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88 is double happiness


WE GONNA F YOU UP13 hari yang lalu
I JUST DESTROY 'EM2 bulan yang lalu
WHAT DO YOU SEE3 bulan yang lalu
JOJI - LOST BALLADS VHS6 bulan yang lalu


  • If this is an anime i would watch it everyday

  • legends

  • YES.

  • Did you guys noticed that his teeth is glittering all the time???

  • nice lobstersuit

  • Joji is lobster hahaha

  • Why is the song too short

  • Visual representation of what it feels like when you listen to this song 😍

  • im ready to see more versions of ily 3000 than old town road

  • Me gustó

  • the best song after lowkey

  • Jokes aside this song is awesome!

  • Shrimp boi comes to town Shrimp boi sees first love Shrimp boi's first love doesnt love him Shrimp boi angry Shrimp boi wreck yellow building Jackson comes to save the city Jackson yeets his house to space Jackson's house turned into robot Robot and Shrimp boi fight Shrimp boi fell People laugh Jackson gets flashbacks Robot asks for Shrimp boi's *hands???* Robot hugs Shrimp boi The end

  • I thought this was ultraman max

  • Jackson

  • did anyone searched DTR on Google after listening to this song ? or it's just me?

  • This hits me so hard....I want to 😭

  • Still can't believe he is the pink guy

  • producers: we have mansions, girls, and sports cars. joji: *hold my lasagna*

  • i want this joji back

  • This is GREEEAAT rrrrrr

  • my kink : joji hitting the woah as a shrimp

  • Huhu❤️❤️

  • No one Not a single soul That one guy who doesn't get pick in football

  • gue yang halu mulu aja kaga bisa begini yatuhan

  • Good

  • How are u

  • Hey

  • Good voice chung ha:)♥

  • wait i'm soft

  • Titi dj banget

  • Gw kira ini lagu buatan orang america sampe gua liat video ini..

  • Yeeeeeeee ❤️

  • The lobster man looks like Pink Guy!

  • Im the proof that im here before 1M Views!

  • Is this really happening right now

  • Im the proof that im here before 1M views!

  • hello mbak.. boljug neeh

  • Rich Brian 🔥🔥

  • elementary school niggas when they get benched

  • From toilet shrimp to giant shrimp

  • !!!!

  • Up

  • Admit it, some of y’all come here from microwave TikTok videos

  • 我怎麼想到 為所欲為XD 你也是嗎 +我賴 lovelife0920 告訴我

  • Jackson is so cute!!

  • Play on 144p👍

  • Reminds me of one punch man😂😂

  • Why does this remind me on one punchman



  • Couldn't stop laughing through this

  • nobody: Michael scott: let's hug it out bitch


  • the ending has us soft

  • +62

  • Filthy Franko miss you

  • _w a l k i n g_

  • rapopo rapopo

  • Eu amo o Joji mané

  • If Major Lazer has anything to do with a song,you can bet your ass the beat is gonna be fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • The last part though 😂

  • Power raiders who?

  • Why change 'husband' to 'bestfriend'? Husband is better ✌️

  • This song is a masterpiece

  • Joji... Swae lee... 😍😍

  • Jackson wang i love you

  • Ada yang tringet dengan iklan TV indo :D Orang indo like dong...!!!

  • Jackson wang and Joji 😍😍😍

  • never have i ever thought a lobster be this cute


  • When that belt hits you in the back

  • omg i kept thinking that id seen the girl in the mv before...turns out shes helena in the society

  • Omg the vide is killing me...Wooh!!!!!💋

  • Video producer: “so. Joji we’ve got these suits over here whi-“ Joji: “lobster”

  • Shrimp Joji🦐

  • i fucking like this


  • I pressed like just for her.

  • This is his slow dancing in the dark

  • I’m pretty sure I’m like 1,000 of those views

  • who else thought she said “hint of coco”

  • Somebody hear it because of jackson and somebody hear it because of joji. But i hear it because of this is a damn good music

  • Yesss😍😍😩

  • ใครฟังตั้งแต่ตอนยัง 260K บ้างง

  • Filthy franku

  • Just terrible. Old joji is gone.

  • 太可爱了

  • If this was the OST of Joker it will be so dope asf! The aura and theme really connects alot

  • i love joji sm omg😌🤧

  • man and shrimp being wholesome together for 4:30 mins straight

  • С нами Бог!

  • She sounds like melanie martinez abit...? Agreed?

  • You so cute my man 💕

  • 💣💥LIT💥💣

  • Is this a teaser for the new one punch man season?

  • уву. два любимчика сдох 😭💖💜

  • (???)

  • Them: I love the song, the mv is so cute! Me: omfg, did I jusy ship them!?

  • I don't see this coming and guess who cryin' right now?