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I spent a day with GOTHS
I spent a day with GOTHS7 bulan yang lalu
I spent a day with *EMOs*
I spent a day with *EMOs*9 bulan yang lalu
*Emo* Anthony Returns
*Emo* Anthony ReturnsTahun Yang lalu
Fans Roast My Hair
Fans Roast My HairTahun Yang lalu
Dear Virgos...
Dear Virgos...2 tahun yang lalu
The dangers of long hair
The dangers of long hair2 tahun yang lalu


  • is that the person from that one vine "on all levels except physical, i am a wolf" no hate they seem like a nice person

  • Your life is exactly like mine

  • BlackySpeakz is wearing black man hands

  • agree with both i dont care as long as i have anime

  • the fact that they think racism only affects black people is disgusting

  • Me the first time I watched an anime: oh wow and it's in English Me a couple of years later: ugh this anime is done but the English dub is in the beginning i wanna know more. Let's watch the sub. Also me: ugh the anime is so slow to update, i'd better read the manga. AGAIN also me: the manga is still ongoing better read the Light Novel. Moral of the story: people watch/read for different reasons, it doesn't matter. New weebs need to get over it, wait just in general weebs let us get over it.

  • Yep

  • yo elf guy is sooo dope

  • i hope billy's ex stopped interacting with her parents, they sound like pieces of utter *shit*

  • just do comedy skits and idk fucking play i guess

  • i have heard Jan’s story, on a netflix documentary... its heart breaking- all the detail and all those stories... why is our world like this.

  • He's mixture of Beau Bokan, Brendon Urie and Jared Letto

  • Who watching this during covid-19

  • Here we can see Emos can actually smile and laugh sincerely. 👍

  • I may have shed some tears

  • I love your content bro, inspiring, encouraging and motivatig by showing wonderful unique sides of the world. May I suggest you to bring metalheads? Black metal scene will be awesome. Nergal maybe?

  • you look like grandson

  • am i the only one who doesnt know who the hell juega is

  • No matter what these people may believe/say he will always respect

  • DISCLAIMER!!!!!! THIS IS NOT AGE REGRESSION as he said in the begining it is coppying regression please dont get them confused as this video does , AGEPLAY=/=AGEREGRESSION please do your reserch , age regression is seperate to the kink age play comunity and is a compleatly SFW and a posotive coping strategy

  • People say every cult kill people when not all do I’m in a cult we don’t kill people well yea we don’t

  • I can’t even imagine all the fear they had to go through

  • Bro i love billy so much, lots of energy, very positive and wholesome. I need him as my hype man

  • Till dis day pewdiepie still only has 106m 😔✌✨😂

  • Psychic sobra talino nyo naman eh god only knows daig pa c God

  • Anthony: Blood, sweat and tears for real! No one: Me: 🎵Wonhae manhi manhi🎵

  • I have interest in science i get passing grade in psychology

  • I love Jadon. Definitely the most intelligent 14 I've seen.

  • tiktok is so fucking toxic ,,,, going viral there must be my biggest fear......i hope shes alright though

  • Bro why does everything happen when i was born pansexuals were born while i was born

  • elephant boy

  • 7:32 9:20 Ok so do you underused the definition of manipulation

  • b-but... Kwite...


  • Idk of anthony is being kinda pissed that that dude said he wanted to meet jake paul than anthony

  • "WERE NOT ALONE ANYMORE" enough to make a grown man cry

  • Chemical imbalance

  • its like minds of people that died and are in that person or someone that died at birth (sry if thi si disrespectful to anyone)

  • Would love seeing more episodes with other cosplayers... a bit hard right now in 2020, but perhaps in the future!

  • I was a major scene/emo/hardcore kid... Being 27 now and a mom i still hold onto my "emo" youth lol

  • She is faking it

  • They r rich ppl. Aren t they ? What do they exactly for a living

  • Ayy swaggersouls. I remember his good old days.

  • As an Arab woman myself I totally understand her and sympathize with her she seems very nice and honest and I hope she stays healthy and happy, I’m very proud of the person she became to be And people should mind their own business ( especially in the Arab world ) we have far more worrying problems and they should work on that and leave people alone.

  • ‘✊🏿’ this can explain how I feel.

  • No offense, but the girl with the glasses looks like the name Greta.