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Ni Luh Ketut Mahalini Ayu Raharja known profesionally as Mahalini Raharja born in Denpasar, March 4, 2000.
Since she was a teenager, she has been active in a vocal group and won various national-scale competitions.
Professional musical career began with her participation in the 10th season of the Indonesian Idol.
She made it into the top 5 Indonesian Idol finalists.

Together with Hits Records, Mahalini has released a single entitled "Aku Yang Salah" with Nuca, an Indonesian Idol finalist.

"Aku Yang Salah" gained a million views & stream on ID-tv & Spotify, and this single became the soundtrack of a popular TV drama series, "Ikatan Cinta," which aired on RCTI. And now Mahalini is preparing to release her second single, "Melawan Restu."


Janji Kita (Live)
Janji Kita (Live)28 hari yang lalu
Kisah Sempurna
Kisah SempurnaBulan Yang lalu
Sisa Rasa
Sisa Rasa3 bulan yang lalu
Janji Kita
Janji Kita3 bulan yang lalu
Janji Kita
Janji Kita4 bulan yang lalu
Sisa Rasa
Sisa Rasa7 bulan yang lalu
Putus atau Terus
Putus atau Terus11 bulan yang lalu
Aku Yang Salah
Aku Yang SalahTahun Yang lalu
Melawan Restu
Melawan RestuTahun Yang lalu
Aku Yang Salah
Aku Yang SalahTahun Yang lalu