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  • Want a magic

  • Yo asi juego cuando mi novia me ve jugar 😝🤣😂

  • 2:36 beats past 3 Milan legends: Gattuso, Pirlo & Nesta with a smile on his face..,😊 The only player in the modern game to play just because he loved the game and had no haters. He got the standing ovation from Bernabeu, a feat achieved by only few (and fewer from a Barca player), something messi hasn't achieved.

  • And the someone boldly comes out and calls Messi/Ronaldo the GOAT. Ronaldinho is the GOAT x354

  • One of the greatest entertainer in football world .

  • whats the name of the music?

  • Tive a honra de ser driblado por ele e confesso que não vai existir um jogador mais liso que ele.

  • Brilliant

  • Change the football

  • Esse Geralt de Rivia esta diferente muito Dibrador esse Bruxo. Hahaha se e loko o Melhor.

  • He makes every legendary defenders new bie.

  • Thanks for making me alive again.

  • Song

  • This man wins... others learn..... A Hero of football to be certain !

  • Magic

  • You spelt Jay Jay okocha wrong .

  • The background music? Who is the artist?

  • Esse sim era o cara .. porra de Messi.. tem comparação..

  • 🤙🏿👏🏾🙏

  • Jevequedunaprom agelefoollpo

  • I agree with the comments.. He was some else. But I don't agree with the name of the video. Alot of his skills already been before him. So is not new. But he did made it look easier then anyone else. He was flawless. But I've seen his moves before him. If it wasn't for him drinking. He probably would be the best player who ever played.. I mean. Who else have you seen score goals on a rival team and still get a standing ovation by that rivel team fans. When he score against real madrid. Real Madrid fans applause him.. You don't see that. But yea he was great. My opinion. Pele and Ronaldhino the best to ever play the game..

  • The greatest footballer to ever live. Pele, Ronaldo and Messi can't lace his football shoes. Simply the best.

  • se não fosse a caçhaça, samba e mulher e farra , seria o melhor de todos os tempo9s

  • People say Messi/Ronaldo are the best... this man is the best

  • I surely miss him on Fifa when he was with Barca, unstoppable force

  • The Best player Ever.....

  • CR7 só pra ganhar views

  • Por mim mereciam todos bola de Ouro do mundo

  • o melhor

  • É por títulos de vídeo como esses que eu tero minha inscrição do canal

  • um gênio do futebol

  • Geluksvogel deze man

  • El arte del futbol


  • Ele não era humano

  • He is best player of the wold

  • He is best player of the wold

  • Ao tem igual

  • Messi aprendeu jogar com este cara aí.

  • For some reason every time I watch a ronaldihno video it makes me sad and it also makes me wanna try even harder ❤️

  • قال ميسي قال كريستيانو مافي مثل السطوره رولانديهدو

  • *Top Notch,*

  • Plot twist: His real name is BRUNO

  • Joga muito

  • Eric jdember jdember is on Zidanes level GOAT

  • The opposing audience wouldn’t even boo either they knew this man was phenomenal!

  • Ronalddinho is the last skillful player I watch, football was so sweet

  • Respect

  • He's still one of the best ever

  • Hlo

  • Hands down one of the best players of all time !

  • The most skillfull player i have ever seen

  • Not trying to hate but you have to give credit to where credit is do. 2:34-3:15 that move was created by el Majico Gonzalez when he played for Cadiz and played against and along side Maradona

  • Could u pls tell the name of the songs used?

  • Skill is obtained by hard work...

  • 100 Messis = 1 Ronaldinho

  • For everyone else it was a job, for him it was a GAME ! Fantastic!


  • RONALDO 9 WAS the Father of Ronaldinho

  • Ronaldinho:did a new skill Everyone:Les copy this

  • Uma lenda viva ! Eu o vi jogar, que privilégio.

  • And you’re telling me this isn’t the greatest footballer to grace the planet earth? Huh!

  • Nunca mais vai existir um camisa 10 assim não mesmo por isso ele e o bruxo R10

  • Cr7

  • Crazy fundamentals

  • Your are a good player

  • Isso q me faz amar o futebol

  • I enjoyed watching him during all his career he is super was football with elegance.

  • Messi + ronaldo = Ronaldinho👌👌

  • For me ..he is the best footballer. Until today I still wonder.. why he was thrown out of Brazil team during his prime...such a waste

  • Sem dúvida.. o melhor driblador de todos os tempos. Ronaldinho gaúcho. 🇵🇹

  • Lol maybe in the French league bobby mani mo do it week in week out in the hardest league in the world , to be honest if you look at Ronaldinho there was no one to touch his ability with a ball you can keep naymar he wouldn’t even get in our first 11 at Liverpool he’s to lazy

  • What is the name of the first song btw ronaldinho footwork is insane

  • Rvd l0charmi

  • @ plz help to subscribe this channel tq

  • @ plz help to subscribe this channel tq

  • His the steph curry of Football

  • Ate hoje sou mt fã desse bruxo ta loco jogaa demais mito

  • I?! Fantastyczna bramka Ronaldinho! Cóż za piękny gol (Greetings from Poland)

  • Better than pele

  • Melhor jogador que eu vi jogar em todo os tempos.

  • He had the foot of the gods no one can touch the ball like he did the true goat of football

  • Song 0:20?

  • Master of skills

  • i comment because ID-tv moved comment section above. That’s it.

  • But,l am Self Created.

  • How do you stop this guy on the field? Well, you must take a yellow card for that i guess.

  • Messi looks like shit compare to this brazilian god. Ronaldinho have always been my fav soccer player of all brazilian players. He's one with the ball, soccer world's own jedi knight.

  • Lembro que eu me inspirava nesse cara, quando era da divisão de base saudades 😥

  • Opammm


  • That was amazing! Those thumbs down folks are just jealous!🤣🤣

  • 0:01 Music a??

  • O maior driblador do futebol brasileiro e mundial jamais vai ter outro igual ele...

  • Ele é Maradona foram grandes.

  • Na minha opinião esse e o melhor jogador do mundo e vai demorar muito tempo alguém alcançar o nível desse cara , bons tempo 😴❤️

  • The defenders were toys to Ronaldinho

  • Quem viu Ronaldo fenômeno Rivaldo Cafu Roberto Carlos Ronaldinho Gaúcho. Hoje e obrigado a ver lucas lima kk neymidia pipoqueiro e de sangrar as vistas

  • Melhor do mundo até hoje!

  • What songs are these?!