  • Would you ever consider making a video on Honduras, as a citizen it would be thrilling to have someone bring awareness to our current position.

  • @vox the photo at 4:52 in which you introduce Günter Schabowski actually shows Egon Krenz. He was, among other positions, General secretary of the ruling party at the time and later convicted to prison for manslaughter related to people killed while crossing the Berlin Wall. Otherwise, especially visually, great video as always.

  • 0:40 Yup So unimaginable that there could be a coup against the officials elected by the people by the losing side

  • Well we love him and respect him stop lying 😃

  • Really insightful! Would love to see this transition take place

  • Question, what's the point of getting a diagnosis for ADHD if you're not willing to take medication or when it's not nessecary? Won't it only lead to inconvienences?

  • A lot of people felt same when market was opened for investment in 1991-92 as a result of huge crisis in India. The previous governments have also not bothered to implement reforms & infrastructure for Farmers 1. to increase their income 2. to stop wasting tax payers money in Loan waivers every Electoral season. 3. to help small farmers with permanent and effective infrastructure of food storage 4. to help them with precisely accurate weather forecasting and thus a system has build over time which profits Few like Middleman and Rich Farmers( Who are farmers as they own huge Land, but in reality they employ thousands of small laborer in their fields every harvesting season) but not who owns small land and few cattle. Those who owns agricultural land do not have to pay taxes thus buying agricultural land and employing labor at a lowest wages is a system in place which has kept many people stuck in deep poverty. In my opinion there are no issues with first 2 acts of this law but the third act of contract farming could be be fruitful and game changing if implemented with some protection like minimum purchase price. Finally, The consequence of any decision can be seen only when it's implemented but once privatization is in place, Agricultural market is open for competition for fair price market is also a theory which can be given support by minimum purchase price. State government should provide MSP/MPP(min purchase price) for all crops grown in their region or they should list out minimum purchase price for crops from farmers for contractual farming. All crops/regardless of their growing size should have a fixed (MSP/MPP) price detailed out every year by local state government . When there is an agricultural ministry in place and people are sitting there to work for benefit of country, I am sure they surely can come out with what is fair price for each crop in every season depending upon market and region. Thus I am still not sure what prevents govt in deciding MSPs. Let's say they are not in position to provide MSP/MPP right away this year due to lack of infrastructure ( storage ) then they should obviously be compelled to build such infrastructure at a rate that they can confirm the MSP would be applicable from that date onwards and so would be the laws.

  • Lol 😀many farmers in india supporting farm act...vox channel put Bihar in it's list but they don't gave bihari farmer per capita is less.. there are many others disvantages they faced like flooding and in some area drought ... bihar have 130 million population in compare to Punjab which is approx 30 to 50 million.. .our per capita land holdings is also very less...most important punjabi farmers eat all subsidies of central governments and MSP through mandis...since 22 years..where other states farmers didn't get anything or any benefits ..they want to retain government mandis and old system ..they just want to eat all MSP through mandis retain thier domainance and not allowing other states to do so..😒do your research before post..

  • Wide Putin will never let anything happen. Too much cool he is.

  • My favourite fighter from Fight Night Champion. Played the game, intrigued me to research him and wow what a life and story. Terrible injustice done to this legend.

  • I think this video make lgbt.

  • If I was there 6 year ago and I live there... As a person who go there as a paramedic I wonder if I will be alive...

  • This guy is the protagonist of the story he will never dies and always come back for more and soon he will defeat the antagonist(putin).

  • Benerkah?

  • cape town aquarium in the background: "hehe they can't catch us"

  • Corruption gang

  • For Putin to take this long offing Navalny is just, hes getting sloppy. 🤣

  • Putin's House of Cards

  • I love how they're trying to frame Russia for assassinating people with a nerve agent which doesn't seem to work in any of the cases that have become public, yet Russia still uses it? It's almost as if the west only has a recipe for the Novichok and not other Russian nerve agents, so it's the only thing they can use. If Russia wanted him dead, he'd be dead.

  • I hope they don't move the capital to Borneo b/c that island has a lot of big and small animals that are very close to extinction.

  • I lost my dachshund baby tango a couple days ago. His brother passed away just a year ago. Both my babies are gone and I miss them💔😔

  • *so uncivilized*

  • Your still not gonna force people to have the vaccine it’s their bodies so they’ll do what they want with it

  • I feel greateful for living at an apartment in jakarta now

  • Nuclear Energy could provide us clean and bountiful energy

  • 2021: *100 seconds to midnight.*

  • I hope Navalny is ok over there. He is just alone flighting with Putin.

  • Wow, it’s almost as rigged as the U.S system, as recent events have proven.

  • Vive la France!