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  • Same

  • youre insane at math

  • I agree with him, pizza is good hot a cold, for me.

  • The spookiest thing you have is your box of humans you just keep around

  • You haven’t posted in two months are you okay?

  • "How do I use it" *"you know the right bumber thing"*

  • vegan cheese are for vegans and any more who cant have cheese. I think. problemo solved!

  • All pineapple eaters and non eaters, we have an ew common enemy... kiwi pizza lovers. We need to put our differences aside, team up and defeat them.

  • when you are at the dentist... 4:22

  • Hi, I'm here to talk about hurting myself! I'd say I'm even a pro at it. I'm mostly experienced in the stair area. I've broken a bone once. It was the second worse bone to break. Which is the nose. I broke it being an idiot too. God damnit! I'm such an idiot for going under the tumble track! (If you don't know what a tumble track is it's basically a long trampoline) I went under the tumble track and someone jumped on it and it smashed my face into the concrete floor. Very fun! *Visible sarcasm* I also had to get two surgeries because my nose was crooked... so yay... I fall up and down the stairs so freaking much! It's kinda impressive... I was walking up the stairs to go to my bedroom with my fresh batch of tea to go see some tea sis. And I tripped on AIR! AIR! WTF!? HOW? So I was bruised very badly but I only cared about my tea! I betrayed my tea by accident! It was very depressing... *Sad violin* Walls and glass doors aren't my friend either... I'm so sorry for this but I had to! Also sorry if the grammar or spelling is bad. I suck at that kind of stuff.

  • Oh god this happened to me too, just a bit different. So, I was walking home from school with two of my friends. We were really hyped about winter break and it's our last year in high and yeah. So like this was recently, and it was _c o l d_. They were running around and jumped over this pile of dirt, and I decided I was gonna do the same. So yeaH, I jumped too early and.. *smeK* I broke my ankle And I was like carried back home Heh happy they were there

  • I love pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕!! Pizza!!

  • My dream tree house is the one from Swiss family Robinson but with modern appliances

  • Nice intro...i guess

  • "You good?" "ʸᵉᵃʰ"

  • I've watched this video 9 months ago, and it got recommended again to me today and its ironic because... I actually fractured my ankle a month ago... and had to get surgery 💀💀💀 so I guess Im now one of those americans that have fractured a bone

  • Hey I went as a box one year too

  • Relatable

  • Ripp astralia now, it didn’t exsplode but it is on fire

  • It’s breath of the dield

  • Woah good timing I almost forgot about you

  • Luckily for my dad, he was 18 when his youngest sister was born. However, I have witnessed him wanting to destroy her because she's an idiot.

  • 1mi subs Noice.

  • Who else is using a fidget spinner in 2020?!

  • Floor Wall Wall Wall Wall Roof Window Door! 😂

  • Cheese pizza is the only kind of pizza I enjoy! Yum!

  • 0:25 my parents made me wait until the age my older brother was at when he was allowed to do more stuff

  • I once shattered my bone when I was 3

  • So how bad does breaking a bone hurt?

  • why does the neck phones guy sound so similar to somethingelseYT?

  • Beutiful

  • Do a face reveal

  • Your friends,your family,your neighbours,your neighbours do...

  • 10/10

  • when he gonna upload agin

  • That was... vore at the end

  • Pewdiepie will be proud

  • Me sleeping peacefully: Spider in my room:RiSe anD ShINe(O_O) Me:三三ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗᕕ(ಥʖ̯ಥ)ᕗ

  • My friend bite my pizza So i put pineapple on his pizza *CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH*

  • I physically flinched when you said "it might get on our faces".

  • 2020 rest in peace ice cream man

  • I live in Australia and it’s fun I take them all out back in the world

  • I have a story really similar to this! It was a few months ago, at this Corn Maze, and there was this bouncy house. But, this wasn't a normal one. No, it was hard and if you fell you would probably get hurt. I fell, I heard a noise, and all the sudden my foot and ankle exploded into pain. I've never broke a bone, but I was terrified I had. Nope, turns out I just sprained it and I never went to the doctor. God, I was so moody for a few days and I would just scoot along the floor to get my way around the house lol. So, I've never broken a bone, but that was probably the worst pain I've ever been in. Lol that happened when I was in 5th grade, I'm in 6th now XD

  • I broke a bone at 3

  • from what ive heard breaking a bone is less painful then a sprain, ive never broken a bone, so i could be wrong. something about your body going into shock or something

  • “Who reads the description before watching the video?” Well I did that but it was because the video was still loading for a long time.

  • anyone else read the description of the video?


  • They won And theyy... Get the priiiize Congratulations......................... (Inhales smol human)

  • *picks up ant* "Do ants poop?"

  • my old friend didn't like pizza😔

  • I had a broken arm!

  • *Me sitting on the couch watching the video* "Youngest one in the family raise your hand!" *me raises hand* My mom: 🤨

  • i dont like pizza

  • 1:15 The people I know who do this, they do it just in case someone speaks to them or just in case they need to be able to hear something, so, I’m assuming that’s why. Also cause it looks a little cooler lol

  • Who else noticed the bowl makes him looks super happy? 3:30

  • I can only imagine recording the wiggly sounds ._.

  • This one this one this I one

  • Rip Kobe and his Daughter 😞😔

  • Me

  • Breaking a bone doesnt actually hurt that much

  • I never broke a bone 🦴

  • Well I subscribed so get the oven heating

  • I fucking love it

  • Pumpkin: *exists* Ice: I'm going to ruin this man's career

  • My brother got a phone at 6 and went through a couple

  • "y'know, pizza stopped ww3 once." *Italian intensifies*

  • The captions...

  • 0:39 yee haw cowboy

  • Everyon's saying how he's wrong and that only 2 in every 100 americans break a bone annually. That means he's 98 out of every 100 americans?

  • I... Never liked pizza...

  • 1:00 it comfy

  • My friend hit her head so hard that her score was shoo

  • My

  • When are you gonna make a new video

  • When I was two I got a concussion owwwwwwww

  • What if all the spiders are just children to one gargantuan 1,000,000 year old spider

  • I broke my leg a long time ago and the only thing that hurt about it was the shitty nurse who tried to wrap it like I was a wild animal😂

  • I catch and realease spider

  • I don't like pizza too much

  • lets all praise Ice Cream for slapping himself for the slap effects.

  • stop liking my comment, stoopid

  • title or video:hurt me: OK BOOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are you ever going to do a face reveal?

  • I just thought of something Ice cream sandwich is maybe melted If you know you know Hint 2019-2020

  • Olive

  • 0:13 0:13 0:13 0:13

  • Ive never broken a bone but yesterday i fell like 11 to 12 feet from a tree

  • Why is this so entertaining lol

  • Ok now im a ghost ya. (See's Hitler and takes over heaven)

  • Ok now im in the hospital still ya. (Just died)

  • Hey look .. Look at me (snort) i just put a pencil in my nose yayyy. I have a mental illness

  • His art style is so simple it cool 😜


  • Normal people:watch normal speed intro gods:watch at 2x speed intro

  • *legend has it that the man is still rolling*

  • The beginning got me kinda dirty minded ngl-

  • What if your lactose n tollerent?

  • As i was watching this my sister gave me her milk from her cereal

  • Today you eat for my subscription. In a nearby tomorrow it shall be my turn on your dinner plate.