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ID-tv is an American video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim-created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; ID-tv now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.


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  • is no one going to talk about how it looks like Danny is wearing lipstick lol

  • hey him and I are birthday twins haha we're both jokes!

  • we ignoring Dannys shirt? okay.

  • Here’s the videoid-tv.org/tv/video-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html

  • This is basically a male version of Emily the crackhead that calls the cops on me when I give her meth

  • *S H E ' S B E A U T I F U L*

  • I think they didnt say "Rio" cause there was already a disney movie called Rio, and they didnt want to get sued....my theory makes as much sense a sthis movie.

  • I can pop my neck to i tell my little sisters tht my neck hurts then i fall, lie still for like a min then "wake" as a demon named Levi.😂then i "take back control and asked what happened. This has been going on since they were 8 and now they're 11😭 and they still believe I'm possessed by a demon

  • you, Drew & Kurtis need to film reviews of some DCOMs.

  • Guys help he’s in my house

  • 🤣Why is my wife such a bitch🤣

  • Greg

  • Danny: “ what even is a food fight video for a song?” Me watching Kiwi by Harry Styles: 👁👄👁

  • I actually like their channel

  • 25:18 I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this, but I think that it'd be pretty hard to miss the wrinkles on Siren's tail that clearly reveal it to be a sack with a fin on the end.

  • L O V E I N G I T

  • Danny is floor gang

  • I have notifications on therefore I am now Greg U_U

  • 6:21 Severus Snape is quaking.

  • Those are some really bad English accents! Why not just get British voice actors?

  • 2020 Yankee with no brim 1980 Pogo with no stick

  • hehehehehehehhehehhehehehehehehheheheheheehhehe

  • Yo I studied supply chain in college and shipping with freight boats is much less expensive than any other mode of transportation especially if the freight box is 100% full. That's why it takes so long to get your packages bc they are waiting for their freight containers to be completely full for the area it is being shipped to to keep costs low!

  • Hello random people. I want to play a game, you have an hour to go to the corridor and get the key in one of the Animatronics. And after you get the key you have to go to the other corridor and dislike this comment. Your timer starts now

  • 3:28 the people in the cars be thinking “WaT dA hElL?!”

  • Wait I only got the old version. I had no idea there was a modern version. When I was little I drew a picture of the baby dead on the ground with blood everywhere

  • #Danny gonzalez notfacations

  • I just got a wish Ad 🤣

  • Charles and Sam are their Stands Duh,

  • He tells everyone not to do it then instructed his fans on how to do it

  • Anyone gonna talk about how good Danny’s queen bee impression is

  • You say there was no male mermaids... But I don't think there was any female hunters :0

  • I want him to do the *who do u fink gave u tha teef?* Meme

  • I did not take money from children I didn’t put my money taking hands anywhere near children I’ve never done anything close to taking money from children I promised myself I wouldn’t make any Apology TikToks after last year’s thing So I’m trying to keep this as short and honest as possible

  • Stole 90000 dollars from her bank account 12 years ago... Jschlatt?

  • "i was sort of with her at first I was like yea waters pretty cool i like drinking it but she got a little bit too into it and I was like huhh?" -Danny,2020

  • Video starts 4:40

  • i remember watching him on agt and i thought he was really good but then he started making this stuff and i was like bye

  • KissCartoon Watermark

  • Sorry justin number one is taken by danny's version of yummy you should have hired him dude

  • I found Collins x Devin incest on Wattpad. No joke.

  • The silliness of Tik Tok is quite refreshing.

  • Nobody: ID-tv: wANnA WAtCh iT?

  • 0:33 10/10 conversation

  • Yay HHHhHHHHHhHHHbHHahahabhabahahabahahahhzhhagahahah

  • Dannys worst nightmare sexy robot rat

  • Teacher drinks his favorite chocolate drink.... When he finishes the cocktail... What is this man drinking?

  • Y’all American kids are all lucky because in Australia you are only allowed a school uniform

  • hmm tell me why it looks like they tried to avoid showing each other at the same time...

