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Ninja Denies "THE RUMOR"
Ninja Denies "THE RUMOR"2 bulan yang lalu
What Happened To FRED?
What Happened To FRED?Bulan Yang lalu
Ludwig Leaves Twitch!
Ludwig Leaves Twitch!Bulan Yang lalu


  • Where’s speed

  • Mike already confirmed he’s not taking the fight for any amount of money… maybe if he was back in his prime and ready but never now. Go check out Full send podcast with Dana white and mike Tyson they talked about a lot of juicy stuff

  • The guys a joke, I wonder what Minx saw in him.


  • Honestly the more I get to know who Jake is the more I start to respect him, I used to hate him because KSI hates him but i dont feel like he has bad intentions, the Jake Paul that everyone hates is a facade hes really smart and knows how to keep his name coming out of peoples mouths he knows how to keep himself living in peoples heads rent free, in other words stay relavant.

  • Yall know damn well his viewers didn't only spam L+ratio. When you go on her instagram you can see people telling her to kill her self (typing variantions of kys or ky$) and calling her a slut. He admitted he was wrong and apologised so yall can stop saying he did nothing wrong, he got banned by twitch for not only harrasment on twitch but outside as well such as instagram and twitter. A permanent ban was unreasonable but he brought it on himself by continuing to harass her off twitch which is against twitches rules.

  • Honestly I’m happy for him, I just hope he tries to be less of an ass and be more humble

  • Why is she crying about everything recently she is rich for doing nothing go get a real job

  • She started curling the hair and everything more after jideon pulled up the n word clips 🤣 and before you say shit about her being half Moroccan, then that means belle delphine (born and raised in CAPE TOWN) has 10x the right to say it that she does. Think about that.

  • There hair looks look like covid

  • Aight do it to poki than my life is complete

  • Jake isn’t even a real boxer and he’s goin up against the president of the UFC, he just keeps addin Ls to his belt.

  • Anyone would beat tf out of Hasbulla.

  • Oh look, palm trees ..

  • He deserves it..... He is a sociopath

  • If I was already posting everyday and if I did it for 1 more year get triple the money I'd just take the easy money.

  • Bro, there are streamers that get told to end their own lives and brush it off like nothing. Hold the L+ratio 🤣

  • Thats What he gets cuz he thinks hes better than Mike Tyson

  • That’s not history Eminem made more views with “Rap God” in a week

  • holy shit, let him do what he wants

  • Sssniper wolf doesn't deserve her fame

  • Mb

  • crazy

  • I mean ngl it's twitch fault for making bad decisions. They banned a girl who straight up watched avatar for 6 hours and banned her for 2 days while they just a guy who sent a hate raid that can last 30 minutes to 1 hour and get a perma ban

    • @Number 1 chess champion sket not really, it was "L + ratio", like just laugh, goddamn, plus she streamed avatar to thousands of people without really adding basically anything to the content, which means it totally is not fair use and she should have gotten banned for at least like a week, cmon

    • The 2nd 1 is worse

  • Embrace the meow meow

  • I legit don't know 80% of these people

  • It's not defamation if it's true, Jessica.