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⚽️🏆🌍 Welcome to Real Madrid C.F.'s official ID-tv channel. Real Madrid is the most successful club in the history of football. Enjoy the best Real Madrid content here - highlights, behind-the-scenes access, training sessions, goals, historic action and much, much more!

⚽️🏆🌍 Bienvenido al canal oficial de ID-tv del Real Madrid C.F.. El Real Madrid es el club más exitoso de la historia del fútbol. ¡Disfruta de los mejores goles, highlights, trucos, nuevos jugadores, entrenamientos, contenido social y mucho más!


3:00Gym work & INTENISTY in the sun | Real Madrid City
2:23BACK to work! | Real Madrid City
BACK to work! | Real Madrid CityDitonton 119 rb4 jam yang lalu
3:13READY to host Granada! | Real Madrid City
READY to host Granada! | Real Madrid CityDitonton 114 rb14 jam yang lalu
REAL MADRID | BEST GOALS NOVEMBER 2023Ditonton 115 rb16 jam yang lalu
3:00NAPOLI, HERE WE COME! | Real Madrid City
NAPOLI, HERE WE COME! | Real Madrid CityDitonton 123 rb21 jam yang lalu
2:54Full focus on The Champions League!
Full focus on The Champions League!Ditonton 130 rbHari Yang lalu
3:01READY for Cádiz! | Real Madrid City
READY for Cádiz! | Real Madrid CityDitonton 100 rbHari Yang lalu
2:26FUN and INTENSITY in the SUN at Real Madrid City!
3:26Training GOLAZOS and SAVES | Real Madrid
Training GOLAZOS and SAVES | Real MadridDitonton 135 rb14 hari yang lalu
3:06🤝 Real Madrid train with Castilla! | Real Madrid
3:04Real Madrid 5-1 Valencia | HIGHLIGHTS | LaLiga 2023/24
3:20Ready to host Valencia! | Real Madrid
Ready to host Valencia! | Real MadridDitonton 139 rb21 hari yang lalu
1:12Real Madrid 3-0 Braga | HIGHLIGHTS | Champions League
3:22Fede Valverde’s BEST Real Madrid GOALS!
Fede Valverde’s BEST Real Madrid GOALS!Ditonton 113 rb28 hari yang lalu
3:37NEXT TARGET: Braga | Real Madrid
NEXT TARGET: Braga | Real MadridDitonton 157 rbBulan Yang lalu
3:08Eduardo Camavinga BEST Real Madrid MOMENTS!
Eduardo Camavinga BEST Real Madrid MOMENTS!Ditonton 82 rbBulan Yang lalu