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1:32WATCH | Ireland MU16s hit Estonia for SIX!
WATCH | Ireland MU16s hit Estonia for SIX!Ditonton 1,7 rb16 jam yang lalu


  • Never a second yellow for that lad. Wouldn't be the first team to be done out of it by disgraceful refereeing ... From a Pat's fan.

  • What a penalty save in 1st half

  • We done it

  • That was good fun 😄.

  • Your content has proved very useful, I send you my sincerest thanks!✌️

  • This video is really extraordinary. I am deeply grateful to you!👌

  • The womens goals are like goals u10s games ,just get it high + it's in

  • Ever since the World Cup final I’m been watching Argentina and France

  • that close for my country to qualify !!!!!

  • 6-0 and Dave Hurley not on the scoresheet. Amazing result. Worthy champions. Well done The Tribesmen.🎉💯⚽

  • Up the kingdom

  • Feel sorry for Athlone and their fans 😬

  • Goal g

    • That is two votes so far for goal G. GAILLIMH ABU.☘️⚽☘️

  • Longford get battered everywhere they go

  • Goal G, Darren Clarke, got to be the winner.☘️⚽☘️

  • Dunmore branch g.u.f.c.

  • What the hell are these highlights?

  • Kerry missed a late penalty that you didn't bother including here

  • Bohs women in free fall at the moment. Need to steady the ship.

  • Missing your videos think you could post them more regularly?✌️

  • You are tribes of ephraim.and mannasah.jacobs grandchildren.or tribe of joseph.father.thats why you are one.because you were brothers.3000 yrs later.....You have the blessing of jacob.on you.stand tall together for yahweh.the god of abraham isaac and jacob.yair davidiy.

  • Computer girl talk shite😅😅😅😅😅

  • All of the Irish celebrating this and 1994s wins against the Azzurri is funny😂 the Italians will just have to make do with their four World Cups and two Euros.

  • I'd just like to thank him and his bro paddy for all the tax they pay to the British

  • She stole the ball and her ego with that move! 😂

  • Cmon

  • Best young talent right now no debate

  • See the lot of yous at home v Greece let’s just hope for a better result this time

  • 😂😂😂

  • Suck it up

  • Afolabi what the fuck was the celebration.. I've seen Fortnite players with more class lad come on tf

  • The league of Ireland referees are an absolute disgrace

  • Aul Damien Scruff is piling on the pounds.

  • Asian powerhouse id-tv.org/tv/video-XYhgEcVgkEs.htmlsi=TPPno6p0lAOVR7eW

  • That referee was shocking never red on o donavan

    • @kylecostello2210 city played way better than ye

    • ​@Kyle Costellojust like pats were bawling over Forrester's peno against Drogs 😂

    • Bizarre absolutely bizarre

    • Cry😂😂

  • Ma il Dublino che gioca più ah fare fa solo FIGURACCE meglio si ritira dal campionato

  • Ref tried his best for shels get a late goal with 6mins pulled ou of his hole

  • Bohs will be lucky to keep a hold of Afolabi next season

    • Agreed, him converting from the spot is one of life’s true guarantees

  • Game of the weekend this one

  • Great to see bohs man Afolabi called up, I would also like to see Georgie Kelly getting called up also ex bohs player he was top scorer in the league at the time he was there now he plays in the championship

  • When FAI themselves troll their team captain 😂

  • Clear peno,

    • Your right Rovers should have had a clear penalty

    • What u on ? Hands by his sides shoukd cut his arms off or tied them up ? Fucking nonces

  • that intro is just amateur stuff holy jesus.....