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This channel focuses on gaming (specifically minecraft) content aimed at a general audience. I build minecraft houses and make minecraft house tutorials along with everything else minecraft. If you want to learn how to build minecraft houses, or like hermitcraft, check out my videos. If you want to learn how to build in minecraft this is the place for you!

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101 MINECRAFT BUILD HACKS4 tahun yang lalu


  • Grian, you need to go back to the mansion later to get totems. Those would be hugely valuable in a hardcore world.

  • If I could I would build this house for him

  • 0:54 well I would get how disgusting it was look For the whole house to be colored wall but if you were to incorporate different blocks to white wall you can make some fantastic medieval looking houses

  • That was a good st-aha-rt to a good series

  • Is there a way to join hermit craft

  • Bro, imagine if some sort of Mojang programmer saw this and then Mojang would've added it; I think Grian would be super proud

  • BTW copper put in nether oxidises a lot faster

  • Season 9 starter base anything but he does the back 1st

  • A lot like majoras mask eh

  • The final bonus was 😂

  • Hey I’m doing a Minecraft project tell me if you want to tag along

  • So, was this all the plan of xisumas evil double?

  • This needs to be an official set

  • I was disappointed to not hear a aha when he used the spyglass.

  • What about the border glitch

  • Making puns for no reason


  • i dont know if scar will live

  • 10/100000

  • grian you have 1 stack of likes

  • 6:22 Grian: We're still not done 6:37 Comes back with a house that's almost finished 6:41 Also Grian: I actually have added a garden since recording Me: So who did the rest of the house while you were making the garden.

  • There’s no way you are a Minecraft you tuber and got an axolotl before the 1.17 update. Caroline ftw

  • Isn’t it common knowledge that squids have 8 tentacles? How didn’t you know that?

  • lantern on sand. Sand should fall causing lantern to break. But somehow they support each other and float

  • I'm rewatching this and the music is just so nostalgic

  • Ignores sweet berries* "Pathetic"

  • We get it grian you can build

  • Scar will last exactly 62.5 hours

  • The best part about Grian wearing a parrot head is that they both have droopy eyes

  • grian i believe that you can make the 100 hours! 😁