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I make cartoons and sometimes video essays about movies and TV Shows mostly, but sometimes I tell stories about my weird life.
My dog Charlie is the cutest dog in the world, fyi.
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  • No one: Saw: 8:36

  • H€LLL if you thought 2002 was great for falling in love the first time I went out with my husband I KNEW he was the one and vice versa annnnnnnd 28 YEARS later I STILL get butterflies anytime he calls and he's otw home!🤗💗 Oh and to top it off 2 weeks before I was told by a psychic that I was fixing to meet my soulmate within the next3 weeks and he'd be coming by water on a boat😏 from an island not his home!!!! It was CrAzY because he was in the Coast Guard stationed in Puerto Rico and they were bringing the cutters into dry dock, in Green Cove Springs so in 1993 I met the man I was to marry and it was ridiculously FAST! Lol So yeah I can imagine them falling in love so quickly😁annnnnnnd I agree Satan Santa was POINTLESS!

  • "Come back Twilight, all is forgiven" 😉

  • Hey, could you do the Princess Diaries movies? They’re pretty great and appropriately corny at parts!

  • Let’s face it Roxanne was cute!

  • Do Santa Claus 3!!

  • Nice home improvement

  • Not for nothing, my 2nd grade students love this movie

  • Before I saw this video, I went to see the one you posted 2 years ago about the first Santa Clause movie and let me say... you got so much better at this! Your videos actually make the movie look interesting and fun (even though it's not)! Congrats! Also, I love your videos! You always make me laugh, especially with your stories.

  • I like the new animations

  • why do when the flash uses a computer the computer goes like super speed HOW EVEN A NASA COMPUTER CANT EVEN GO HAS FAST AS THAT

  • I use to watch this every single day, when I was 5

  • 10:08 how I feel when people in my school be kissing in the hallways

  • So basically the reason why the US school system is shit so because all the principles and teachers get a tried to Santa and other magical beings.

  • > guy getting scared of tall girl over height *coward*

  • This title reads like a challenge.

  • NGL Santa Clause 3 is one of my FAVORITE Xmas movies. I can’t wait for a video about it 👀

  • Lol the only memory of this movie is that it played in the cafeteria when I visited my grandma in the hospital on Christmas eve (she's fine now) and I had a trauma induced panic attack when we finally saw her because my trauma is from when I was in the hospital as a kid. Also I was fine but I just had to stand outside for a little bit haha sorry grandma

  • This one had me laughing so loud 🤣 that my kids were looking at me like I was crazy

  • Home alone!!! 🙄🙄

  • please do BBC Merlin

  • i just need him to do a hallmark movie or 2...

  • It would be cool if you’d do your own movie

  • What about Santa Clause 3 ? 😂

  • This is one of your best video- I love it!

  • This one is underplayed on tv compared to the other 2

  • I loved the evil Santa 🎅🏻 “I think Santa’s feeling a little buzz! WOOOOO!!!!!

  • I remember Santa Clause 3 but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one 😂😂

  • Hahahahahahahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahauahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaahhahahahahahahahah I'm not laughing hahhaaahahahahhahaaahhahahaha

  • Thomas and Martha Wayne are rolling in their graves


  • The defacishon process has begun - Curtis 2002

  • Me: *sees title* No, Alex, you're silly. That's The Santa Clause 3!

  • Wait till you see the third one

  • Wallace and Grommet is my favorite anime

  • I know your videos are all satire, but i must say this movie is a classic. I do, however, agree that the 3rd movie is the worst!

  • I can’t get over the fact that based on season 3’s timeline for all their parents, Hiram would have gotten a girl pregnant when he was like 15 for Veronica’s sister to exist being the age she is.

  • Somehow i really like the animation 😂 4:08 "because one group is unpredictable and dangerous and likes to prey on weak ones". I legit thought you were talking about vampires lol bravo 😂

  • Really appreciate this choice! Really brings back to my childhood!

  • In case any cares or noticed this too as a kid: JJ the toss-across guy is also Gord from Halloweentown II (that trash collecting ogre) 99.99% sure


  • Your ruining my childhood man...

  • I honestly want to know if everyone on the island got pregnant at the same time, and all the dudes were there

  • Their facial expressions are painful to watch.....

