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Antonionne Football Antonionne Football

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  • Fanstatique

  • I wonder how much he would cost at this time? If neymar can go for 225million ,yet he is not even haif the player Dinho was

  • and can any of sub my channel death rangers of fifa

  • amazin video

  • Great

  • Psg çok sert oynamış insan gibi oynamamışlar büyük kulüp diye neymar oyundan resmen atmamış hakem.

  • His knees were almost at the defenders head

  • His headers are just lovely

  • The best forward soccer player is not one who has great individual skills, but one who can always read the positioning of his mates and himself speedily so as to move the attack in such formation as to break the opponent's defence and score. That to me is much more entertaining.

  • Everyone be like messi cant do it Obviously cuz he is short But he doesnt need headers His left leg is enough to play 1000 times better than cristiano

  • DAsli

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  • 4:06 music name ??? please ❤️


  • Ronaldinho is king in footbool world

  • bullshit thumbnail. zizo is obviously better and you couldn't fool me. actually zizo did the same in thumbnail to Ronaldinho in real life real world

  • Do Like for background Punjabi song

  • Messi my guy de best

  • ¢нє¢к συт му ¢нαииєℓ уσυ ωσит вє ∂ιѕαρρσιитє∂!!

  • Wow let me also becme like u

  • Ronalndho

  • I build confidence in football

  • So inspired to everyone


  • These are a small image of Cristiano and messi playing together

  • Был К О Р О Л Ь!!

  • Legends🖤

  • I love all game Neymar who is with me?👍

  • Who is fan Ronaldinho?👍

  • ❤❤❤


  • Have you seen MARCELO ON BEAST MODE Search it

  • neymar kissed a girl watch it :

  • Let one more win Brazil world cup 2022

  • that wasnt a very good video. how bout you make a video where this guy ACTUALLY scores a goal for once

  • This guy destroyed everyone he come's a cross he is a legend

  • Hye

  • Whats the 🎵 🎵 🎵

  • Psg-Galatasaray özeti izledim sanki

  • I love this guy very much

  • Al diablo Messi, Cristiano, Maradona, Ronaldo, Pelé y Diestefano. Éste es el mejor de todos los tiempos

  • both fans ronaldo and messi👇

  • If Ronaldo is nba player,he can dunk better than stephen curry.he athletics like derrick rose

  • Name music?

  • Wow!!!! Funny Nigeria comedy movie , watch and be happy

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  • £{VIEWS}let's cheer up humans for the latest Gamer compensator 😆😆😆👇👇

  • nice skills

  • Nice one


  • Please don't say never seen jn football your heading is wrong South Africa has been doing some of these skills before Ronaldinho

  • I like Brazilian football

  • My favourite player is jr Neymar


  • Cristiano fans click

  • this guy was a fuckin crayz the amazing guy

  • Which is that song?

  • King of football

  • Can we find another player like him again??