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  • Let’s go fishing in a pool

  • Just go to another pool???

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  • those zombeis are two girls that died and now they are zombeis

  • I like miss Smith

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  • I don't have a lego glasses, but i have normal glasses (The time when i made this comment, it's new)

  • 20.7M!? Their catching up to KSI

  • I love cold

  • ahhh may pilipino din ang nanonood nito like for all pinoy na na landing sa Amerika

  • Who notice that the test paper has only question and no answer

  • Hi troom troom,can I get a video of hot mother vs cold mother ?


  • It's same like avatar ( Edit ) : thx for so many likes


  • I love ur videos cuz there funny and child friendly lol just love ur vids

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  • 3:46: the floor starts shaking (Nerd mode activated.) The massive popcorn box Dollie is carrying is 3.5KG and the earth’s crust is 260 miles deep. If the popcorn box was heavy enough, it could break the floor. And any electric currents travelling through the floor will go to the box and be a health hazard for anyone who touches it. In conclusion, the only way the floor could shake is by earthquakes so there is an earthquake going on in the cinema, not Dollie’s popcorn box.

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  • You don't buy tickets a week ahead. By that time, all tickets should be out.

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  • Cold queen sleeps with a blanket wuttttt !!!!!!

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  • A girl that only has a gun for ghost hunting and a lots of flower, spatula also a pot and hot glue then *makes a button and a ask to have a parchment paper to the restaurant* idk if that had logic? Ok ok here goes nothing.. Where did she get the flat iron and paint?! And all that hard work for one single button? Are they trying to say her bag is soo magical ? 2:42

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  • please post pt 2

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  • I liked the burger Jack I wish I can make one two :)

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  • The Air Girl: bubbles is a PERFECT necklace. mE: What the!?!........BUBBLES. My pov : WHY?!?!!!?! I DONT GET THIS GIRL

  • අවසාන ගිනි දැල්ල අහිංසකත්වයේ අවසානයක් විය හැකි අතරඅපි මේ දෙස බලමු

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