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No movie is without sin. We exist mostly just to remind you of that.
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  • I'm sinning you for making a title that's says less than 20 minute video that's longer than 20 minutes. 😎

  • Ok but why do they always have only huge doors in the cage where the dinosaurs can get through but no human sized door for emergencies?

  • Ok, so I get that C3P0 wouldn't remember Owen because mind wipe. But Owen wasn't mindwiped was he? So when the Jawas bring the droids out, how come Owen doesn't either grab them up immediately or run the other way really fast given how he feels about everything connected to Anakin?

  • the thing wrong with the harry potter movies was that they were made

  • I haven’t really been into Cinemasins for a while but _wow_ did you blow me away with your knowledge of the Bible and how you used it to both compliment and critique the movie. Genuinely bravo. Also, yeah, I had an issue with Moses’ actual deliberate murder being turned into an accidental manslaughter too, but I _do_ think maybe it’s more likely censors didn’t allow them to show the actual protagonist committing murder in a kids movie. Also I’m stealing “whoopsiedoodles” thank you.

  • Gump's not a smartass ofc he is goona do stupid stuff

  • Man people be cruel on this movie. From the very first trailer this was promoted as being way over the top, campy, end of the world, mass destruction film. At no point was it ever promoted to be a serious, scientifically accurate movie. It was so gloriously dumb that it's the best/worst of all The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, San Andreas, etc etc. They clearly had fun with this movie from it's inception to bringing it to life. While simultaneously bringing a concept not many are familiar with (what they refer to as a mega-structure, aka Dyson Sphere) to the big screen. I am so happy to be a point in life that I can see cinematic masterpieces like Interstellar, Godfather, Shawshank Redemption - that have such beauty and emotional punch but also see a glorious marvel like Moonfall and just enjoy it for what it is, 100% entertainment. Edit: I really hope it does get a blown out of proportion, over the top, bonkers sequel.

  • Remove the sin from the deer death, it could have clipped the wing mirror as it fell to the ground….

  • You guys do a video on this piece of shit movie but not Sicario. wtf

  • -When will Scrat catch the acorn and eat it? -N O

  • The sentence should be “True Love Shines on”.

  • No one learned any lessons? Um yeah we did The only good bug is a dead bug

  • Neil de grasse tyson cinema wins

  • Whatever people may say about this, I liked it anyhow.

  • This is one of the few examples were the sequel is better the original. The sequel fixed the biggest sin of the original. In the original, Chuck Norris was absent, and both Schwarzenegger's and Willis's roles were pretty much just cameos. In the sequel, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis and Arnoldy Schwarzenegger all appears in fighting scenes.

  • how do you just switch into it, or even lug it around Inconspicuously?

  • The "We will deep fry your kebab" with the Scottish flag underneath is a humourous 'Easter Egg' for UK viewers. The English joke that the Scots will deep-fry *any* foodstuff, including candy bars and pizza slices. So this indicates that this food establishment will deep fry your kebab. Ha ... ha. One Cinema Sin for the mild racism. Oh, and one sin for the whole idea of deep-frying a kebab. Uurgh!

  • And why not make the connection to Armageddon at the end instead of Incredible Hulk?

  • nice😍😍😍😍

  • Actually the story is set in neither 2015 or 2020. This came out in 2019, but takes place in the near future. My prediction is 2059.

    • And shortly after he is welcomed back to Earth as a hero, we stay in our homes as the pandemic starts.

  • Youre scene chronology is pretty far off here man. The opening scenes take place during Klendathu, not when the kids where at school. The bugs werent even really considered more than a nasty infestation, the Federation was established by basically a military Junta hence their massive boners for military culture. There hadnt been a war with bugs yet, in fact the place seemed pretty peaceful. That the kids only ever got cursory training before being thrown into a near literal hellscape with rabid monsters is a major part of the plot, as is the fact the federation wasnt really prepared for a serious war especially against an unknown enemy. Got to take a sin off for how the kids died or failed at Klendathu too. 'Future skymarshall' Ace fails at leadership, Mr 'I got in to Harvard' dies from being a meathead psycho, Miss 'I want to have babies' abandons the team and is dragged down to become food for bug babies, The dude that wants to be a writer dies defending a journalist who just films him dying without helping, Rico 'Didnt learn from 1 mistake' stopped to shoot at a bug for zero reason. Dierony is the term I think

  • I wish I was the people that enjoyed this movie…I just don’t like Nick Cage…he bores me. I only dealt with it in Ghost Rider because I like super heroes 🤷‍♀️

  • missed cinema sin: Ninja complains when Chappie drops his gun. "that sight was expensive, Chappie!" he says. He never ONCE used that damn sight. Oh, and this corporation tried to sell the moose to the police force? it couldn't even go into the army. Weaponised giant scissors... and CLUSTER BOMBS? definite war crimes.

  • SIN: Chuck Norris is famous for his martial arts moves, especially the roundhouse kick, yet this movie turns him into just another run-and-gun shooter

  • 10 of june of 2021 there was an eclipse, so there.

  • How did they even got out of the beach?

  • How much Denise Richards smiles? Denise Richards smile is an interstellar treasure and no amount of it is 'enough' Brie Larson isnt fit to be in the same gender

  • Worst detective ever, didn't solve anything

  • It took this man 11 fucking years to make a sin video on this movie, thats 11 sins for not sinning a movie and add an extra 1 for sinning a pretty good movie then double it for being you

  • I believe the reason for their powers being so derivative is because storywise the eternals were the first super powered beings on earth essentially they were the ones who originated these powers and the ideas of these kinds of powers