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Welcome to the Smosh Pit. It's like our other channel, but...different?


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  • I love Rhett's face on the laptop :))

  • 2020 gang wya

  • I love shayne topp so much🤗😘

  • I think Shayne is easily the funniest member of Smosh

  • Tim reminds me of Dwight from the office

  • Get loveliveserve on it😂

  • The precursor to smosh summer games: apocalypse (and what it would’ve been like with Anthony 😢)

  • Lol 10:35 courtney’s hair rn

  • They say" no : because theyre are secretly dating 🙄

  • who doesn't have crush on Danny DeVito? Shayne, ur not special

  • 🥗

  • Shayne CEO of the pole

  • I thought it would be his ex from when he was doing smosh with anthony, I forget what her name was (Update) her name was melanie moat

  • Imagine going on the Winnie the poo ride when your high as a kite

  • 9:15 the way he held his hand and pretending to hold a lightsaber he whould have cut his head of 3 times

  • My favorite 3:41

  • The last one got me so hard.

  • I think you uploaded on the wrong channel

  • I lost it at 5:10

  • Is nobody going to talk about how Olivia has always had a crush on Shayne? She loves her bf but the crush never goes away lol

  • You are died to me now😒

  • 12:49 kills me every time

  • What made everyone in 2020 start crying 12:36

  • Garret is manically laughing the whole episode 😭

  • There is more unbridled chaos in this episode than any I've seen. The crew is hilarious

  • I played this in improve class back in the day

  • I can't watch Smosh without staring at Shane's massive traps

  • Every words form greek word

  • Ok but can we take a moment to appreciate Damien's shirt? My bnha loving ass was staring at it the whole time

  • I miss this so much...I wish I could go back in time and enjoy these as a kid all over again

  • 100% agree. It’s very cool that you did something so lame Ian 😂

  • People in the comments talk about Shayne, and I'm just like... but Courtney is so cute.

  • Shayne needs his own country music ID-tv channel

  • This is the most boring shit i have ever seen

  • I'm a Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw rising 😅

  • This is actually pretty funny

  • Courtney’s ass looks nice n plump

  • Keith ...., that’s not a turtle neck

  • Imagine Is Anthony Is Back In Smosh And Ian Is Happy *BFF I’m Glad You’re Back And Everything’s all good*

  • Where's yanny

  • After watching this i feeeel like or fcuk sake olivia is so fcking underrated. bcoz in every video its always like oohh shane oohhh courtney but olivia damn girl u amazing

  • 4:54 Here you go

  • I wish I was hot as noah

  • Courtney in the first vlog, lookin like she's 9 lol

  • I would love to do what you guys do when I’m older but have never gotten the guts to do it and also thought that the only way you would ever earn money was by being in a boring job so thank you for showing me that you can live your dreams

  • I would probably eat the big bite because I like sour stuff

  • I bloody love Rhett & Link, but gotta say 9:01 & 19:45 were the best skit throughout the whole video, LoL

  • 10:30

  • "He about to get high blood pressure."

  • Gus gave you fake money I saw it’s fake

  • 2:23 i want to be that guy!

  • I like the girl j7st kidding xd

  • 0:19 Logan Paul

  • Where is big e

  • that guy looks like the Paul Blart: Mall Cop LOL

  • my prison name was *LEG* *_RYAN_*

  • Watching this now.. Anthony's dad looks like a thinner version of Phil Swift.

  • No one: Literally no one: Me: omg Ian just said Malaysia

  • Omg the with one pumping is the Funiest

  • 22:00 the music reminds me so much of Glee, it *almost* made me cry...

  • Will you post the royal rumble

  • That 70’s Show is the OG friends

  • Kieth low key looks like blade

  • Many a travellers enterin' bit nun returnin' 🧐

  • Shayne really loves that green sweater 😂he already wear that when they invaded ian's house and his house too😂

  • More pleas .

  • this should be a series, this made me feel better about myself off they should try practising with each other

  • But Ian’s is decent

  • Anthony’s English accent is shit. I love him but it’s shit. Nothing like any british accent. I’m English...

  • What is a DM?

  • seems court is def into Keith in all the clips the do together. anyone else sense the chemistry?

  • 1:56 I laughed so hard😂😂 9:08 COME ON I HAD WATER IN MY MOUTH 😂😂

  • Watching Courtney's expression calling Noah's bs was hilarious 😄

  • Oh my god... this is 10 years ago...

  • The good old days in smosh back in 2010-2015

  • Freudian slip.

  • My last words would be....... ...

  • I think the green shirt girl look like Jame Charles for a sec.

  • 5:47 I thought this was Shayne Topp moments?I clearly see Courtney Freakin' Miller only.

  • Or maybe Kyle

  • I have a feeling his real name is Kevin

  • It should be shaney

  • My favourite part is that Eugene’s humour is so good that he can’t take it

  • I need to know the tranquil ost they got on underwater scenes

  • about tym we got some real shartney moments oof

  • As soon as this vid starts, Noah looks like two face but only his hair got burnt.

  • GIVE ME SHANE!!!!!!!


  • That jersey Olivia was wearing be hitting different tho 😔

  • ?? 1:34 19 december? ??

  • seriously its been like 3 yrs shartney is probably real yall just dont want us to have nice things

  • Congratulations Shayne. You have more dedication than I could ever hope to have. You are such an inspiration to everybody who thinks they can't stay on track or complete a task they have committed to. Best of luck to ya. You deserve all of the opportunities headed your way.

  • 1:36 yes he himself is made of chocolate

  • If I had paper, I'd probably have all my hair still

  • i have the same freakin phobia

  • Courtney is trying so hard

  • The only thing that i notice. Is that keith wears a different hat now.

  • 0:54 I felt very uncomfortable

  • Can we have an every pizza place ranked with Shayne please?

  • I just saw the shirt Courtney was wearing :c

  • Kid: They so stupid Ian: AY SHUT UP