  • please react the movie "the pledge (2011)''

  • danny should make a video about webtoons and webtoon ad’s 🐸💅🏻

  • 5:42 yOu’Re HiREd

  • I just searched up Danny Gonzalez...the first thing that popped up was Drew Goodens channel...

  • Here’s all of the truth of Troy’s lies I’ve learned so far: Troy wasn’t Troy for the whole time He’s not 16 He DID scam He’s not a actor He just changed his name so nobody recognizes him He is a Russian spy He does eat planes And he’s terrible at lying and convincing, he should just tell the truth Like the truth he’s a Russian spy that eats planes

  • ngl when I saw the thumbnail, I thought the teeth were hot dogs

  • He said his one millionth subscriber has been watching for a long time

  • 11:52

  • Ok

  • Slime is. Great u.o hahaha i love. You

  • 16:01 Danny: wait, is this going to help with the burns all over my body? Danny narrator: No.

  • his credit card history probably makes him look like a furry memory foam fur clay beads a sheet of sequin material an *umbrella* what a wierdo

  • Danny: Hard and Slippery, Just how the women like it. Do you know from experience?

  • 13:27 u can rap😂😂

  • Had to find another song besides this video is over now. Fyi tom holland sucks and the cast hated him. He had to have an adult sit in his interviews because he spoiled every movie surprise. I don't feel like listing them all but if you're wondering why a grown man sat in his interviews that's why.

  • Jack Stauber would be pleased once he finds out about the tooth buying section.

  • It sounds like she is saying crack nut

  • 2:28 it's a damn cat muzzle

  • “011”

  • Watch mowgli legend of the jungle on Netflix

  • please do ZOMBIES im begging you it’s horrible

  • Was hoping to see you unboxing weird stuff from wish.com!

    • Well that’s too bad

  • I actually get the psychopath Til tok. No one with a sound mind pushes their glasses up by the lens.

  • Please doing hatching pete--that movie was trash ahahaha.

  • I think the point of advertisements is not for clicks, but recognition. If people see an ad for a ID-tv channel, they won't click on it, but if youtube reccomends the channel again or a friend brings it up, they might remember from the ad.

  • Dude c’mon imma have nightmares about the game master now bro

  • gonna legally change my name to bimbo flying after this

  • Those teeth are for SFX and they are like extensions

  • I'm glad I was a kid before loud obnoxious kid's shows. Well I guess there was Pee Wee's Playhouse, but these kids are no Pee Wee!

    • And I just realised when I came to the MV at the end that I saw this video before. Apparently those screaming guys were so painful that I completely erased all memory of them.

  • Danny: "......been dead for at least 60 years." Me: "I mean, he's not WRONG...." 🙄🙄🙄

  • The most dangerous part about watching Danny’s videos is that I almost chocked to death from laughing whilst drinking grape juice 😂

  • the statement at 9:45 is a valid reading of Hamlet

  • I got an ad on wish, were you could buy a gun for $9

  • And thus began the legend of dolphin man. Edit:this comment isn't edited

  • This was a really funny video... and I'm sorry people are saying you should die. Ignore those F%#@ers

  • Green Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield CoatGreen Checkered Chesterfield Coat

  • This called me single in so many ways-

  • Green Checkered Chesterfield Coat

  • Sorry but yes I'm glad that happened

  • Green Checkered Chesterfield Coat

  • Green Checkered Chesterfield Coat

  • Green Checkered Chesterfield Coat

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  • Wait, Hello Fresh just sends you three meals, once a week... So you just eat the 3 meals for one day?

  • Petition for Danny to make a video about the sequels!!!

  • 10 now

  • thanks for making videos to distract me from WW3, the pandemic, Civil War 2, and the food shortages :')

  • Who else noticed that the picture for 5 almond daily =no cancer is actually 6 almonds

  • phone screens use light, thee light goes through the backward magnifying glass and because of the shape of the lens, the light is blown up to be much bigger, its a little blurry but yes it works

  • I hope u have a Greg day

  • Help my bones are squishy