  • When the little girl said “I brought you some coco” the captions say “I brought you some vodka”

  • Season 2 of you is out please react 🙂🙂

  • 9:00 oh no you're triggering flashbacks from the end of Mother 3 😭

  • I almost disliked the video because I thought it was Decendants 3

  • If you've seen the Santa clause(2) you know,

  • Has anyone else noticed that season 1 it was “modern trendy Riverdale gang!” With nude leaks and up to date references and then sOmEwHere along the line they decided “nah let’s take it back a notch” and all their technology is outdated like??? Okay you have a old wind up telephone with no caller I.D because that’s inconvenient to the plot and oh here’s a VCR tape on tour doorstep they don’t sell those anymore so hope you have one and oh course no one actually uses their cellphones when they need help?

  • Animation’s lookin sharp Alex👌nice 🙌

  • I died laughing at the thing because my dads best friend keeps telling me he's gonna sign me up for that website. lol. Also, the Santa Clause movies were always my favorite when I was younger. I was 12 when this one came out

  • Alex you didn’t make a joke about how school staff live at school, for shame.

  • *John mulaney crying in the distance*

  • His eyes are sooo blue, I love it!

  • This movie is actual greatness. I can't like the video. I'm sorry

  • That little butt I wear socks and sandals

  • Woah what happened to Glinda. I thought she was the good witch?

  • High school is a one important memory dumb dumb

  • I thought that this scene 2:45 he was a she, and this was going to be a movie about how she came to terms with her sexuality and thanks to her she ended up learning to accept herself ..

  • Alex, you need to to “The Mighty Ducks”

  • HAHAHA when I saw this movie my immediate thought was "omg, I so can't wait until Alex Meyers makes a review on it" xD

  • 9:59

  • Pls make a video about the Santa Claus three!!!

  • Gotta love that cheap synthetic wig the witch is wearing. Ye Olde Medieval synthetic hair, am I right? The knight's chainmail also looks way too clean, like it's very clearly freshly manufactured. They couldn't even be bothered to throw some dirt on it.

  • The saxophone bit killed me lol

  • Santa Clause 2 was always my favorite, I just found it so sweet as a kid. The third one sucks ass and I refuse to put it in the same universe. We stopped watching it when I was 6 because no one liked it. We pretend it didn't happen. I also can't look at Martin Short as normal because he's just Jackass Frost.

  • Girl Meets World! Girl Meets World! Girl Meets World!

  • If your single no Christmas for you!!!

  • i love these movies! thank you for this

  • Ever since I found your page I've been hooked. I can't watch your videos without putting them on my roku tv. love ya!

  • These videos always cheer me up and make me laugh. Thank you!

  • So I'm here after watching your Santa Claus 2 review came out just to see how much your animation has changed. And wow!!!!!

  • please review the turd one... third one!🙏

  • I was born in 2002.

  • Why is she shorter than I am but looks like she's 7 feet taller?

  • DID YOU REALLY PLAY A MOTHER 3 SONG????? thank you so much im deceased also rip hinawa

  • Yeah

  • Why does robot Santa sound like buz lightyear

  • Because of the theme song.

  • Love is a lot simpler than you think. When you know you know.

  • tbf, would anyone ask for proof if someone they just met said they were Santa Claus?

  • are you trying to be funny, dickhead

  • still wanna know where the body of the original Santa Claus went... & is he still naked?... & why didn't anyone at the North Pole mourn his loss?...😕

  • There's a movie about this TV show

  • This may be the funniest one so far. I really enjoy your videos. Great Job!!


  • Okay but how did Scott just magically lost weight and white hair and nobody said anything?!

  • For The Holidays Do A Video For Noelle Off The New Disney+ Plz if Possible ^_¥

  • Luke is a werewolf

  • Nobody… Actually nobody … Curtis… chsbrsbkighasbegan

  • I tried reading the books, key word TRIED don't get me wrong I enjoyed them. BUT HALFWAY THROUGH THE SECOND BOOK *SIMON YOU FUCKING IDIOT I JUST CANT WHAT THE FUCK SIMON YOU FUCKING IDIOT I JUST CANT WITH YOU* from that part You know the one I couldn't continue with the series

  • So the mom stopped believing in christmas because from all the dozens of presents she got "mistery date" wasn't one of them? . . . . . . . . that moment where an adult has ptsd over a christmas toy, 1rst world problems everyone

  • No one Literally no one Me: I want a face of harry styles, I want the voice of harry styles, I want the hairs of harry styles, I want ........ blah blah blah.........HARRY STYLES

  • Alex, this video was INCREDIBLE. One of my favorites that you've made. I was laughing the whole time. I'd like it twice if I could!!

  • Alex should review Jungle 2 Jungle

  • oh my god this made me laugh out loud so many times

  • Smallville is the shit, it just shows how much culture u have! TBH ur shows weird.

  • You would do Santa Claus 3