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Maroon 5 - Memories
Maroon 5 - Memories2 bulan yang lalu
Maroon 5 - Wait (Audio)
Maroon 5 - Wait (Audio)2 tahun yang lalu
Maroon 5 - Maps (Audio)
Maroon 5 - Maps (Audio)5 tahun yang lalu
Maroon 5 - VEVO24s
Maroon 5 - VEVO24s9 tahun yang lalu


  • Leeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuk

  • Time flies but memories last forever😔

  • Great song but the fact that Ilhan Omar is in it, it scares me away. She's dangerous.

  • Me when I lose my mum at Walmart

  • يمكن سمعت الغنيه اكثر من 60 مره

  • Adam Levine with beard looks like Cratos: God Of War ....

  • yes cheers to the memories,Thank you.

  • Fantastic

  • That's fuckin awesome

  • Toast to the ones that are hear all ma friend..I love u

  • Suka sekaliii kereeeen👍

  • Tik Tok??? 🔻

  • *in 2 days ,I will tell A girl that I like her more than just a friend,I hope all the wonderful moments we shared together won't become memories ,I will upload you guys wish me luck*

  • Write something....

  • "Toast to the One here today.. the one that we hope we dont lose on our way..😢

  • Hy from malaysia..nice song

  • If you love God and maroon 5 please let like blz tamo together <3

  • i hate it when someone close to your heart die :'(

  • 50 likes and i will tell my crush i like her i will edit this later and tell y'all what happened 👍

  • The reason why I drank a lot of wine before the final exam is: “Cause the drinks bring back all the memories”

  • John Mayer - Half Of My Heart

  • That chief was also like that what had happened haha comedy moment

  • Fact u spelled video wrong

  • who is here in december 2019 like me

  • Ragnar is coming back

  • Millie?

  • Budget of the video-----> 5 dollars

  • This song was like being played almost everywhere on the radios and it doesn't even have at least a billion views tf

  • i lisen to this song at school

  • Omg ❤

  • This song hits me hard 2019 was the toughest thing... may bestfriend .. or like my sister .. we are pair in every cosplay and bond so much.. and in a snap she replaced me with some friends she just met, another my auntie who stand to be like my mother since my mom is OFW and we are barely close.. she died with breastcancer and another my on and off relationship of my parents.. my 2nd family made me feel like Ive done something which i dont know even i ask so that i could change my bad side but instead no response of message i suffered Depression like supposed to be you have family by your side. But not. i work to To live for myself .. despite of negative i wanted to be one of the survivors and heal step by step of my mental illness.. and share to anyone with same situation like mine how beautiful it is to be alive... I hope to be blessed this 2020 thank you 😁❤

  • Today’s exactly one year since our Grand mom passed away. So I’ll dedicate a part from the song, “ now my heart feel like an ember and it’s lighting up the dark, I’ll carry these torches for ya that you know I’ll never drop” Always in our heart.

  • Is it me or he looks like a viking?!?!...🤔🤔

  • Lagu tai

  • questa canzone è molto buona.

  • Love u Maroon 5​❤​❤​❤

  • OMG!! 200 Million views....GOOD LUCK for this song Maroon 5 I think this song will be famous as like ''Girls like u'' Love u Maroon 5​❤​❤​❤

  • Je suis le commentaire Français que tu cherche 😅

  • This song is so under rated

  • 🏯

  • This video is stupid.

  • It love thes song

  • Me: Let us drink to forget... Adam: "drinks bring back all the memories ,all the memories We been through"

  • I had good opinions abt this song before I saw this video

  • Jason DERULO - It Girl

  • One Republic - Secrets

  • Demi Lovato - Skyscraper

  • Adam Levine : 15% Kratos : 85%

  • I just wanna like this, cause this is good song

  • 2009 : MAROON 5 2019 : GOD OF WARR

  • Hey who remembers their *memories* now


  • Lets play God of War 4

  • what if appear behind u

  • I like your voice

  • Messi's good at singing, too

  • Maroon 5: So I'm following the map that leads to you Me: Turns off GPS on my phone

  • 아니 비달도 아니고 수염은 그렇다쳐도 머리는 왜저러냐

  • lagi ngebayangin pas resepsian , bintang tamu nya penyanyi terkenal ❤

  • Canon in D. 😊

  • this song is misery too me

  • Anyone in December 💙

  • 😢😢😢😢

  • ❤❤

  • He saved only the girl

  • wonder woman is in this video

  • Almost 6years but still so lit❤

  • Until now maroon 5 the best singer for me.all his song have since.

  • You are Psicópata

  • .

  • 2020? -future me in october 8 2020 :)

  • All the memories 😭😭😭

  • 2020 coming

  • "Memories bring back,Memories bring back you"<3

  • Who hopes for a better life in 2020?


  • Just wanted to say: Be safe and strong, this world values you very much

  • Adam teared up at the shoot of this vid....

  • 2019 was really hard for me because it was the year i graduated elementary so that meant me and my friends where seperating in different school and i am the only on in my new school Its really hard that the person who gave you the best memories will become a memorie

  • Canon In D vibes?

  • Why does this song make me emotional

  • My ex introduced this song to me... right after we break up... lol!

  • I don't know but this song made me cry tears of nostalgia 🥺🥺

  • I LOVE❤️

  • God of war kratos

  • لي زالجيريا ديرو جام 😕

  • memories bring back memories bring back yoew

  • canon in d

  • Who’s watching after Adithya Varma release?

  • 4:08 was that Myles Yachts ? I really love Memphis Jookin!!!

  • Please come to Kolkata(Calcutta) India

  • Just wonderful ! I like this music too much. It's the best musicin the world !!!!

  • ∂ ∂tpt(X1) = −divX1 (F p 1 t) + i,j ∂2((Q/2)ijpt) ∂Xi∂Xj pt(X1 )|t=0 = p0(X1 ) + TH (This Song) = Predict Happiness in 2020 -

  • Is it me, or does it sound like he was listening to Canon In D Major when writing this???

  • Canon D....

  • ang galing mu kuya

  • tis is just weird …. just his face

  • mantap

  • 2020 is gonna be the last year of primary school for me:p i a m g o n n a c r y

  • found out my friends were fake camreon boyce died Legends died :(