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  • I really hope this turns out good..

  • I liked the show, and mostly waiting for these seasons, and all of us are dead, and kingdom season 3 if there will be.

  • 好有趣的人物設定喔! 之前律師題材的劇,主角都是那種看起來很精明、幹練的人設 這種有別於以往的主角設定,很特別,會很想要看👏🏻 謝謝介紹👍

  • Dragon master = eternal cringe

  • laptop, ever.

  • 不要拿中国版本的和韩国版的来比。 因为根本不在同一个等级。而且韩国版的目标受众更广! 全世界自由国家都看得了!

  • What the hell is this?

  • So does Papa another f in chat

  • Eddie dies f in the chat

  • Damn, very scary. The last time, I was scared by Asian Horror is the Grudge. I am so going to watch this.

  • Session 5 launching please

  • its soo bad and po is face changed i am waiting to see beter move

  • oh my gosh

  • 我看完了,超推的!!!

  • Where the hell are the furious 5? Shifu? Why the hell isn't he called the Dragon Warrior? Fuck you netflix

  • I watched this movie and I hope they do a second one or a series. I want to know how it continues and where this super structure comes from.

  • Asiasa

  • The new characters literally look like they’re from the rip off

  • 3:32 4:25 4:32

  • Plz his name in english ?

  • 我喜欢A Summer Place ·~Andy Williams😁😁

  • It would interesting to see how this story is written given that it's dealing with autism.. Nice to see PEB taking this role. It'll be an interesting challenge for her. I hope the script is good. She did a great job in TKA. It's too bad the quality of writing and direction for that saguek was abysmal and did no justice to the characters, especially the MC.

  • 好人的是好人 壞人不是壞人 怪物不是怪物 洞不是洞 滾 無人島 宇宙 人 爛 劇 爛

  • Yes

  • 老了

  • the animation is worse than in the first movie... the storyline is worse than I could have ever imagined

  • Coming back after seeing the finale, just to say "FUCK YOU NETFLIX!"

    • I always cringe when I see guys in movies shooting a rifle next to someone else's head, I know how freaking loud that is.

  • 有金喜善就是讚啦

  • "I could save chinaaa" ... welll

  • why Po 's friends are not in there. And everything is different