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  • Could the initial be a issue due to the fact that a sizeable amount from it would go to man City as a part of the sell on clause?

  • Why an english club would ever let americans buy them is beyond me. People here still watch sports that should be obsolete

  • To be fair Jan and Fabrizio both said it could be a couple of weeks. It's about details between the clubs. Typical incompetence.

  • Man said if you sold your wife lmao

  • Impossible

  • We won’t get him man it’s Woodward he won’t pay the 5 million Dortmund want which we should

  • Time to burn Woodward house again

  • Roy Keane was right Ole Gunnar Solskjær doesn’t get as much praise as Frank Lampard because Ole is not English facts

  • Mark is straight capping on these videos.

  • Love you 💪 flexxx

  • Why is Sancho not holding a United shirt? Because this is real world and things dont happen as per your imagination Mark!

  • If the board does not give the manager the player he wants, how can they expect the manager to 'rebuild' the club. If we end up 4th or 5th next season, without transfers, it is the board i will blame.

  • Dam can we speak about other Transfers or the Europa League. Stop saying its going to happen. I'm happy to let Sancho go elsewhere. Greenwood is our future. Tired being the fools of the transfer market overpaying for talent over and over. No one else is entertaining the Sancho signing for that price. Only the dummy of the transfer market. Man United.

  • Mate your channel is a business with most things involved in any kind of commerce...calling it otherwise does not change the fact.

  • Money argument is not good enuff? Its the only argument. Its a business.

  • 0:29 magnificent

  • 0:12 gnarly

  • Maybe the smoke from OT was them burning the piano as part of the Sancho reveal, it could be filmed now if Sancho isn't a part of that clip. Ok Sancho isn't done yet so it's a little jumping the gun but it could be done or at least agreed by both teams but they've agreed to hold off on the announcement because of the media coverage both sides are getting and we all know how football clubs especially United love the media attention and social media interactions. Milk that cow

  • ID-tv served me this video for no reason...just came here to say: no one knows what's going to happen. We got third! 🥳🥳🥳

  • Mark - you are in denial. United will not sign Sancho.

  • This is exactly why I’ve never blamed our previous mangers or Ole for our recent failures. The board and Ed Woodward have never properly supported the Ole or LVG or Jose. It’s time for them to do their job and give Ole the support he deserves.

  • Prat

  • Dead team

  • I don't know what's United budget for transfer.. What United need most is a central midfielder to pair with Bruno /relieve Bruno.. Matic and pogba, regular starter are too slow in action. We need fast, agile and confident mid fielder like Grealish, partey

  • Mark: Frank's a 🥕 Crowd: *Gos wild*

  • I hope this deal happens as soon as possible. We have always lacked a good right winger but Jadon Sancho will be the perfect man for that wing

  • just pay the fucking 90 mill dun be cheap were Manchester United for god sake

  • does he deserve 120 mil?

  • Smoke was spotted inside old trafford today look on footyemporium on instagram prbobably sancho announcement

  • Sancho isn’t coming. Woodward dosnt have a clue what he is doing

  • Ole isn't a MOTY nominee because it's manager of the YEAR not half a year and frankly in the first half of the season Ole was none existent and he had £145m to spend and he's been a manager for years. Lampard is in his first full season as a manager, he had no transfer window and he's had them in and around top 4 most if not all season. Lampard deserves to be nominated, Ole doesn't. Now if it was manager of half a year Ole's in with a shout

  • Just pay 10million euros more ed for god sake.

  • It has to sell before 10th of august from bild and jan or else bvb will not sell.

  • Well said mark about agenda mate well said 👏👏

  • Mark please stop teasing us with the Pogba news I really want to know pleeaassee

  • Flex and dem.. everybodys G!

  • The only reason Lampard is there is because he's English. Not discriminating just simple facts. English players and managers are looked at more than that of their foreign opposition in the Premier League.

  • Ole spent 200 mill over Lampard!

  • You guys are giving Woodward too much credit and air time. I would not trust him to run a bath. One week ago Ole said he wanted it sorted out quickly as we need other players and here we are. Woodward briefed the UK Media to stop the rumours and speculation and because of his inaction he has done exactly the opposite. I can see this going tits up and he will make himself the most hated man in the world.

  • if you sell your wife 🧐🤣

  • Carrot vs Tomato 🤣

  • Sancho isn’t happening! Dortmund have priced united out of the transfer

  • jadon sancho said he hasn’t had any talk in movie to Manchester United

  • What about a new centre back and another creative midfielder?

  • It’s not happening, United will not pay 120 million euros and rightfully so

  • Because of next premier league season starting on september 12th I don't see why United would sign Sancho on september 7th. They want him to be able to play at the start of the season

  • Woodward deserves a kick in the teeth

  • Mark is chatting load of rubbish how can you say frank don’t deserve it when he has had a transfer band most of his players where injured at the start of the season and ole has had that team for almost two years that why frank deserved it more

  • "HELLO evvybody and welcum to Tha YANITED.STAAND!"

  • Woodturd out.

  • Wow I'm surprised at the speed & willingness to do this deal. Respect to united board & Woodward

  • Lingard was shite. He was hardly on the ball, he didn't even score - it was an own goal. Mata was miles better, such a better footballer. Problem with Mata is, just too slow.

  • who else is listening in augest 2020 !!! hahahahahahahahah

  • So,so deluded. Utd will never challenge so long as Pogba remains at Utd.

  • We cant believe anything until he's holding up a manchester united shirt

  • Pretty obvious sancho doesn't want a move to utd. Madrid's loss In the champions league will be a catalyst for a bid for sancho by Madrid.

  • Mark....please stop saying dotting the i’s and crisis the T’s. I feel like it’s the same as strong and stable now 😂

  • Every time just bogus rumours mark I'll believe it when i see it

  • Imagine Pogba, Bruno, Cr7.

  • I would like to see Goldie's face when this transfer doesn't go through. Everything is just theory or speculation.