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  • So a premonition dream is basically deja vu

  • Well hello again friend I'm a skeleton returning from the dead and I've got a bone to pick with you little human

  • What is your least favorite food?

  • Finally

  • Intelligence increase over time is known as wisdom.

  • Watching this at night is eye murder

  • I love how space silence has a noise

  • Perhaps one attempt you fell slightly, enough to lower the camera a few pixels and not actually notice, but your subconscious remembered and added a what if in that dream that happened to be right?

  • That actually happens to me too! Oml 😳 i thought I was the only one oml!

  • Dutch public transport is very good i now

  • I have never vibed with a video like this before.

  • Sugar snap peas

  • hi, I read your description boxes 👋

  • Alpharad's voice "um actually"

  • w i g g l y

  • hello I love you I hope you are well too! - description box reader

  • Same as me

  • Dude, go to China and have a bone surgery, THEY DONT GIVE U PAIN RELIEF! (ok they do but it doesn’t work at all but I got a drug just cuz we paid a whole lot of money to they doctors)

  • I didn't know sweetpea was a flower 🥺

  • Imma be honest a cardboard box sounds amazing

  • “I don’t buy it.” *proceeds to buy it*

  • turn on captions and look for UwU

  • What about vegans?

  • what

  • What wjere am i what is this video about I js woke up from depression nap

  • "I don't buy it." 5 seconds later: 10/10

  • Hi

  • I'm making the same face as the McDonald's guy as you're continuously telling me to do this mud run

  • I did a handstand and broke my collarbone on the way down.

  • Two in spanish is "dos" why did you think that?

  • He protect he attack but mostly he HURT

  • Sometimes I wake up and during the day I have this... feeling and I kinda feel like I’ve gone through that exact thing turns out I had a dream aboot it

  • Drink. Your. Milk.

  • Who’s here three years later looking back on the good old days before 2020?

  • Me: sprains my ankle when i trip playing tag a few years ago. Me: aaaaAAAAHHHHHHHHHH :,( *proceeds to not be able to walk for a week and for the next three years consistently twist the same ankle and die every time*

  • must be a geographical thing but whatever you said is a daddy longlegs, is nothing like what we call it in the uk (at least in the midlands) cause thats what we call crane flys, (dumb flying wanna-be spiders)

  • Oof

  • The thing of getting the phone..... I got my first at 7 but my lip bro at frickin 3

  • If you wanna know, two in spanish is dos if you don't, why are you reading?

  • I have broken around 4 fingers and 6 toes in my lifetime I'm 13 :> thanks, doors and corners of the school tables

  • Bro you still alive

  • Oh jeez, if I was in such a situation, I would have a big problem because my heart is too soft to even kill a mosquito. Or any other living thing, no matter how annoying or scary it is...

  • I wish I could have a treehouse, but I live in southern Alabama, so, you know. Hurricanes.

  • Great promotion-advertisement thing, dude! LOL.

  • 700

  • I mean I've done all of these and I am very smart

  • Unexpected name drop XD

  • When he said youngest in the family raise your hand me : * raises hand *

  • ok dream have meaning but brain change your memories and the more you think about it the more he's doing it so you may be like oh i remember this one time i dreamed about and you're brain go boop and then your like IT'S THE SAME THING

  • I don't know why, but "Square brain" is freaking adorable

  • when he said wwiggly and i saww him moving through the course i couldnt help but think "so hes a cockroach...?"

  • how did he make the sponsor better then the video show me your ways

  • Whenever my mom has a nightmare or a dream about the future, it mostly comes true.

  • 0:52 fleeing the complex

  • Cream: it needs to be cheep and affordable Me: HM YES THE FLOOR HERE IS MADE OUT OF FLOOR

  • Yo what the hell, sugar snap peas are TOTALLY a thing. There are sweet peas

  • Macaroni and cheese pizza with carrots

  • I like pizza without cheese.

  • U see... It is nut poopoo cuz it happens EVRY FIRCKIN DAY

  • I got a phone at seven, older brother 9, older older brother 11... yay!!

  • All my friends are hanging out at the obstacle course Wait there are no people at the obstacle course

  • Because of the pay per view, did any of you realize that the band “Rolling Stones" is just a good wordplay for Rock'n'Roll?

  • If you drink milk. You get taller. Bowser in every mario game: Look Mario, I'm Huge

  • ah yes the mild zelda game

  • Humans have the power of outsmarting themselves and look into the parallel universe.

  • I feel the same as you lol

  • Dad: are ya winning son? Me:

  • 1:02 this may be a dumb question but is that a boy or a girl talking? the first time I heard that I figured he/she was his room-mate or something

  • For the intro why didn’t you just tear off the middle hair one and use it as the tail so you didn’t have to move it out to make ears?

  • I sprained my wrist before and I thought I had broken it too it hurt

  • 5:40 I had literally just subscribed

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • Bro, I remember when u had 56k subs, I’m not subbed tho lol

  • If I were you I would punch that headphone dude in the face

  • Ice cream Sandwich: is deuce german? Me, a german: not even close

  • You're the most underrated channel I know of.

  • 0:00 You sounded rlly seductive- and i panicked-

  • 5:58 what's hapening here Me: I'm in this picture and I don't like it.

  • *Wiggle sounds*

  • I think they wear headphones like that is cuz there head hurt I mean it happens to me