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  • Me too...

  • Wait you have to sisters and your the youngest Wow for me that's a 100% relatable

  • It wasnt that bad

  • 1:00 he's a crip ''CONFIRMED''

  • Looks at zig zagged leg “hmmmm....hhmmmmmmmm...yeah ya foot dead m8”

  • I swear, this guy is kirby’s human form..

  • I for some reason really HATE it when people kill spiders, like, they did nothing!! just release them outside or something.

  • hey there early congratulation for 1 milion subbs

  • ”Drink your milk.” Me: but i hate milk-

  • Am i the only one in the comments who is an only child? •_• Ok.

  • I don’t like pizza

  • I once got aknife in my hand *So that was a thing*

  • Pancakes!!!! I need them now!!

  • You're not the only one who've never broken a bone

  • My costume was an Ethernet explorer logo I came 4 days late on purpose Think about it for a little

  • English is NOT my first language so dont mind my typing. when i was 12 i broke the second toe on my right foot while playing tag, i had my shoes off to run faster in the sand and my friend stood on my toe while i was turning around (i tried to juke him). and then i took off my sock and my toe was sideways. then we had to go to the hospital, and so that it didnt get to thic and harder to put straight they had to put my toe straight right away. (no sedative) and it hurt... you dont want to know. now i cant bent my toe because it grew back without the join, as one bone im 15 almost 16 rn btw

  • And on his Twitter its I regret makeing the mess XD 10/10 jack o lantern tho

  • *stuttering intensifies*

  • My friend is vegetarian AND lactose why

  • "public transit ... cheap !?" in germany it is cheaper to have your own car

  • In italy it's a whole pizza for 1 person Like if you're in italy 2019 l l l \/👇\/

  • And then there's that one gluten free vegan

  • uh oh stinky

  • My dad hate pizza!🙃🙃

  • hurt.

  • Me living in Australia: Spiders: *its free real estate*

  • me in Australia : *_cries in Australian Bunnings_*

  • Milk strengths your bones

  • *do ants poop?*

  • mah dood had Calvin and Hobbes, yes, Iapprove

  • I know someone who hates music. I'm not comfortable around him.


  • I like garlic pizza

  • pizza i love

  • This man has a +10 dexterity modifier

  • I'm the anonymous guy

  • 0:01 Questionable sounds for smacking at the beginning. Sorry I brought that up ;-;

  • ID-tv: *sees knife* nope demonitized sorry bud nope

  • If you want some blast just get some nitroglycerin. It's *so safe.*

  • Wait what i drank so much milk and I'm 5' 3"

  • I want the merchhh bruhhh

  • Almost a million now

  • Lol that intro is my vrother!!!

  • I'm so happy I found this channel! I love the comedy in it

  • The vegan can't have cheese

  • 2 out of every 100, not 2/10... 🙄🙄

  • “Do ants poop?”

  • Hey to let y’all know that if you find a dead spider it might just be the skin from it shedding to grow more... Heheheheheh

  • I fell down the stairs this morning ;-;

  • O-O

  • oh yes 0:42

  • Not today

  • I broke my arm

  • Lactose intolerant people: yes i know when im not wanted anymore

  • what happened to ice cream sandwichs

  • Ice Cream Sandwich: If I don’t post a video by the end of November, I will make you all pancakes Everyone: :O

  • I'm scared of them to

  • Big ol' beefer spider he

  • Ah yes, the less known pokemon type advantage: Door > Spider

  • Last week saturday I've fell the stairs in a friends basement upwards with a bottle in my hands, long story short: 6 stitches in total, the tip of one of my fingers is permanently numb and I can't bend the two fingers I've got cut up really fucking bad

  • Spraining limbs...oof. I sprained my left ankle getting out of the bus 6 years ago. It still hurts

  • Instructions not clear enough, dick stuck in toaster

  • "it spins" Me:you just found that out 🤦😆

  • Spin Spin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 🍕🍕🍕

  • 🌲🏠

  • 🕷🕷😱

  • Also been

  • There are some times where a sprain hurts more than a broken bone, it depends of the broken bone and the sprain, but generally broken bones are more painful

  • What program do u use to animate?

  • A pizza roll

  • I'm 8 out of every American Tooooooooooooooo👌

  • Dude.. Those small spiders.. its a hint.. Follow the spiders

  • Just to know I'm allergic to spiders so mean spiders super Spider-Man in the battle in the hospital

  • Lmao you had pretty good sisters I had a living nightmare with my brothers thou ......

  • I am both the eldest and youngest... I’m an only child...

  • This good

  • Some people are fast or starong..... But I am *wiggly*

  • I Can jump From Higher And Not Get Hurt. HOW DO YOU GET HURT?!?!

  • Me: sees spider Spider: Me: hellooo little baby, how did u get here. Cmon let me help u outside :3

    • Yes :3 spiders are so cute

  • "and pineapple for the weird one" me: _sad_ :( "I'm the weird one" me: *FINALLY I'M YHE ONLY ONE >:D*

  • The blue chair... The BLUE CHAIR

  • My brother doesn’t like pizza. You wanna know why? Because the sauce is too thicc on the first bite and it tastes weird. I have no idea why tho

  • what i learned is don't get in an obstacle course race with an ice cream sandwich, no. you can't fly (stop it) and if you break a bone your safe...

  • Your Hilarious bro I had to subscribe

  • I watched two videos. I love you. Post more.

  • cute

  • aaii aiii

  • Yo where’s my pancakes

  • Which sister told you that you make really good pancakes? Also it’s rural

  • My sister hates pizza

  • Breaking bones isn’t as bad as you might think because the pain hose away a lot faster. I broke my arm and a bone in my foot when I was younger I think when I broke my arm I was 6 or something and I didn’t cry very much

  • 32 kill streak 2:59

  • *S M I R N O F F* T O M!

  • *FOOL* put the box right side up and be a bowl for all the candy

  • Pineappl

  • He won the pumpkin carving contest he is in the final 2

  • Me who doesnt like pizza: *slowly fades into the shadows*

  • Its called hurt cus he cant spell pain

  • mmmm string lights