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2:21Liverpool 4-1 Luton | Premier League Highlights
14:44Tom Lockyer: How They Saved My Life
Tom Lockyer: How They Saved My LifeDitonton 33 rb9 jam yang lalu
2:29Luton 1-2 Man Utd | Premier League Highlights
Luton 1-2 Man Utd | Premier League HighlightsDitonton 793 rb12 jam yang lalu
20:29MIC'D UP! | Luton 1-2 Chelsea | PL Cup
MIC'D UP! | Luton 1-2 Chelsea | PL CupDitonton 5 rb14 hari yang lalu
28:23Where Are They Now? | Luke Guttridge | Episode 8
4:51"I'm just so happy to be here!" 🧡 | Sambi Lokonga
5:13Tom Lockyer returns to the training ground ❤️


  • Lockyer is a legendary man and a great captain…but this is the second time this has happened within the span of seven months. I feel like if this is what’s gonna keep happening to him…he should retire before something abysmal happens…cause nobody would want the worst for him

  • I take off my hat to those who put this together. It was personable and human. And I bow to you Captain Tom for your honesty and warmth, showing that real leadership is exhibited when adversity is at it's worse. Thank you.

  • Retire think of your kids

  • As a Liverpool fan, I wholeheartedly agree that Luton deserve at least one more season in t PL. Good luck and hats off to you.

  • CANCEL AWAKEN BEERUS! He ruined the sport with his winner leaks. We have to work together to end this dude. EVERYONE comment "CANCEL AWAKEN BEERUS"

  • 🥰 The commentator is adorable 🥰

  • I think he is almost in a state of shock, doesnt really know how close to death he really was.

  • I'm a Die hard Red. but honestly you have a Top young manager and a team that plays proper football, hopefully you stay up 👍🍺 YNWA

  • What a second half from the boys in red, I don't know what Klopp does to them in the dressing room🤫but they were superb. Also, I really like this Luton side, they deserve to be in the premiere league. Good luck boys.

  • Do you think he will make an appearance just before the rearranged game kicks off? Feel like he’d get a magnificent reception from Dean Court 🍒🍒🍒

  • Hatters up Bitters down.

  • It looks like Liverpool deserves to be champions in the Champions League😂❤🎉

  • A big respect for you from me a die hard fans of Liverpool.

  • 日本からルートン、そしてカミンスキーを応援しています! サッカーを観るきっかけになったカミンスキーが、今回素晴らしいセーブを連発し、日本のトレンドに入ったことにも感動しました。 頑張れルートン!頑張れカミンスキー!これからも帽子屋を応援しています!

  • From a Liverpool fan, fans hope you stay up, but if you don’t, keep this manager, back him. Luton have an identity. They are becoming a very difficult team to play against. Good luck

  • You have a world class goalkeeper ❤❤❤

  • Nunez>Diaz

  • Luton stay up. We had to go for it .Ynwa

  • Luton you're playing good football. You must stay in the league by all means please

  • Liverpool slipped from 2nd gear in the first half to 5th gear in the second, tis why they are top. Class.

  • Please dont relegate😢

  • Chong was brilliant

  • YNWA

  • I can't understand why the penalty on the handball was not given

  • Luton town has to stay EPL, very competitive team every game I have watched🔥. Everton burnley and sheifield are relegation side I hope they relegate😁

  • how i hoped Mitoma could play there. He scored 2 , Brighton won 4-1 previously. but he was away.

  • Luton.. YNWA!!!

  • Luton welcome to Championship🤣🤣

  • ♥️I want Luton Town to stay in the PL♥️ ❇️Make it happen, Hatters❇️ Also, I want u to make Everton disappears.

  • Yeah Luton deserve to stay in the league, they really played well.

  • Liverpool go for Luton goalkeeper. He is superb

  • haha who wants to be relegated to the 2nd division

  • Luton deserve to stay up in my opinion.

  • Horaaaa YNWA.... i love reds... for luton your best.... respect for you... my second team... ilove lfc&luton

  • I really hope you guys stay up . Fantastic club and manager

  • Luton keeper is super excellent...

  • Luton's keeper was quality. Stopped what looked like at least 3 certain goals.

  • Liverpool fans here.... I just wanna say what a keeper luton have 🔥

  • Common luton I'm for you

  • Congrats Liverpool ❤🎉

  • Divisi 1 championship menunggumu luton....selamat ya....😂😂😂😂

  • Great game Luton! You boys deserve to stay up! YNWA

  • Liverpool game was below par. Don't expect Chelsea will be easy. YNWA.❤

  • That defender having a hard time marking VVD

  • Luton Stay, everton out!

    • ♥️I want Luton Town to stay in the PL♥️ ❇️Make it happen, Hatters❇️ Also, I want u to make Everton disappears.

  • You have a top manager guys and LFC rooting for you.

  • I hope you guys stay up, cheers!

  • Luton regulars looked tired three days after their last game. Liverpool's changes may have helped them keep fresh.

  • Come on Luton, stay in the League 🔥

    • ♥️I want Luton Town to stay in the PL♥️ ❇️Make it happen, Hatters❇️ Also, I want u to make Everton disappears.

    • @@duran9664Yeah, This team can steal the point every match remaining this season 🔥

  • Luton town deserves to stay in the league.

    • ♥️I want Luton Town to stay in the PL♥️ ❇️Make it happen, Hatters❇️ Also, I want u to make Everton disappears.